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Naxos Classical Archives present hundreds of otherwise unavailable recordings from the LP era, including many great performances from the past and some priceless rarities.

There are almost 700 titles of Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Twentieth-century masterpieces that you would search far and wide, high and low, to find anywhere else—if at all!

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Visit the ‘Labels’ section of this website for more information about Naxos Classical Archives. If you’re a subscriber you can also hear audio samples. Please note that for copyright reasons restrictions apply in certain countries: USA (all albums are restricted), Australia and Singapore (original LP albums issued on or after 1955 are restricted). Subscribe to

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Click on the album cover below for more information about these selected titles or visit to browse through the entire range. All are available for downloading in 320kbps quality.


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All these albums are also available to Naxos Music Library subscribers. Simply login, click on Labels > Naxos Labels > Naxos Classical Archives for the complete catalogue. The music is streamed in Microsoft WMA 9.0 format, at 128Kbps, 64Kbps or 20Kbps, depending on the type of Internet connection used.

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