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The spotlight recording for the August 2018 edition of NEW ON NAXOS is the audiovisual release of Jules Massenet’s fairy-tale opera Cendrillon (Cinderella) filmed on a 2017 production of Theatre Freiburg, with the Philharmonisches Orchester Freiburg conducted by Fabrice Bollon. The colourful fantasy world created by the acclaimed stage director Barbrara Mundel and set designer Olga Motta features the British-Swiss soprano, Kim-Lillian Strebel, in her critically acclaimed title role.

Other highlights include: Trios for two violins and cello, Opp. 8 and 12 by Polish composer Karol Józef Lipiński; world premiere recordings of four orchestral works by Kenneth Fuchs featuring four renowned soloists with the London Symphony Orchestra and JoAnn Falletta; the second Naxos recording of the acclaimed The Clarion Choir performing the world premiere recording of Alexander Kastalsky’s Requiem; Hanzhi Wang’s debut recording of contemporary Danish works for accordion; world premiere recordings of Robert Groslot’s Concerto for Orchestra and Violin Concerto; and many more.

Watch our monthly New on Naxos video to sample the highlighted releases of the month.

This Month’s Highlights

MASSENET, J.: Cendrillon (Cinderella) [Opera]
2.110563 [DVD]
Jules MASSENET (1842–1912)
Cendrillon (Cinderella)
Libretto by Henri Cain
after Cendrillon ou la Petite Pantoufle de verre by Charles Perrault

Strebel • Melnikova • Czarny • Anja Jung • Orozco • Philharmonisches Orchester Freiburg • Bollon • Mundel • Motta

Jules Massenet’s fairy-tale opera Cendrillon (‘Cinderella’) was an immediate success at its premiere in 1899 at the Opéra-Comique in Paris. Massenet, then at the height of his powers, creates a magical sound-world full of wit, enchantment and perfumed elegance to match librettist Henri Cain’s coming-of-age adaptation of this classic fairy tale. The colourful fantasy world created by the acclaimed stage director Barbrara Mundel and set designer Olga Motta features the British-Swiss soprano, Kim-Lillian Strebel, in her critically acclaimed title role.

Also available on Blu-ray (NBD0079V).

LIPIŃSKI, K.J.: String Trios, Op. 8 and Op. 12
Karol Józef LIPIŃSKI (1790–1861)
String Trios, Op. 8 and Op. 12

Proniewicz • A. Roszkowski • J. Roszkowski

Although Polish-born virtuoso and composer Karol Józef Lipiński embraced the innovations of Paganini and other 19th-century virtuosos, he disdained ‘empty’ technique devoid of musical depth, preferring the artistic ethos of Spohr, Tartini and Viotti. Described as ‘lyrical Slavic folk tunes with elements of the ballad’, the expertly crafted G Minor and A Major String Trios are notable for their warmly expressive themes to go along with the bravura runs and doublestopping heard in the primo violin part. Lipiński’s Capriccios Opp. 10 and 27 can be heard on 8.572665.

FUCHS, K.: Piano Concerto ‘Spiritualist’ • Poems of Life • Glacier • Rush
Kenneth FUCHS (b. 1956)
Piano Concerto ‘Spiritualist’ 1
Poems of Life 2 • Glacier 3 • Rush 4

Biegel 1 • Nussbaum Cohen 2 • Sparr 3 • T. McAllister 4 • London Symphony Orchestra • Falletta


Kenneth Fuchs is one of America’s leading composers. He celebrates his unique fifteen-year recording history with conductor JoAnn Falletta and the London Symphony Orchestra with this stunning release of three new concertos and an orchestral song cycle.

KASTALSKY, A.: Memory Eternal to the Fallen Heroes (Requiem)
Alexander KASTALSKY (1856–1926)
Memory Eternal to the Fallen Heroes
Doors of Thy Mercy • From my youth • Blessed are they

The Clarion Choir • S. Fox


In the face of the devastation wrought by the First World War, Alexander Kastalsky conceived a musical service of remembrance for the fallen. A pivotal figure in Russian musical life – he was a student of Tchaikovsky and acclaimed as the founder of a new, national church music – Kastalsky composed a choral-orchestral Requiem, for the concert stage. Simultaneously, he worked on the a cappella version heard on this recording to be sung in Russian Orthodox churches. Following the basic structure of the Orthodox Panihida, or memorial service, Memory Eternal, and the short sacred pieces that end the programme, reveal Kastalsky’s masterful use of choral sonority and colour, his weaving of complex polyphonic textures, and his graceful use of ancient chant melodies.

Contemporary Danish Works for Accordion – LOHSE • KOCH • LORENTZEN • AAQUIST (On the Path to H.C. Andersen)
Contemporary Danish Works for Accordion

Hanzhi Wang


With this unique programme Hanzhi Wang takes us into the ‘fairy-tale world of the accordion’ in works by Danish composers that explore both the darkness and luminosity of Hans Christian Andersen’s famous stories. Poignant reflection and tragic depiction infuse Martin Lohse’s Menuetto and The Little Match Girl (dedicated to Hanzhi Wang), while his post-minimalist Passing series forms adventurous ‘mobiles’ of dancing light. From Jesper Koch’s quixotic Jabberwocky to Svend Aaquist’s evocative Saga Night, this new repertoire for a relatively recent concert instrument is both dramatic and uplifting.

GROSLOT, R.: Concerto for Orchestra • Violin Concerto
Robert GROSLOT (b. 1951)
Concerto for Orchestra
Violin Concerto *

Kurkowicz * • Brussels Philharmonic • Groslot


This disc is a triumph for all concerned including Naxos: an exciting discovery that urgently demands to be heard. If I had not already submitted my 2018 Want List, this would be at the top. – Fanfare

The concerto occupies a central place in the works of leading Belgian composer, pianist and conductor, Robert Groslot. His experience as a renowned soloist informs the instrumental possibilities and playing techniques of his compositions, which are notable for their refined and rich contrast. Conforming to his preference for one-movement structures, the Violin Concerto is laced with scintillating motifs both ethereal and playful as well as complex moods ranging from the dream-like and magical to the dark and violent. The Concerto for Orchestra is a meticulously structured and dazzlingly evocative showpiece.

Additional Exciting New Releases

MOYZES, A.: Symphonies Nos. 3 and 4
Alexander MOYZES (1906–1984)
Symphonies Nos. 3 and 4

Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra • Ladislav Slovák

Alexander Moyzes was among the leading Slovak composers of his generation, drawing inspiration from the traditions and landscape of his own country while absorbing a number of wider contemporary trends. His Symphony No. 3, or Little Symphony is derived from an earlier Wind Quintet, while Symphony No. 4, with its occasional suggestions of Mahler and Sibelius, combines protest at the injustice of war with the past history of the Slovaks.

ABDI, B.: Rumi [Opera]
Behzad ABDI (b. 1973)
Libretto by Behrouz Gharibpour
Based on the life and writing of Jalāl al-Dīn Rūmī

Moradi • Motademi • Shajarian • Alishapour • Khodaei • Sadeghi • Credo Chamber Choir • Plish • National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine • Sirenko


Behzad Abdi’s opera Rumi fuses traditional dastgāh (the Iranian modal system) and the Persian Sama dance with Western classical music, and can be considered the first national opera of Iran. The libretto was written and conceived by the renowned Iranian theatre director and puppeteer, Behrouz Gharibpour, based on the life and writings of the 13th-century Persian scholar, poet, theologian and mystic, Jalāl al-Dīn Rūmī. The legendary story of Shams and Rumi is one of the most significant tales in the history of Iranian mystical literature and is brought vividly to life by the award-winning composer’s exotic, lyrical and at times intensely dramatic score.

SCHUMANN, R.: Fantasies and Fairy Tales – Chamber Works
Robert SCHUMANN (1810–1856)
Fantasies and Fairy Tales
Chamber Works

Heiskanen • Szilvay • Sinkovsky • A. Rudin • Häkkinen

Schumann’s literary sensibility was exceptionally receptive to the ideas of fantasy and fairy tale. His poetic Hausmusik – music for domestic consumption – represents a motion from the outer to the inner world. This recording explores these affiliations in a unique way as most of the performances are the first to have been recorded on period instruments. The clarinet is a replica of the early 19th century type Schumann knew, all three string instruments use gut strings while the piano is an original 1843 Pleyel, and the music’s intimacy and volatility are significantly intensified through their use.

CZERNY, C.: Piano Trios
Carl CZERNY (1791–1857)
Piano Trios
Deux Trios brillants • Trois Sonatines faciles et brillantes

Sun-Young Shin • Hayek • Gingher


Carl Czerny found a continuing source of inspiration in the music of his teacher Beethoven, even after he had established himself with a series of influential pedagogic works, piano exercises and studies. His works for piano trio show a flair for vivacious themes and unusual rhythms, such as the Spanish bolero in the second of the Deux Trios brillants, Op. 211 as well as opportunities for brilliant display, notably for the pianist. The Trois Sonatines, Op. 104 are equally lively, showing a transitional style that bridges the period from Mozart to Liszt.

BACH, J.S.: Golberg Variations, BWV 988 (played on lute-harpsichord)
Johann Sebastian BACH (1685–1750)
Golberg Variations

Wolfgang Rübsam

Wolfgang Rübsam is one of the world’s leading exponents of the music of Bach, and his extensive series of the composer’s music on Naxos has earned critical admiration. In turning to the Goldberg Variations, the culmination of Baroque variation technique, Rübsam has sought out a new approach. His use of the Keith Hill lute-harpsichord, especially built for him to period specifications, has enabled Rübsam to honour Bach’s conception of cantabile playing with appropriate baroque keyboard performance practices, including ornamentation and independent voicing of polyphony, thus not only making this complex score more transparent but shining new light on one of the great monuments of keyboard music.

CLEMENTI, M.: Keyboard Sonatas – Op. 33, Nos 2 and 3 • Op. 46 • Op. 25, Nos. 1 and 3
Muzio CLEMENTI (1752–1832)
Keyboard Sonatas
Op. 33, Nos 2 and 3 • Op. 46 • Op. 25, Nos. 1 and 3

Stefan Chaplikov

With a European reputation second only to Haydn’s during his lifetime, Muzio Clementi was highly regarded by Beethoven as a composer and his impact on music in general and the piano in particular as a performer, publisher and innovator cannot be ignored. With its cadenzas and dazzling virtuoso display, the Sonata Op. 33, No. 3 has the expressive range of a piano concerto, including an aria-like Adagio worthy of Mozart’s Vienna. Clementi was noted for his technical brilliance with runs in thirds, a hallmark found in the Op. 25 sonata alongside surprisingly operatic pauses, and a captivatingly lucid style of writing that always sounds freshly minted.

Japanese Guitar Music, Vol. 4 – Tōru TAKEMITSU • Ichiro NODAIRA • Tami NODAIRA
Japanese Guitar Music, Vol. 4

Shin-ichi Fukuda • Shigenori Kudo

Many Japanese composers have shown particular affinity for the guitar, none more so than Tōru Takemitsu. In Toward the Sea Takemitsu expands his unique sensibility and imaginative flair for the instrument’s colours and expressiveness to embrace the warmly elliptical sound of the alto flute. Ichiro Nodaira’s Wave Recollections evokes the earthquake and tsunami of 2011 in its exploration of the guitar’s acoustic properties – the quality of mankind’s relationship with nature runs as a theme through many of the evocative Japanese song arrangements in this programme. ‘This is not music you’ll be able to hear often – and it’s unlikely that you’ll hear it played more beautifully.’ (American Record Guide on Vol. 3, 8.573595)

Digital Exclusives*

Johannes BRAHMS (1833–1897) Symphony No. 1 • Tragic Overture
Johannes BRAHMS
Symphony No. 1
Tragic Overture
Győr Philharmonic Orchestra • Berkest

Johannes BRAHMS (1833–1897) Symphonies Nos. 2 and 3
Johannes BRAHMS
Symphonies Nos. 2 and 3
Győr Philharmonic Orchestra • Berkest

Johannes BRAHMS (1833–1897) Symphony No. 4 Academic • Festival Overture
Johannes BRAHMS
Symphony No. 4
Academic Festival Overture

Győr Philharmonic Orchestra • Berkest

* Digital Exclusive titles are available only for download and streaming.

Naxos AudioBooks

RICHARDSON, S.: Clarissa, Vol. 2 (Unabridged)
NA0317 • 29-CD Set
GOGOL, N.: The Diary of a Madman and Other Stories (Unabridged)
NA0318 • 15-CD Set
LORD BYRON (GEORGE GORDON BYRON): Great Poets (The) (Unabridged)
NA0334 • 1-CD Set
SIMON, T.: Dreaming of Jupiter (Unabridged)
NA0335 • 14-CD Set
MAYHEW, H.: London Labour and the London Poor (Unabridged)
NA0319 • 23-CD Set
*digital pre-release
PASCAL, B.: Pensées (Unabridged)
NA0322 • 10-CD Set
*digital pre-release
HAWTHORNE, N.: Scarlet Letter (The) (Unabridged)
NA0323 • 8-CD Set
*digital pre-release

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  • Martin Lohse: The Little Match Girl (Hanzhi Wang)
  • Alexander Kastalsky: Memory Eternal to the Fallen Heroes: III. Pokoy, Spase (The Clarion Choir, S. Fox)
  • Kenneth Fuchs: Piano Concerto, “Spiritualist”: III. Natural Answer (Biegel, London Symphony Orchestra, Falletta)
  • Behzad Abdi: Rumi, Act I: Rumi’s Exodus (Moradi, Credo Chamber Choir, Ukraine National Symphony Orchestra, Sirenko

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