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If you’re aged between 4 and 12 and want to know more about classical music and instruments, then you should ask your parents, grandparents, godparents and teachers to sit down and discover what is on offer from MusicBox, the latest great product from Naxos. Explore MusicBox on your own or together with an adult.

‘A very fine resource, which will definitely be engaging for children,
its target audience, but for adults as well.’

MusicWeb International

Naxos MusicBox is a brand new, carefully produced and beautifully presented music resource for children, accessible through monthly or yearly subscriptions. Developed to enhance the music education of children aged 4-12, the colourful, clear design and specifically written texts will appeal to a young audience, whilst also provide parents plenty of materials and activities to try out with the children. Children can explore MusicBox, with its wealth of activities and resources, on their own, or together with their friends, parents or teachers.

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What’s in MusicBox?

Budding musicians could have no better gift than the opportunity to explore this brand new, fun, varied, colourful (and online!) gateway to a whole new magical world of sound.

Friendly texts and special playlists for:
Great composers
Instruments of the orchestra
Voice types and choirs
Film music
Listening questions and puzzles
Themed playlists
Audiobooks on classical music
Music history shown graphically
in scrolling timelines
4,000+ varied audio tracks
and coming soon: Music Around the World
Key Features and Benefits

There are so many activities on offer that the young, younger and youngest students will never hit a brick wall of boredom. MusicBox is to be continually updated and expanded, making it the best on‑screen resource for musical edutainment.

Classical music presented in clear, logical and engaging ways
Does not require adult assistance to understand and use
Bright, colourful presentation
Interactive listening questions and puzzles
Access on desktop computers, tablets, or other mobile devices
New content and featured to be continually added
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MusicBox for teachers and schools

Naxos MusicBox is available in two versions: One for individual subscribers in a home environment to explore on their own or with parents; and one more extensive site for teachers to use in the classroom. Many teachers in primary schools – whether music specialists or not – welcome resources to help them. In Naxos Musicbox they have lesson plans and imaginative, tailor-made activities to support their teaching. Interactive and classroom activities have been written by qualified music teachers. There are activities for younger children (4-6) based around songs, and for older children (6-12), based around the sections presented on the homepage. Children are often encouraged to listen our for particular details in pieces of music, which allows them to connect more immediately with larger or more complicated classical works.

Additional features and benefits for teachers and schools:

Multiple simultaneous access
Tailor-made class activities for teachers to use
Extra resources and printouts available for teachers
Coming soon: Static URLs to musical works which can be placed in educational resources.

Subscriptions for schools:

For more information on subscriptions and pricing please contact your country representative here.

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please contact the Naxos Customer Service team:

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