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In addition to its own amazing catalogue, Naxos distributes a number of other outstanding labels worldwide. Take a look at some of the great titles available on Capriccio, Dacapo, OUR Recordings and Phoenix Edition.

There are musical encounters between East and West, classical delights, tango, operetta, orchestral masterpieces, thrilling new music and early music treasures awaiting discovery on these acclaimed labels—available around the globe through Naxos.


SPOHR: The Last Judgement (Sacred Oratorio)
Cappella Coloniensis Bruno Weil

Louis Spohr’s oratorio The Last Judgment was one of the most popular works of the 19th Century, though it later fell into oblivion. The composer has created a powerful musical vision of the end of time and The Last Judgment is an absorbing choral work in which the soloists sing no arias, but are directly involved in the dramatic events. Bruno Weil leads the Cappella Coloniensis and ChorWerk Ruhr, important players in the German choral scene, on this exciting recording.
Der Löwe und der Adler
Venetian Ensemble Music by Legrenzi, Neri & Bertali
Accademia per Musica Roma Christoph Timpe

Christoph Timpe and his ensemble Accademia by Musica Roma present a thrilling new CD. Having already issued music from Naples (Musica Napoletana, 3-CD set C49546) they now turn to Venice. Diverse sonatas by leading composers Legrenzi, Neri and Bertali are revived with unusual brilliance in historically informed style, breathing new life into these virtuosic works.

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Capriccio Catalogue


DACAPO 8.226537
A Fall from the Perfect Ground
Chamber Music by Christensen, Rosing-Schow, Olsen, Jørgensen and Frounberg
Alternance Ensemble

This exciting new release features five Danish composers’ ear-pleasing offerings of music for the 21st century excellently presented by the French elite Alternance Ensemble. There is a whole generation between the youngest and the oldest composer, yet this release clearly shows a shared spirit in the work with beautiful new sounds. All five works were written after the turn of the millennium and in that sense offer a completely up-to-date picture of Danish composition music in a wide spectrum of sonorities.
DACAPO 8.226054
JENSEN Flute Sonatas & Fantasias
Rune Most, flute Frode Stengaard, piano

Last year the Danish Golden Age composer Niels Peter Jensen’s flute duets appeared to critical acclaim (DACAPO 8.226029). Now it is the turn of his charming, virtuosic, delightful and very melodious flute sonatas played by Rune Most and the pianist Frode Stengaard. Jensen (1802-1846) was blind but became an acknowledged flute virtuoso. A pupil of the famous composer Friedrich Kuhlau, he became a highly respected teacher, his students including JPE Hartmann.

DACAPO Catalogue

OUR Recordings

OUR Recordings 8.226903
LALO: Symphonie espagnole, Fantasie novergienne
Arranged for violin and guitar
Lars Hannibal, guitar Kim Sjøgren, violin

Guitarist Lars Hannibal writes: "During our many concerts in Spain, Kim Sjogren and I came across the old, highly atmospheric monastery La Cartuja de la Sierra, 80 km north of Seville near the small town Cazalla. We decided to make the recording of Symphonie Espagnole in this very special place where the Spanish soul is so present.”
OUR Recordings 8.226901
SPIRITS - East Meets West
Music by Bach, Neumann, Vivaldi, Zhang and traditional Chinese works
Chen Yue, bamboo flute Lars Hannibal, guitar

Coming from two different traditions the two artists present music from ancient China and European baroque music, as well as popular and folk tunes from Asia and Europe. All pieces suit the mellow sound of the two folk instruments, and though there are many differences in the music, there is a lot of similarity in the atmosphere.

OUR Recordings Catalogue

Phoenix Edition

PIAZZOLLA: Le Grand Tango / HORN: Variations on Libertango, Suite Troileana, Tren a Constitucion, Tormenta
Duo Villarceaux

Piazzolla’s revolutionary and highly popular tango nuevo brought him the status of a national hero in Argentina. Composer Markus Horn adopted the style and further development of tango nuevo for this CD recording with Duo Villarceaux. This is a highly varied and coloured piano program promising virtuoso and evocative South-American flair from the two young pianists.
WEILL: Der Kuhhandel (Arms and the Cow)
Vienna Volksoper

In German slang of the 1930s the term Kuhhandel (literally "cattle trading") referred to machinations by politicians. When refugees from Nazis Germany, Kurt Weill and Robert Vambery, met in Paris in 1933 they began work on this operetta, set in the fictional country of Santa Maria, which shares a Caribbean island with another state, Ucqua. Weill’s music recalls that for his bitter-sweet Threepenny Opera or The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny, with a dash of Offenbach.

Phoenix Edition Catalogue


Ask your local retailer about these marvellous labels today, and embark on a fascinating voyage of discovery through the world of music.


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