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Start 2019 off with our inspiring collection of curated playlists! Whether you need a great soundtrack to elevate your workout or are in the mood for waltzes, each of these playlists are the perfect addition to your streaming library. Celebrate Mozart’s birthday with unCLASSIFIED’s Need To Know: Mozart playlist, a fantastic collection of our favourite works! Get moving with Chill Workout, a fantastic playlist curated with relaxing, steady movement in mind, such as yoga and barre. Turn up Essential Waltzes, an exciting playlist of waltzes featuring Paganini, Strauss, Liszt and more. Explore Grand Piano’s Overtone playlist featuring pianists performing their own works. Check out more playlists below and add them to your streaming library!

Essential Waltzes
Essential Waltzes
Grand Piano Overtone
Grand Piano Overtone

By combining the range of its catalogue with its curatorial expertise Naxos has partnered with the major streaming music services to offer playlists of unique range and quality. Naxos has carefully curated these playlists to provide the perfect soundtrack for all of life’s events and adventures. From seasonal celebrations to daily activities like cooking dinner or working out to global cultural events, Naxos has music to accompany you. There are playlists to suit any mood and aid music lovers as they discover and navigate the various genres and eras of Classical Music. Need a playlist of the best movie music and film scores? Naxos has it covered. Interested in new music? The New & Now playlist features all that is new and exciting in the world of classical music, whether it’s new music, new presentations or new performers. With almost 10,000 albums from artists around the world, there is always something great to listen to with Naxos.

Whether you are just learning about the joys of classical music, or are already a collector, let Naxos be your road to discovery and delight. Check out the Naxos playlists by clicking the music service of your choice below and Follow the Naxos profile for new music and playlists added and updated all the time!

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