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Naxos, the world's leading Performing Arts DVD distributor, brings you an extensive streaming video library of classical music performances, operas, ballets, live concerts, documentaries, and much more!

Watch the world's greatest opera houses, ballet companies, orchestras and artists perform on demand. Stream any video in the library from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Key features of the Naxos Video Library include:

  • More than 3155 full-length videos, available anytime, anywhere (with more added every week!)
  • Customizable clips: edit and add them to your own playlists
  • Content from over 70 labels
  • Subtitles available in 5 languages
  • Search functions by category, role, composer, artist, production personnel, work, venue or festival
  • Pre-defined video chapters and other points of interest including individual arias and scene breaks
  • Videos available in Full Screen, 2/3 Screen or 1/4 Screen
  • Streaming at 700 Kbps (standard quality) and 2 Mbps (high quality)
  • Libretti with many operas
  • Compatibility with both PC and Mac

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Operas from top opera houses
Jazz concerts
Video Master Classes by World-Famous Musicians

Over 350 master classes from the catalogue of the Reina Sofia School of Music are available on the Naxos Video Library. These include classes by pianists Menahem Pressler, Zoltan Kocsis and Jerome Rose; violinists Miriam Fried, Yvry Gitlis and Lorin Maazel; and cellists David Geringas and Frans Helmserson. Other instruments featured are clarinet, viola, bassoon and double bass. The classes are conducted in English and are searchable by composer, teacher, instrument and work taught.

The Reina Sofia School of Music, founded in 1991 in Madrid, Spain is one of today's leading international music schools.

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