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This month’s NEW ON NAXOS spotlight recording is Vincenzo Bellinis opera Bianca e Gernando, recorded for the first time in its original version, from the Rossini in Bad Wildbad Bel Canto Festival. Cast include soprano Silvia Dalla Benetta and tenor Maxim Mironov on title roles, the Camerata Bach Choir Poznań and Virtuosi Brunensis, conducted by Antonino Fogliani.

Other highlights include conductor Yuri Serovs third recording for Naxos, which features Georgy Sviridovs song cycle Russia Adrift, cantata Snow is Falling, and Music for Chamber Orchestra. World première recordings of George Tsontakis three concertante works – Anasa, True Colors, and Unforgettable – performed by the Albany Symphony and conductor David Alan Miller; Eduard Strauss I – A Centenary Celebration, performed by the Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Pardubice and conductor John Georgiadis; the  world première recording of Lori Laitmans new opera The Scarlet Letter, based on the classic novel of same title, with libretto by long-time collaborator David Mason. Portland State Chamber Choirs first recording on Naxos, featuring choral works by renowned Latvian composer Ēriks Ešenvalds conducted by Ethan Sperry; and the fourth volume of Eckerle Piano Duos Schumann Arrangements for Piano Duet series, including Symphony No. 2, Overtures and Konzertstück for Four Horns and Orchestra.

Watch our monthly New on Naxos video to sample some of the highlight releases of the month.

This Month's Highlights

BELLINI, V.: Bianca e Gernando [Opera]
[2 CDs]
Vincenzo BELLINI (1801–1835)
Bianca e Gernando
Libretto by Domenico Gilardoni

Benetta • Mironov • Dall Amico • Prato • Zong Shi • Viotti • Camerata Bach Choir Poznań • Virtuosi Brunensis • Fogliani


Vincenzo Bellini was among the most important Italian opera composers of the early 19th century, and the quintessential representative of its bel canto tradition. Despite his enduring renown, his official operatic debut Bianca e Gernando was known only in its revised version of Bianca e Fernando until this rediscovery and revival at Bad Wildbad in July 2016. Set in the ducal palace of Agrigento and with its tale of secretive plots and triumph over tyranny, this original version of the opera presents both unknown music and significant differences from the revised version, giving its dramatic shape a distinctive new character.

SVIRIDOV, G.V.: Russia Adrift / Snow is Falling / Music for Chamber Orchestra
Georgy SVIRIDOV (1915–1998)
Russia Adrift – Song Cycle1
Snow is Falling – Cantata2
Music for Chamber Orchestra3

Shkirtil1 • Mazhara3 • Voloshchuk3 • Rimsky-Korsakov Music College Female Choir2 • St. Petersburg Radio & Television Boys’ Choir2 • St. Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra • Yuri Serov


Georgy Sviridov was a celebrated figure whose vocal works, along with those of his teacher Shostakovich, are considered to be among the most important in twentieth-century Russian music. His ‘small cantata’ Snow is Falling includes passages of hypnotic stillness as well as folk-like warmth, while the major song cycle Russia Adrift evokes landscape, mysticism and religious faith, ending in a solemn hymn to the Motherland. Sviridov’s prolific output included symphonic suites as well as theater and film scores. The angular and impassioned Music for Chamber Orchestra reveals his mastery of non-vocal music.

TSONTAKIS, G.: Anasa / True Colors / Unforgettable
George TSONTAKIS (b. 1951)
True Colors2 • Unforgettable3

Krakauer1 • Berlin2 • Eunice Kim3 • Luosha Fang • Albany Symphony • D. A. Miller


Over the last few years American composer George Tsontakis, winner of the Grawemeyer Award for Music Composition, has crafted three distinctive and exciting additions to the contemporary concerto repertoire. Anasa, for clarinet and orchestra, combines elements of the Klezmer tradition with dance themes inspired by the lyra and lauto, traditional Cretan instruments. In True Colors the trumpet journeys in harmonically vivid, jazz-tinged directions, while Unforgettable balances the meditative with the playful, moving from ballad to phantasmagoria in a double concerto of drama and drive.

STRAUSS, E.: Waltzes and Polkas (A Centenary Celebration)
Eduard STRAUSS I (1835–1916)
A Centenary Celebration
Grüsse an die Aula • Mit Extrapost
Bruder Studio! • Doctrinen

Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Pardubice • Georgiadis


Throughout his life, Eduard Strauss’ compositions were unfavorably compared with those by his elder brothers, Johann II (1825–1899) and Josef (1827–1870), yet many of his works, especially those dating from the 1870s and 1880s, easily stand comparison with those crafted by his two famous siblings. Moreover, in two particular dance genres – the quick polka and the galop – Eduard was in a class of his own. As the Strauss authority Professor Franz Mailer stated: “Posterity must make restitution to Eduard Strauss.” It is to be hoped that, at the very least, this present recording will encourage a reassessment of “handsome Edi’s” unique musical genius.


LAITMAN, L.: Scarlet Letter (The) [Opera]
[2 CDs]
Lori LAITMAN (b. 1955)
The Scarlet Letter
Libretto by David Mason

Claycomb • Armstrong • MacKenzie • Belcher • Knapp • Gawrysiak • Opera Colorado Orchestra and Chorus • Pelto


“David Mason’s beautiful verse adaptation of Hawthorne’s classic novel, The Scarlet Letter, astutely portrays its characters amid the Puritan society of 17th-century New England. My music – lyrically expressive and intricately orchestrated – dramatizes the psychological underpinnings of this story. Though Hester is shamed for adultery, her steadfast strength of character reveals a true moral sense, while the weaknesses of both her lover and estranged husband ultimately yield their self-destruction.” – Lori Laitman

Lori Laitman has composed multiple operas and choral works, and over 250 songs, setting texts by classical and contemporary poets (including those who perished in the Holocaust). Her music is widely performed, internationally and throughout the US, and has generated substantial critical acclaim.

EŠENVALDS, Ē.: Choral Music (The Doors of Heaven)
Ēriks EŠENVALDS (b. 1977)
The Doors of Heaven
The First Tears • Rivers of Light
A Drop in the Ocean • Passion and Resurrection

Portland State Chamber Choir • Ethan Sperry

The Latvian composer Ēriks Ešenvalds has rapidly become one of the world’s most performed choral composers. His ability to bring a dramatic text to life through textures that are lush yet permeated with a more stringent and angular aesthetic has ensured a steady stream of commissions from leading orchestras and choral forces. The four works here reflect an interest in the beauty of nature, religious faith and legend. The First Tears explores an Inuit story and employs subtle instrumental coloration from jaw harps and Native American flutes, whilst Passion and Resurrection is a profound and powerful exploration of Christ’s death and Resurrection.

SCHUMANN, R.: Arrangements for Piano Duet, Vol. 4 (Eckerle Piano Duo) - Symphony No. 2 / Overtures / Concertstück
Robert SCHUMANN (1810–1856)
Arrangements for Piano Duet, Vol. 4
Symphony No. 2 • Genoveva, Op. 81: Overture
Overture to Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Op. 128
Konzertstück for Four Horns and Orchestra

Eckerle Piano Duo


Demand for piano duet material in the nineteenth century was such that the market expanded to an unparalleled extent. The preparation of an easily playable four-hand piano reduction was of critical importance to a work’s dissemination and Robert Schumann, himself a keen duet performer, wrote for the medium with enthusiasm. He arranged his Symphony No. 2 himself, aided by his wife Clara, expending considerable time and effort on the work. The overtures show the variety of arrangers involved, such as his brother-in-law Woldemar Bargiel and the organist Robert Pfretzschner, both of whom Schumann held in the highest regard.

Additional Exciting New Releases

DODGSON, S.: Guitar Chamber Works - Change-Ringers / Divertissement / 4 Poems of John Clare / The Selevan Story
Stephen DODGSON (1924–2013)
Guitar Chamber Works

Gentile • Lamb • Richter • Mizerska • Butten • Eden Stell Guitar Duo • Mēla Guitar Quartet


Stephen Dodgson’s work embraced a wide variety of genres but, encouraged by Julian Bream in the 1950s, he became one of the most prolific and respected 20th-century composers for guitar. Including a première recording of the ingenious Change-Ringers, the chamber works on this recording make use of a fascinating palette of tonal colors, taking us on an unconventional and often witty journey of rhythmic excitement, serenity, dissonance and beauty.

DITTERSDORF, C.D. von: 3 Ovid Sonatas - Ajax et Ulysse / Hercule changé en Dieu / Jason, qui emporte la toison d'or
Carl Ditters von DITTERSDORF (1739–1799)
Three ‘Ovid’ Sonatas for Fortepiano, Four Hands

Tibbles • Tsalka


In 1781 Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf conceived a ground-breaking, multi-media project to compose and have published a series of fifteen symphonies based on Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Each symphony was to be graced by newly commissioned engravings and synopses. In the event, only six symphonies were published (and without engravings) and these are the only works from the set to survive in orchestral form. The works heard here are four-hand arrangements of three of the lost symphonies, possibly Dittersdorf’s attempt to salvage something from the project. These fascinating works juxtapose conventional structures with fluid, unconventional music transforming Ovid’s ‘tableaux’ into dramatic structures teeming with incident and wit.

ARGENTO, D.: Andrée Expedition (The) / From the Diary of Virginia Woolf
Dominick ARGENTO (b. 1927)
The Andrée Expedition
From the Diary of Virginia Woolf

Mulligan • T. Long

Dominick Argento is widely considered to be one of America’s leading composers of lyric opera and choral music. The two major song cycles on this recording demonstrate Argento’s flair for setting unusual texts to music. From the Diary of Virginia Woolf, which won the 1975 Pulitzer Prize for Music, is based on eight of the writer’s confessional journal entries, while The Andrée Expedition sets diaries and letters from an ultimately tragic balloon expedition to the North Pole in 1897.

“For me, all music begins where speech stops.” – Dominick Argento

SOR, F.: Songs for Voice and Guitar
Fernando SOR (1778–1839)
Songs for Voice and Guitar

Berraondo • Beneke

Fernando Sor was one of the greatest guitarists of his era and his works are still extremely popular today. His songs, however, are much less well known. They demonstrate the superb flair of Sor’s vocal writing, in three languages, as well as the variety of his virtuosic guitar accompaniments. The three groups of songs presented here (in addition to Sor’s setting of two patriotic texts) offer distinct styles of composition, ranging from arrangements of arias from Mozart’s Don Giovanni to the dance elements of Spanish folk song.

Guitar Recital: Caballero, Andrea González - CLERCH, J. / TÁRREGA, F. / ARCAS, J. / ASSAD, S. / BRITTEN, B. / CALANDÍN, E. / MANJÓN, A.J.
Andrea González Caballero Guitar Laureate Recital
Winner, 2016 ‘Alhambra’ International Guitar Competition

Andrea González Caballero


This programme by Andrea González Caballero, winner of the 2016 Alhambra International Guitar Competition in Spain, has been carefully chosen for comparison and contrast. Containing a wide range of compositional styles from the romantic 19th century to the present, it includes characteristic Spanish music by Tárrega and Albéniz, freshly minted works by some of today’s most important composers from Cuba, Spain and Brazil, as well as one of the most significant mid-20th-century works for guitar, the Nocturnal by Benjamin Britten.

Guitar Recital: Liu, Xianji - SCARLATTI, D. / TÁRREGA, F. / SOR, F. / ALBÉNIZ, I. / MALATS, J. / PIAZZOLLA, A. / COSTE, N. / BERKELEY, L.
Xianji Liu Guitar Laureate Recital
First Prize, 2016 Tárrega International Guitar Competition (Benicàssim)

Xianji Liu


When Xianji Liu became the first Chinese-born winner of the prestigious Francisco Tárrega International Guitar Competition in 2016, a new star emerged in the world of the classical guitar. Spanning the centuries and crossing the globe from Argentina to Britain, his recital includes some of the most beguiling and evocative pieces ever written for the instrument as well as four transcriptions so idiomatic to the guitar that they sound utterly natural on the six plucked strings.

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APULEIUS: The Golden Ass (Unabridged)
NA0272 • 8-CD Set
TROLLOPE, A.: Phineas Finn (Unabridged)
NA0273 • 24-CD Set
TODD, B.E.: Worzel Gummidge (Unabridged)
NA0287 • 4-CD Set

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  • Ēriks Ešenvalds: Rivers of Light (Portland State Chamber Choir)
  • George Tsontakis: Anasa: I. Donya - Pistoli (Krakauer, Albany Symphony Orchestra, D.A. Miller)
  • Lori Laitman: The Scarlet Letter, Act I: Interlude: Time Passing (Opera Colorado Chorus and Orchestra, Pelto)

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