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This month brings you another bumper crop of great reviews from the leading music magazines, quality dailies and online review sites. There’s no doubt about it: Naxos releases and distributes some of the best CDs and DVDs available!

Naxos Releases

BARTÓK, B.: Kossuth / 2 Portraits / Orchestral Suite No. 1
Buffalo Philharmonic, Falletta
Naxos 8.573307

‘The Buffalo Philharmonic performances under JoAnn Falletta don’t stint on what this music needs: energy and colour.’ – The Guardian

‘JoAnn Falletta and her Buffalo Philharmonic find bravura vehicles in the scores of young Bartók, which showcase everyone in glowing colors.’
Audiophile Audition

BLOCH, E.: Israel / Suite for Viola and Orchestra
Gandelsman, Atlas Camerata Orchestra, Slovak Radio Symphony, Atlas
Naxos 8.573283

‘If you like Bloch, this CD is worth having, both in terms of performance and recording.’ – Audiophile Audition

CORNELIUS, P.: Lieder (Complete), Vol. 4
Landshamer, M. Schäfer, Begemann, Hausmann, Veit
Naxos 8.572859

‘Schafer’s radiant and sensitive singing is marvelous.’
American Record Guide

FUCHS, K.: Falling Man / Movie House /
Songs of Innocence and Experience

R. Williams, London Symphony, Falletta
Naxos 8.559753

‘The performances are exemplary, from baritone Roderick Williams’s commanding artistry to the bold, fresh playing of the London Symphony Orchestra under JoAnn Falletta’s sensitive direction.’ – Gramophone

GLIÈRE, R.: Symphony No. 3, "Il'ya Muromets" (Blu-Ray Audio)
Buffalo Philharmonic, Falletta
Naxos NBD0041
Also available in CD: Naxos 8.573161

‘May be the best available version of this colorful widescreen late romantic epic, certainly sonically.’ – Audiophile Audition

‘Musically and technically first rate; a performance that really does stand out from the herd.’ – MusicWeb International

‘this interpretation is the real thing; the energy, enthusiasm, and grandeur of Falletta’s reading are graphic evidence of her love of this music’
American Record Guide

HINDEMITH, P.: Nobilissima Visione (Complete Ballet) /
5 Pieces for String Orchestra

Seattle Symphony, Schwarz
Naxos 8.572763

‘Gerard Schwarz and the Seattle Symphony prove ideal exponents, capturing the essence of the music in a searing performance’
BBC Music Magazine

KNECHT, J.H.: Portrait musical de la nature (Le) /
PHILIDOR, F.-A.D.: Overtures

Torino Philharmonic, Prague Sinfonia, Benda
Naxos 8.573066

‘Italy’s Turin Philharmonic turns in a delightfully colorful and energetic performance.’ – American Record Guide

MILHAUD, D.: Orestie d'Eschyle (L')
L. Phillips, Dempson, Outlaw, Delphis,
University of Michigan Choirs and Symphony Orchestra, K. Kiesler

Naxos 8.660349-51

‘an operatic curiosity well worth investigating’ – The Guardian

PANN, C.: Piano's 12 Sides (The) / The Bills / The Cheese Grater
Naxos 8.559751

‘Feisty, sense-sating music from a terrific talent; superbly played and recorded.’ – MusicWeb International

TCHAIKOVSKY, B.: Piano Quintet / The War Suite
Solovieva, Anisimov, Petcu-Colan, Vanbrugh Quartet
Naxos 8.573207

‘The performances…are exceptional.’ – The Guardian

See Naxos catalogue

Accentus Music

Orchestral Concert - BRAHMS, J. / SCHOENBERG, A. /

Lucerne Festival Orchestra, Abbado
Accentus Music ACC-20282

‘These performances are incomparable. [Abbado’s] subtle musical control leads in particular to one of the best Eroicas you might ever have heard.’

See Accentus Music catalogue

Arthaus Musik

PUCCINI, G.: Madama Butterfly (Hamburg State Opera, 2012) (Blu-ray, HD)
Arthaus Musik 108106

‘Director Vincent Boussard...has created a beautiful production, stunningly dramatic. This is a Butterfly for the ages.’ – American Record Guide

See Arthaus Musik catalogue

Basel Symphony Orchestra

STRAVINSKY, I.: Sacre du printemps (Le) (version for orchestra / version for piano 4 hands)
Basel Symphony, D.R. Davies, Maki Namekawa
Basel Symphony Orchestra SOB06

‘Dennis Russell Davies gives two phenomenally interesting accounts of Stravinsky’s ‘Le Sacre du Printemps’’ – Pizzicato

See Basel Symphony Orchestra catalogue


BACH, J.S.: St. Matthew Passion
Bavarian Radio Chorus, Regensburg Cathedral Choir, Concerto Köln,
P. Dijkstra

BR-Klassik 900508

‘emotionally charged, vibrant interpretation’ – Opera News

See BR-Klassik catalogue

C Major

VERDI, G.: Otello (La Fenice, 2013) (Blu-ray, HD)
C Major 716604

‘American Gregory Kunde offers a sterling presentation while Carmela Remigio’s Desdemona, despite her rather small instrument, is nicely rendered and coupled with outstanding acting.’ – Audiophile Audition

See C Major catalogue


BACH, J.S.: Concerto for 2 Violins, BWV 1043 / CLYNE, A.: Prince of Clouds / GLASS, P.: Echorus (Two x Four)
Jennifer Koh, J. Laredo
Cedille CDR90000-146

‘There’s not a weak composition or questionable moment in these performances’ –

See Cedille catalogue


Dacapo 8.226081

‘a quietly innovative and unexpected delight, whose charms only grow as the music unfolds track by track’ – Sinfini Music

See Dacapo catalogue


Piano Recital: Kamangar, Tara - GLINKA, M.I. / HOSSEIN, A. / KHACHATURIAN, A.I. / SHOSTAKOVICH, D. (East of Melancholy)
Delos DE3471

‘all rendered with passionate, soulful conviction’ – The New York Times

See Delos catalogue

Grand Piano

TCHEREPNIN, A.: Piano Music, Vol. 7
Grand Piano GP658

‘Taking us through this musical journey Giorgio Koukl has demonstrated his prowess as a pianist from the most demanding pieces to the most delicately tiny fragment. ’ – MusicWeb International

See Grand Piano catalogue

Idéale Audience

CLASSIC ARCHIVE: Celebrating Strauss (Blu-ray, HD)
Idéale Audience 3075054

‘This is a most touching remembrance. Exquisite, intelligent, knowledgeable singing.’ – American Record Guide

See Idéale Audience catalogue

Oehms Classics

MAHLER, G.: Symphonies Nos. 9 and 10
Cologne Gürzenich Orchestra, Stenz
Oehms Classics OC654

‘Stenz brings this work to a radiant conclusion that matches virtually any great performance that can be named.’ –

See Oehms Classics catalogue


SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: Cello Concertos Nos. 1 and 2
T. Mørk, Oslo Philharmonic, Petrenko
Ondine ODE1218-2

‘these recordings are among the most intense, with heartbreaking slow movements and breathtaking climaxes’ – Pizzicato

See Ondine catalogue

Opus Arte

DONIZETTI, G.: Don Pasquale (Glyndebourne, 2013)
Opus Arte OABD7144D [Blu-ray] / OA1134D [DVD]

‘Any recording with Alessandro Corbelli in the title-role has to be worth investigating and his playing of the old curmudgeon, at once grumpy and delightfully vulnerable, is Italian comic opera at its most sophisticated.’

See Opus Arte catalogue

Sono Luminus

FAIROUZ, M.: Symphony No. 3, "Poems and Prayers" / Tahrir
S. Cooke, D. Kravitz, Krakauer, UCLA Performing Groups, Stulberg
Sono Luminus DSL-92177

‘The performances are magnificently assured’ – MusicWeb International

See Sono Luminus catalogue


Vocal Recital: Alesci, Angela - MARENZIO, L. / CAROSO, F. / GORZANIS, G. / LORENZINO DEL LIUTO
(Luca Marenzio e il suo tempo)

Tactus TC531302

‘These are graceful, gentle, and intimate performances by three excellent musicians.’ – American Record Guide

See Tactus catalogue

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