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‘We challenged ourselves to arrange and record an orchestral album consisting of tuneful pop songs, but without involving a contemporary pop/rock rhythm section, and it worked! The orchestra’s unique sense of the beat doesn’t feel stiff, and the arrangements give the individual musicians both playful dynamics and meaningful roles. It’s so much fun writing and performing for a young audience while at the same time keeping the older listeners preoccupied with musical complexity and lyrical twists.’

Mr. E and Me

Erik JOHANNESSEN (b. 1975)
Martin HAGFORS (b. 1960)
New Orchestral Hits 4 Kids

Mr. E & Me • Mari Boine, Vocals
Heming Valebjørg, Percussion • The Norwegian Girls Choir
The Norwegian Radio Orchestra • Anders Eljas • Ingar Bergby

Catchy contemporary music for children performed by an orchestra is a rarity. New Orchestral Hits 4 Kids aims to open ears, new and old to the wonderful sounds of the orchestra. The songs are written, arranged and performed by two highly accomplished musicians, Mr. E aka Erik Johannessen of Jaga Jazzist fame and Me aka Martin Hagfors an acclaimed songwriter, artist and lyricist. The orchestra is The Norwegian Radio Orchestra directed by Anders Eljas of Chess and ABBA fame and by the eloquent Ingar Bergby. The orchestra is augmented by the internationally renowned Sami artist, Mari Boine, The Norwegian Girls Choir and percussionist Heming Valebjørg of The Oslo Symphony Orchestra. Enjoy!

Also available on Vinyl (NAC-LP006)
About the Creators
Mr. E and Me
Martin Hagfors (Me) is an artist, composer and lyricist and a popular collaborator for the likes of Ellen Andrea Wang, Bobby Bare, Big Bang, Motorpsycho, and many others. Erik Johannessen (Mr. E) is a Norwegian composer, arranger and trombone playing member of Jaga Jazzist; he is also known for his studio work with Susanne Sundfør and The Trondheim Jazz Orchestra. Mr. E and Me is the English spin off of Martin and Erik’s highly popular Norwegian project called Meg og kammeraten min (Me and my mate).
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