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In addition to its own wide-reaching monthly new releases (see, Naxos also distributes several leading labels in many countries around the world. Here is a choice selection of recent releases from some of these distributed labels.

Selected CDs

Cantaloupe Music

Icebreaker with BJ Cole
Cantaloupe CA-21071

Widely regarded as Brian Eno’s best and most influential ambient album, Apollo was composed by Brian Eno, Roger Eno and Daniel Lanois for Al Reinert’s 1983 documentary on the Apollo space missions, For All Mankind. Eno jokingly referred to it as an attempt to write “zero gravity country and western”, since that was the astronauts’ preferred on-board listening and the long reverberations of the pedal steel guitar evoke the vast emptiness of space. With support from Brian Eno, the recording of Apollo by Icebreaker with BJ Cole was completed following a series of sold out and highly acclaimed live performances of the piece, which were accompanied by NASA footage of the landing.

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SCHÖNBERG Complete Songs
Claudia Barainsky,soprano • Melanie Diener, soprano
Christa Mayer, alto • Markus Schäfer, tenor
Konrad Jarnot, baritone • Urs Liska, piano

Capriccio C7120

The first complete recording of the songs for voice and piano by Arnold Schönberg features top singers like Claudia Barainsky, Melanie Diener, Konrad Jarnot, Markus Schäfer and Christa Mayer, with Urs Liska at the piano. Repertoire includes an early version of Gurre-Lieder for voice and piano, Fifteen poems from The Book of the Hanging Gardens, Brettl-Lieder and the Early Songs.

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Electronic Music Produced at DIEM 1987-2012
Dacapo 8.226559-60

The story of DIEM (The Danish Institute of Electronic Music) is the story of 25 years of believing that the newest technology can move existing musical boundaries, create new sounds, new structures, and pioneer the development of the music of the future. This double CD presents a broad selection of works produced at DIEM from 1987 to 2012; all of them presented in their original form and many of them released for the first time.

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David Shifrin, clarinet
Delos DE3423

‘… a score truly inspired by a tragic event (9/11) and one that is likely to transcend it’ – Peter G. Davis, New York Magazine

Thus did a leading critic sum up the remarkable Concerto for Clarinet (chamber orchestra version) by Ellen Taafe Zwilich, one of America’s cutting-edge contemporary composers. This is but one of this release’s four vibrant modern chamber works for clarinet and various chamber ensembles by major composers: music that greatly enriches the modern chamber repertoire. The performers – all among the finest soloists and chamber artists anywhere – are drawn from the ranks of Chamber Music Northwest and its legendary director, renowned clarinet virtuoso David Shifrin.

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Dorian Sono Luminus

RAMEAU The Complete Harpsichord Works
Jory Vinikour, harpsichord
Dorian Sono Luminus DSL-92154

Sono Luminus brings you the complete harpsichord works of Rameau, with world renowned harpsichordist Jory Vinikour. Rameau’s compositional penchant for combining technical prowess with musical artistry is brilliantly showcased on this two disc set of solo harpsichord music. Rameau’s output as a composer for solo harpsichord must be considered among one of the most important in French 18th century keyboard repertoire.

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Newton Classics

CAVAZZONI / GABRIELI Ricercars & Canzonas
Sergio de Pieri, organ
Newton Classics NC8802132

In the 16th century, keyboard music was rarely printed but, in an attempt to provide for amateurs, printers began to publish arrangements of popular vocal music. Such collections rank among the earliest known repertoire for keyboard. This collection features four significant composer-performers who had such arrangements published: father and son Marco Antonio and Girolamo Cavazzoni, and uncle and nephew Andrea and Giovanni Gabrieli. Bursting with invention, this disc represents a fascinating addition to Newton Classics’ instrumental library, performed by the Principal Teacher of Organ and Organ composition at the Conservatorio di Musica Benedetto Marcello di Venezia.

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Oehms Classics

TCHAIKOVSKY Symphony No. 1, The Snow Maiden (excerpts)
Gürzenich-Orchester Köln • Dmitrij Kitajenko
Oehms Classics OC668

Tchaikovsky affectionately referred to his first symphony as a “sin from his sweet youth”. The work was only first heard in its entirety on February 3, 1868 under the direction of Nikolai Rubinstein. Praised by many reviewers for its wealth of melodies, the symphony unfairly stands in the shadows of the composer’s “three great” symphonies, namely, the Fourth, the Fifth and above all, the Sixth. It can be heard in this recording from November 2009, which also includes several pieces from Tchaikovsky’s music to the play The Snow Maiden.

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Solo Musica

BARTÓK String Quartets Nos. 1 and 2
Carmina Quartett
Solo Musica SM168

What makes the first of Bartók’s six quartets so special is its direct connection to the late romantic period, which does not detract from the fact that he has already reached a very unique and personal style. The second quartet seems to seamlessly continue where Bartók left off with the first quartet, even though nearly 10 years lie between the two compositions. Intensity of expression, effortless perfection, and stylistic integrity are the hallmarks of the Carmina Quartet, founded in Switzerland in 1984. Spectacular success in string quartet competitions and headlines in the international press have paved the way for appearances worldwide.

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Selected DVDs

Arthaus Musik

MASCAGNI Cavalleria rusticana
Ildiko Komlosi, Santuzza • Sung Kyu Park, Turiddu
Cinzia De Mola, Lucia • Marco di Felice, Alfio • Barbara Di Castri, Lola
Teatro di San Carlo • Zhang Jiemin • Maurizio Scaparro, stage director

Arthaus Musik 107 331 [DVD]

Live from the Antiche Terme Romane, Baia, 2007

Following the sensational success of his one-act opera Cavalleria rusticana at Rome’s Teatro Costanzi on 17 May 1890, Mascagni left no stone unturned in his attempt to ensure that his star remained in the ascendant. But neither his Cavalleria remake, Silvano (1895), nor his Romantic reworking of the Lady Godiva legend, Isabeau, has survived the passing years. This Cavalleria rusticana has left the traditional opera house far behind it and been staged in an open-air theatre once associated with the Emperor Nero. The site in question is the legendary Roman baths in the port of Baia not far from Naples, arguably the most famous resort in classical antiquity and at the same time a byword in luxury and vice. Although some of the baths have vanished in the course of the last two millennia, the remains form a unique backdrop with their high walls and galleries poised between heaven and earth. A World Heritage Site, this was the setting for a production of Cavalleria rusticana by the visiting San Carlo company from Naples.

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C Major Entertainment

VERDI Falstaff
Barbara Frittoli, Alice Ford • Eva Liebau, Nannetta
Ambrogio Maestri, Falstaff • Massimo Cavalletti, Ford
Orchestra of the Zurich Opera House • Daniele Gatti
Sven-Eric Bechtolf, stage director

C Major 711204 [Blu-ray Video] / 711108 [DVD]

“Everything in this world is a joke,” says Falstaff, and these words are truly given weight by Ambrogio Maestri, one of the finest Falstaffs of our time. The Italian baritone brings a powerful, versatile voice to his role, but also brings to his character a hilarious buffo quality. Daniele Gatti, one of the most acclaimed opera conductors working today, leads a stunning cast of singers, including Barbara Frittoli as Alice Ford. Genuinely warm italianità in all of the music-making, combined with a boisterous production by stage director Sven-Eric Bechtolf, turns Verdi’s commedia lirica into a fireworks display of high spirits as well as what the Neue Zürcher Zeitung called “musically and dramaturgically a feast of life and of love of life”.

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András Schiff Plays Bach
András Schiff, piano
EuroArts 2066768 [DVD]

This selection of some of Bach’s most perennially popular keyboard music admirably demonstrates the many varied facets of the composer’s fertile imagination. These performances exemplify perfectly the thoughtful and persuasive approach that András Schiff adopts when playing Bach. Deep pathos is contrasted with witty humour, serenity is paired with fleetness of foot, and all these emotions prove that this brilliantly expressive musician is as ‘unique and unequalled’ today as he was when his first biographer, J.N. Forkel, wrote so eloquently about him more than two centuries ago.

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Idéale Audience

Martin Helmchen Live at Verbier Festival
Martin Helmchen, piano
Idéale Audience 3079808 [DVD]

Live recording from the Verbier Festival, July 2011

Martin Helmchen, in his 2011 Verbier Festival recital, presents a program of Bach, Liszt and Beethoven. The adaptability of his technique is on display, as he moves with ease from the incessant rhythm of a Bach dance, through the filigree of Liszt's virtuosic showpieces, to the dense counterpoint so typical of Beethoven's late works. An artist who ‘connects seriousness and wistfulness with success’, the audience is truly drawn in through his expressive playing and gesture vividly captured in this DVD recording.

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Opus Arte

SHAKESPEARE The Merry Wives of Windsor
Christopher Benjamin, Sir John Falstaff • Philip Bird, Dr Caius
Sue Wallace, Mistress Quickly • Gregory Gudgeon, Nym
Michael Garner, George Page • Serena Evans, Meg Page
Ceri-Lyn Cissone, Anne Page • Sarah Woodward, Alice Ford
Christopher Luscombe, director • Nigel Hess, music

Opus Arte OA1079D [DVD]

Recorded live at Shakespeare’s Globe, August 2010

The only one of Shakespeare’s plays to be set within his own class and country, The Merry Wives of Windsor is a farcical tale centring on the wily attempts of Sir John Falstaff to relieve his drinking debts through swindling and seduction. Featuring Christopher Benjamin in the title role, deftly supported by Serena Evans and Sarah Woodward as the scheming Mistress Page and Mistress Ford, this critically-acclaimed production was described by the Daily Telegraph as brimming with ‘humanity, ingenuity and irresistible charm’. A performance guaranteed to entertain.

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