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In addition to its own wide-reaching monthly new releases (see, Naxos also distributes several leading labels in many countries around the world. Here is a choice selection of recent releases from some of these distributed labels.

Selected CDs


DVOŘÁK, A.: Alfred (Opera)
Baxová, Bothmer, Froese, Mikulás, Rumpf, Sabrowski, Unger, Czech Philharmonic Choir Brno, Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, Förster
ArcoDiva UP0140-2

The world premiere recording of Antonín Dvořák’s three-act opera Alfred is a monumental event of great scholarly interest for experts and the general public alike. This Wagnerian-style 1870 opera was performed and recorded for the first time as written (i.e. in the German language) in Prague’s premiere venue: the Dvořák Hall at the Rudolfínum. A team of leading Dvořák scholars prepared the critical edition of the score and materials. The live recording features premiere Wagnerian singers, as well as the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, Czech Philharmonic Choir, and conductor Heiko Mathias Förster.

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HOFFER, B.: Violin Concerto / Piano Concerto / English Horn Concerto
Hodgkinson, Oliveira, Stacy, Ireland RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra, Pittman
Artek AR-0062-2

This Artek new release features three new works by multiple Emmy award nominee and Meet the Composer Grant recipient Bernard Hoffer, composer of numerous hit TV series including “Thunder Cats”, as well as the PBS MacNeil-Lehrer Report music & theme! The three concertos, for violin, piano and English horn respectively, are played by internationally renowned violinist Elmar Oliveira, pianist Randall Hodgkinson and American hornist icon, Thomas Stacy.

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Austrian Gramophone

TELEMANN, G.P.: 12 Fantaisies (The Telemann Files)
Austrian Gramophone AG0001

Georg Philipp Telemann’s 12 Fantasies for Solo Flute were published in Hamburg in 1732–33. The collection is arranged by key, progressing more or less stepwise from A major to G minor, with Telemann deliberately avoiding keys that are impractical on the one-key flute. The young and increasingly celebrated flautist Jasmine Choi has concertized from Korea to Europe to the US, and the demand for her as an orchestral soloist is rapidly growing, seeing her collaborating with the world’s most prominent conductors.


PÄRT, A.: Te Deum / Ein Wallfahrtslied / Berliner Messe /
Dopo la vittoria

Hanft, Bavarian Radio Chorus, Munich Radio Orchestra, Dijkstra
BR-Klassik 900511

This latest BR-Klassik recording features sacred music by Estonian composer Arvo Pärt (b. 1935). Performing are the award-winning Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunks, conducted by Peter Dijkstra and joined by the Münchner Rundfunkorchester. This is a frequent occurrence in their concert series that regularly include sacred music from the 19th through the 21st century.

The present three compositions were written in 1984 and 1990 in the composer’s own tintinnabulation style of composition (from the Latin word meaning the ‘ringing of bells’). In his Te Deum, Pärt makes a conscious departure from the traditionally powerful and festive sound of such precursors as Charpentier, Bruckner and Verdi. The restraint of the Wallfahrtslied (Pilgrims’ Song), a setting of Psalm 121, evokes the ancient Judeo-Christian tradition of psalm recitation. The Berliner Messe (Berlin Mass) is so named because it was first performed in the city’s St. Hedwig’s Cathedral (1990) to mark the German Katholikentag (Catholics Day).

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BACH, J.S.: Goldberg Variations
Capriccio C5243

The Goldberg Variations’ alternation of connection and freedom, fantasy and strict form, was able to lead in a hitherto unknown way to a higher unity, raising them to the rank of a real compendium of the art of variation, strongly influencing Beethoven, Brahms and Reger. Tzimon Barto’s international breakthrough came in the mid-1980s, when he appeared at the Vienna Musikverein and the Salzburg Festival at the invitation of Herbert von Karajan. Tzimon Barto has since performed with nearly every major international orchestra.

Capriccio catalogue on


Koh, Jennifer - BACH, J.S. / BARTÓK, B. / SAARIAHO, K.: Bach and Beyond, Part II (Violin Recital)
Cedille CDR90000-154

Violinist Jennifer Koh’s Bach & Beyond Part 2 is the latest of a projected three-CD cycle based on her groundbreaking, multiyear recital series of the same name. Koh, “a masterly Bach interpreter and a champion of contemporary repertory” (The New York Times), performs J. S. Bach’s landmark violin Sonatas and Partitas alongside 20th and 21st century solo violin works they’ve inspired. These include Frises, a new commission from Kaija Saariaho receiving its world premiere recording.

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Leonard, Isabel - FALLA, M. de / GARCIA LORCA, F. / VALVERDE, J. / GARCIA LORCA, F..: Preludios (Vocal Recital)
Leonard, Zeger
Delos DE3468

Isabel Leonard’s luxuriant vocal tone, riveting stage presence and remarkable artistic versatility make her one of today’s most in-demand singers. In this – her first Delos release – she explores the riches of Spanish song in all its varied Iberian forms and styles that can be traced back as far as its millennium-old Moorish influences. The generous program encompasses pure folksongs, folk-influenced art songs, dances and popular theater songs by quite a few of Spain’s finest composers of the late-19th and 20th century, Mompou, Falla, García Lorca, Sanjuán, Granados and Montsalvatge. A Spanish speaker herself and passionate devotee of Iberian musical art, Ms. Leonard is partnered here by Brian Zeger, one of America’s most supremely sensitive and accomplished piano collaborators.

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TARTINI, G.: Violin Concertos Box Set [29CDs]
Lazari, L’ Arte dell’Arco, F. Guglielmo, G. Guglielmo
Dynamic CDS7713

The publishing of this complete edition of Giuseppe Tartini’s Violin Concertos (with the addition of two concertos each for cello and flute) is both a triumph for Dynamic label. In its 36 years of activity, it has built a considerable catalogue of violin music and an artistic and historical document of indisputable musicological importance for anyone wishing to have a philologically reliable testimony of this aspect of 18th century Italian instrumental music. Therefore, valuable for more than the mere dimension of listening. To grasp the importance of this achievement we must first of all note that only a very small number of these concertos can be found in modern, easily available editions. Incidentally, few of which are truly valid from the point of view of textual accuracy and respect of Tartini’s musical precepts.

This project was started almost twenty years ago by Dynamic’s founder Pietro Mosetti Casaretto who, in 1996, recorded and published the first three-CD box-set featuring the Concerti, Op. 1, performed by L’Arte dell’Arco, with Giovanni Guglielmo, Federico Guglielmo and Carlo Lazari as soloists, the same soloists who played in the 17th and last volume of the series published in 2013, evidence of this ensemble’s faithfulness to the project, and of their moral and artistic solidity, indispensable preconditions for any important musical achievement.

Dynamic catalogue on

Grand Piano

HOFMANN, J.: Piano Works
Artem Yasynskyy
Grand Piano GP675

Josef Hofmann was a prodigy and a polymath. Fascinated by technology, he made experimental cylinder recordings as early as 1887, and undertook an American tour at the age of eleven. One of the very greatest pianists of the Golden Age, his recorded legacy is priceless, but like many musicians of his generation he also composed. He wrote a symphony, five piano concertos, and a considerable amount of distinctive and enjoyable solo piano music in the Romantic tradition, including a richly contrasted set of Charakterskizzen, Op. 40, a Sonata in F major, Op. 21 that reveals the influence of Schumann, and a finely wrought Theme and Variations and Fugue, Op. 14. Artem Yasynskyy won the Hofmann Prize at the First German Piano Competition of Polish Music in Hamburg in 2013.

Grand Piano catalogue on


RACHMANINOV, S.: Symphony No. 2 / Vocalise
Sabadus, Cologne Gürzenich Orchestra, Kitayenko
OehmsClassics OC441

As part of its ongoing Rachmaninov cycle with the Gürzenich Orchestra of Cologne and Dmitrij Kitajenko, OehmsClassics presents Symphony No. 2 and the Vocalise, sung by countertenor Valer Sabadus. Rachmaninov composed his 2nd symphony while on retreat to Dresden, escaping his busy concerting schedule and in part recovering from the failure of his 1st symphony several years before. The symphony was praised by contemporaries as a worthy successor to the symphonies of Tchaikovsky. The famous Vocalise appears here in its version with orchestral accompaniment, which Rachmaninov created shortly after its hugely successful premiere as part of the 14 Lieder, Op. 34.

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Orlando Records

FIVE SAX: Five Sax at the Movies
Kiss, Obstarczyk, Struber, Vardzelashvili, Five Sax
Orlando Records OR0016

In 2011, five saxophonists converged in Vienna from around the world, united by a modern conception of virtuosity and a desire to push performance limits. This international saxophone quintet based in Vienna, presents their debut recording with famous film tunes from Laurel & Hardy, James Bond, Harry Potter, The Pink Panther and other films. Saxophone and cinema are two major pillars of 20th century culture, having risen to prominence in parallel. This natural affinity makes the field of film music particularly alluring to the members of Five Sax. From blazing trumpets announcing bloodthirsty pirates to seductive violins introducing the woman of your dreams, Five Sax uses the saxophone’s full sonic range to bring alive the most glorious heroes and despicable villains ever seen on the big screen. All arrangements are the ensemble’s own creations.

OUR Recordings

MESSIAEN, O.: Choral Music (L'amour et la foi)
Bloch, Shirinyan, Danish National Concert Choir, Danish National Vocal Ensemble, Danish National Chamber Orchestra, Creed
OUR Recordings 6.220612

One is no longer the same after experiencing the music of Olivier Messiaen, and one clamors for more. It is like a Babette’s Feast of music, both exclusive and exotic, yet utterly spontaneous and embracing a universe of colors and rhythms, human, divine and even extra-terrestrial. Three of Messiaen’s most passionate vocal masterworks are presented on this present recording: the visionary Trois petites liturgies de la Présence divine (Three Small Liturgies of the Divine Presence) (1934), the popular O sacrum convivium! (1937) and the extraordinary – and extraordinarily difficult – Cinq Rechants (Five Refrains, 1948).

The internationally renowned choir conductor Marcus Creed is joined by the three of Denmark’s greatest musical treasures: the Danish National Concert Choir, Danish National Vocal Ensemble and the Danish National Chamber Orchestra, in addition to internationally acclaimed soloists Marianna Shirinyan (Piano) and Thomas Bloch (Ondes Martenot).

OUR Recordings catalogue on

Paladino Music

Duo Praxedis - BOIELDIEU, F.-A. / MALACARNE, D. / ROLLA, A. / WÖLFL, J.: Original Classics (Harp and Piano Recital)
Duo Praxedis
Paladino Music PMR0061

The composers on this CD – Malacarne, Boieldieu, Rolla and Wolfl – are not exactly “superstars” of classical music history, but this is what provokes interest in their new recording. The Swiss mother-daughter Duo Praxedis have recorded original works for harp and piano from the 18th and 19th century, a time when their instrumental combination was first presented in concert. The Duo Praxedis have set themselves the goal of breathing new life into this instrumental partnership, establishing its popularity with international audiences and bringing it to the world’s major concert halls.

Paladino Music catalogue on

Solo Musica

Cataldi, Marianna - MANCINI, H. / LAI, F. / CHIARAVALLE, V. / ROTA, N. / MORRICONE, E.: The Power of Passion (Vocal Recital)
Cataldi, Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra, Somogyi-Toth
Solo Musica 88875071202

Recorded with the Budapest Symphonic Orchestra and mastered at the Abbey Road Studios in London, “The Power of Passion” contains eleven songs carefully selected for this CD. The album contains the world’s only sung version of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, entitled “Morir d’amor”, arranged by Marianna for voice and orchestra. In addition, the album offers reinterpretations of famous soundtracks scores including “The Thorn Birds”, “Love Story”, “Once Upon a Time in the West” and “The Godfather”, among others. Marianna Cataldi, singer-songwriter and composer from Taranto, Italy, is known for her unique, innovative vocal style between pop and opera. Her soprano voice is well suited for classical and non-classical music, between which she is most capable of easily and winningly switching.

Solo Musica catalogue on

Sono Luminus

RILEY, T.: The Heaven Ladder, Book 5 / Half-Wolf Dances Mad In Moonlight / G Song
Sono Luminus DSL-92189

ZOFO – pianists Eva-Maria Zimmermann and Keisuke Nakagoshi – is at it again, this time with an all Terry Riley album that includes original compositions, arrangements and a special commission by the duet. From the very beginning, Terry Riley worked in collaboration with ZOFO in the making of this album. Mr. Riley himself said: “There is nothing quite like hearing the full 8 octaves of a piano sounding in all its orchestral richness.” He certainly makes full use of the sounds of the piano in the pieces originally written for piano two hands, from The Heaven Ladder Book 5. Keisuke arranged G Song and Half-Wolf Dances Mad in Moonlight, originally composed for string quartet, and Eva arranged Simone’s Lullaby, originally for solo piano. The Praying Mantis Rag was composed especially for ZOFO to illustrate the duo’s vibrant character.

Sono Luminus catalogue on


Giacomelli, Gabriele - ISAAC, H. / MALVEZZI, C. / CAVALIERI, E. de': L'Organo a Firenze dai Medici All'Unita D'Italia (Organ Recital)
Braschi, Giacomelli
Tactus TC860002

The 150th anniversary celebrations of Florence, Capital of the Kingdom of Italy (1865-2015) create an opportunity to know and appreciate the voices of the two precious organs preserved in the basilica of San Lorenzo, and the music composed by musicians active in Florence. The organ built by Fratelli Serassi in 1864, with more than 60 registers and three keyboards, is one of the most impressive and unique of its time. The Renaissance-era organ dates to the mid-15th century. The recording features Florentine works from the Renaissance, Classical and Romantic eras, many of which are world premieres.

Tactus catalogue on


XENAKIS, I.: Piano Works
Camarhina, Cesari,Thomopoulos
Timpani 1C1232

With his lectures, Stéphanos Thomopoulos has become the exegete of Xenakis’ music. As he says of the composer: “Xenakis’ personal itinerary is marked by difference and the struggle to advance. The music of Xenakis is inhabited by this tension. It can appear cruel, wild, brutal.” Iannis Xenakis has a long story with Timpani. The five important discs of his orchestral work recorded with the Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg remain in the label’s catalogue.

Timpani catalogue on

Wiener Symphoniker

DVOŘÁK, A.: Symphony No. 9, "From the New World" /
SMETANA, B.: Vltava

Wiener Symphoniker, Ancerl
Wiener Symphoniker WS008

Vienna 1958: Karel Ancerl wasn’t simply promoting the nation as a model citizen of Czechoslovakia; rather, wherever he was in the world, he spread his very own humanistic attitude. Yet he never forgot his Bohemian roots. He championed the unpopular oeuvre of Bohuslav Martinu in equal measure to being honored for his sublime interpretations of works by Leos Janácek. To this day, his recordings of the music of Antonín Dvorák stand as expressive testaments in sound to a hard-won identity. At the height of his post-war European career, Ancerl liked to visit his friends at the Vienna Philharmonic; not only for 23 concert performances with them by 1970, but above all to record, with them, the epitome of musical freedom. Thus Dvorák’s Ninth, the Symphony in E, Op. 95, really does sound like it comes From the New World.

Wiener Symphoniker catalogue on

Yarlung Records

YARLUNG RECORDS - 10th Anniversary
Various Artists
Yarlung Records YAR42482

GRAMMY® Award winning Yarlung Records celebrates its 10th Anniversary and continues to bring fresh musicians to the classical music world using minimalist audiophile recording techniques to deliver sound as close to living performance as possible, engineering these albums in concert halls famous for their acoustics such as Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. Yarlung uses analog tape and high resolution digital media for CDs made with special alloys, high resolution digital downloads, and 180 Gram vinyl LPs, mastered by Steve Hoffman and Bernie Grundman. The label’s philosophy is to present the music like a clean window, which does not distract from the beautiful “view” on the other side.

Among its greatest successes featured on this compilation was Antonio Lysy at The Broad: Music from Argentina, which won the label’s first GRAMMY® Award and was ranked in The Absolute Sound as one of the 40 Best Recordings of all time.

Yarlung Records catalogue on


American Classics for Memorial Day
Various Artists
Altissimo 75442203102

This Memorial Day, celebrate and commemorate America’s military with some of America’s greatest music. American Classics for Memorial Day features an awesome blend of classic marches, patriotic favorites and concert band music, perfect for this patriotic holiday. Start off your summer barbecues right with songs from the best bands in the world! Among the disc’s featured composers are Francis Scott Key, John Philip Sousa, Samuel Ward, George Cohan, Morton Gould and Mark Isham, amongst other American luminaries past and present.

Altissimo catalogue on

Selected DVDs

Accentus Music

Hannigan, Barbara - MOZART, W.A. / ROSSINI, G. / FAURÉ, G. / LIGETI, G.: Concert and Documentary
Hannigan, Mahler Chamber Orchestra
Accentus Music ACC-20327 [DVD]

Barbara Hannigan is one of the most fascinating and multi-facetted artistic personalities of our time. She sets new standards as a singer, conductor, and performance artist. The intimate portrait “I’m a creative animal” takes the viewer into the world of an exceptional musician – a world of both passion and discipline. In this concert with the Mahler Chamber Orchestra, Hannigan both sings and conducts, effortlessly linking different musical epochs.

Accentus Music catalogue on

Arthaus Musik

STRAUSS, R.: Feuersnot (Teatro Massimo, 2014)
Amoretti, Battaglia, Carbone, Ceriani, Fracasso, Henschel, Knorren, Martorana, Olivieri, Orecchia, Parrino, Pererva, Ryssov, Sarra, Vitti, Wawiloff, Palermo Teatro Massimo Chorus, Palermo Teatro Massimo Youth Chorus, Palermo Teatro Massimo Orchestra, Ferro
Arthaus Musik 109066 [Blu-ray] | 109065 [DVD]

The resounding success Richard Strauss’s second opera Feuersnot experienced upon its 1902 Dresden premiere more than made up for the failure several years prior of his first, Guntram. Feuersnot is a lively one-act drama about the ancient Bavarian tradition of celebrating midsummer night with bonfires, songs and dances at the summer solstice – a work full of allusions. The score has quotations from Wagner and echoes of Strauss’s contemporaries including Mahler and Bruckner. Nonetheless, the score is genuine Strauss, in everything from its racy waltzes to its enchanting love duets. Handling the complex score and keeping the balance between the pit and the crowded stage is conductor Gabriele Ferro.

Arthaus Musik catalogue on

C Major Entertainment

World Orchestra for Peace, Gergiev
C Major 730204 [Blu-ray] | 730108 [DVD]

In 2014 the World Orchestra for Peace and conductor Valery Gergiev returned for its fourth appearance to the BBC Proms stage to commemorate the centennial of the outbreak of WW1. The concert featured Roxanna Panufnik’s Three Paths to Peace, an orchestra commission, Mahler’s Sixth Symphony, and the Symphonic Fantasia from Richard Strauss’ Die Frau ohne Schatten. Founded in 1995 by Sir Georg Solti, the World Orchestra for Peace is made up of leading players from the world’s finest orchestras.

C Major catalogue on


VERDI, G.: Macbeth (Teatro Coccia, 2013)
Altomare, Ceffa, Giuseppini, Petti, Pintillie, Sepe, Theodossiou, Vietri, Schola Cantorum San Gregorio Magno, Orchestra Filarmonica del Piemonte, Sabbatini
Dynamic DYN-57689 [Blu-ray] | DYN-37689 [DVD]

Macbeth undoubtedly marked a turning point in Verdi’s operatic writing, i.e., the foregrounding of the characters’ introspective, psychological aspects. This Blu-ray/DVD captures the production staged at Novara’s Teatro Coccia during the 2013-14 season, with thriller/horror filmmaker Dario Argento tackling opera direction for the first time. One could only expect a direction in line with his films, and from that point of view this Macbeth meets expectations, with the visualization of the opera’s bloody, indeed gory scenes matching the dark, brutal character of Shakespeare work.

Dynamic catalogue on


YEARNING FOR THE PRESENCE - The Originating Process of Mark André's Opera Wunderzaichen (Documentary, 2014)
Andre, Aumüller, Klink, Jung, Barainsky, Pavelic, Ullrich
EuroArts 2060788 [DVD]

In 2008 Mark Andre was commissioned by the Staatsoper Stuttgart to write an opera on a subject that had fascinated the composer since he was a child, the tale of the disappearance of Jesus of Nazareth. The opera’s main character is Johannes Reuchlin, a 15th century Christian scholar of the Jewish Kabbala. Filmmaker Uli Aumüller’s Yearning for the Presence follows Mr. Andre during his journey to Israel in 2011, doing his sound research in the Experimental studio SWR, Freiburg in 2013, and in final rehearsals for the “Wunderzaichen” at the Stattsoper Stuttgart in spring 2014.

EuroArts catalogue on


SALLINEN, A.: King Lear (Finnish National Opera, 2002)
Alamikkotervo, Forsberg, Hynninen, Lindroos, Paaskivi, Piira, Pitkänen, Salminen, Silvasti, Tiilikainen, Vihavainen, Finnish National Opera Orchestra, Kamu
Ondine ODV4010 [DVD]

One of the most internationally well-known of Finnish composers, Aulis Sallinen (b. 1935) will celebrate his 80th birthday in 2015. In tribute, Ondine is releasing on DVD the 2002 production of his latest opera, King Lear, with the same cast that premiered the work at the Finnish National Opera in 2000. Under the direction of Okko Kamu and featuring a strong cast of singers, the work’s premiere was a great success.

Legendary Finnish bass Matti Salminen sings the title role of King Lear; other singers include Lilli Paasikivi, Taina Piira, Satu Vihavainen, Petri Lindroos, Kai Pitkänen, Jorma Hynninen, Sauli Tiilikainen and Jorma Silvasti. The libretto, based on the world-famous Shakespearian tragedy, tells the tragic story of the English king Lear and his struggles with members of his own family, his enemies, and his developing madness.

Ondine catalogue on

Opus Arte

DONIZETTI, G.: Classic Comedies
Auty, Borchev, Corbelli, Daza, Niese, Pasquale, Platt, Pretorian, Shrader, Siurina, Sullivan, Glyndebourne Chorus, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Benini, Mazzola
Opus Arte OABD7170BD [Blu-ray] | OA1172BD [DVD]

From fake potions and feigned emotions to the follies of youth and the vulnerability of age, this set brings together two of Donizetti’s greatest comedies, L’elisir d’amore and Don Pasquale, charming works packed with musical wit in which the composer looks beyond the archetypes of the buffa tradition to create complex, highly individual characters. Both operas are brought to life in sparkling Glyndebourne productions, with first-class singing and conducting.

Opus Arte DVD catalogue on

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