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Angel Gil-Ordóñez

“As a Spanish-born conductor, it seems evident to me that Lou Harrison is an American composer who deserves far more world recognition. Like Gershwin, Ives, or Cage, he is the genuine American "product". No European could possibly have absorbed Asian influences as authentically as Harrison did, creating an inimitable sound and idiom. I first came to Harrison via his Piano Concerto; like the Concerto for Violin and Percussion, an American masterpiece.”

Angel Gil-Ordóñez
music director, PostClassical Ensemble

Joseph Horowitz

“Lou Harrison is one of the least-known major 20th-century composers; he is mainly performed on the West Coast of the US. I would call his Concerto for Violin and Percussion one of the half dozen most formidable concertos composed by an American. Its influences range from the Berg concerto to Chinese opera, but it’s all of a piece: Harrison is sui generis, an apostle of world music before the term existed. And unlike other early apostles — Henry Cowell, John Cage — he was a master composer.”

Joseph Horowitz
executive director, PostClassical Ensemble

HARRISON, L.: Violin Concerto / Grand Duo / Double Music
Lou HARRISON (1917–2003)
Violin Concerto1
Grand Duo2
Double Music (co-composed with John Cage)3

Tim Fain, Violin1,2
Michael Boriskin, Piano2
PostClassical Ensemble1,3
Angel Gil-Ordóñez1,3

Lou Harrison was a composer far ahead of his time. A protean innovator, he espoused ‘world music’ before it had a name, and this recording documents his pioneering rôles as a composer for percussion and as an integrator of Western and Indonesian idioms. The Concerto for Violin and Percussion, both intimate and vigorous, demonstrates his experimental enthusiasm in the use of non-pitched percussion. The Grand Duo for Violin and Piano is a remarkable example of gamelan-infused chamber music while Double Music, cocomposed with Harrison’s friend John Cage, is a well-known product of their celebrated San Francisco percussion concerts.

Listen to an extract from Violin Concerto:
III. Allegro - Vigoroso - Poco presto

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Post-Classical Ensemble,
“Enthusiastically recommended.”
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Los Angeles Times

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