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The world seems to be changing more dramatically and more quickly than ever before. But one thing remains constant: Naxos’s commitment to releasing an unparalleled range of great classical music recordings and its enthusiastic embrace of exciting new technologies. In recent interviews, Naxos’s founder and chairman Klaus Heymann discusses the challenges and opportunities facing Naxos, the world’s leading classical music group.

Naxos Founder Klaus Heymann on What Lies Ahead for Classical Recordings
Gramophone met up with Klaus Heymann, founder of Naxos, to find out his views of the future of the classical recording business and the role Naxos will play in it.
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Klaus Heymann Interview in The Washington Post - The future of the recording industry: is there one?
The record label Naxos has gone from budget outsider to industry leader in its 20-plus years of existence. But what does the future hold for any record label at a time when CD sales are plummeting and downloads are stagnant?
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Klaus Heymann Stereophile Interview
Klaus Heymann has some surprising news. During an in-person chat in the lobby of San Francisco’s Mandarin Oriental Hotel, the founder of the label that turned the classical-music recording industry on its ear revealed that, in the US, classical-music sales for the labels that Naxos distributes are stable.
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Klaus Heymann Interview on iCadenza
Julia Torgovitskaya interviews Klaus Heymann, the Founder and President of Naxos, the world’s leading classical music label. Over the past two decades, Naxos has grown to a company that is known for its quality, and Naxos recordings have garnered 11 Grammy® Awards and 130 Gramophone Editor’s Choice Awards, among other distinctions. In this interview, Klaus Heymann discusses his early experiences with classical music, his decision to start the Naxos Music Library, how video factors into his plans, his thoughts about the future of the music industry, his advice for young artists seeking to produce a recording, and what drives him as Naxos soars into its 23rd year of existence.
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Klaus Heymann the founder of Naxos talks to Christopher Webber of Zarzuela magazine
In a little over twenty years the Hong Kong based German entrepreneur Klaus Heymann has redefined the classical recording industry. An innovative business model allied to repertoire-based artistic policy has made his budget-price Naxos label synonymous with Classical Music around the world, through subscription streaming and downloads as much as through those distinctively designed CDs themselves.
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Klaus Heymann Named among the Fifteen Fifteen Most Inspiring People in Classical Music by Listen magazine
If you saw Klaus Heymann in an airport lounge, the Frankfurt-born, globe-trotting seventy-three-year-old would hardly seem like a revolutionary, even if you looked close enough to see the intrepid glint in his eye. But the classical record industry has seen no bigger radical in the past two decades-plus. Founding Naxos Records in 1987—when big stars and major labels ruled—Heymann shook up the industry with his focus on economy, a wide-open approach to repertoire and a roster of hungry, lesser-known performers.
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Naxos to Debut Blu-ray Audio Releases with Corigliano’s Circus Maximus
Naxos, the world’s leading classical music label, known both for recording exciting new repertoire with exceptional talent and for distributing a large number of classical labels internationally, including Opus Arte, Euroarts and 2L, has decided to join other audiophile labels such as 2L and AIX and enter into the Blu-ray Audio market.
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