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Artaria Editions is working closely with Naxos on a major historical series devoted to the eighteenth-century symphony and concerto, as well as select chamber music works.

The middle decades of the eighteenth century witnessed not only a sweeping revolution in musical style, from the Baroque to the Classical, but also saw the creation of new musical genres and techniques of instrumental composition which would dominate musical thinking for the next two centuries.

Curiously, this fascinating period is still for the most part uncharted territory to most performers and listeners; it is, after all, only in comparatively recent times that we have even seen the complete publication and recording of the Haydn symphonies. Of Haydn's contemporaries, many of whom were gifted and prolific composers, we seldom hear much.

Dittersdorf, Kraus, Mozart, Carl Stamitz, Vanhal

Among the composers who figure prominently in the early volumes are several who rank among the most influential contemporaries of Joseph Haydn:

Franz Beck
Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf
Carl Stamitz
Johann Stamitz
Michael Haydn
Leopold Hofmann
Karl von Ordonez
Johann Baptist Vanhal

A host of other lesser-known composers is also involved, as well as rarely heard works by famous composers. Here are selected titles to illustrate the range:

CIMAROSA Overtures Vol 1 (Naxos)
CIMAROSA Overtures Vol 1 (Naxos)
Nicolaus Esterhazy Sinfonia • Alessandro Amoretti, conductor

Domenico Cimarosa Biography & Discography
HOFMANN Oboe Concertos (18th Century Concertos)
HOFMANN Oboe Concertos (18th Century Concertos)
Stefan Schilli, oboe • Nicolaus Esterhazy Sinfonia • Bela Drahos, conductor

Leopold Hofmann Biography & Discography
HOFFMEISTER String Quartets Op 14 (Laureate Series)
HOFFMEISTER String Quartets Op 14 (Laureate Series)
Aviv Quartet

Franz Anton Hoffmeister Biography & Discography
KRAUS Symphonies Vol 4 (18th Century Symphony)
KRAUS Symphonies Vol 4 (18th Century Symphony)
Swedish Chamber Orchestra • Petter Sundkvist, conductor

Joseph Martin Kraus Biography & Discography
MOZART London Sketchbook
MOZART London Sketchbook
Hans-Udo Kreuels, piano • Vorarlberg Conservatory Ensemble

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Biography & Discography
PLEYEL Symphonies Concertantes, Violin Concerto in D major
PLEYEL Symphonies Concertantes, Violin Concerto in D major
David Perry, violin • Victoria Chiang, viola • Isabella Lippi, violin • Baltimore Chamber Orchestra • Markand Thakar, conductor

Joseph Ignaz Pleyel Biography & Discography
RICHTER Grandes Symphonies (1744) Nos 7-12 (Set 2)
RICHTER Grandes Symphonies (1744) Nos 7-12 (Set 2)
Helsinki Baroque Orchestra • Aapo Häkkinen, conductor

Franz Xaver Richter Biography & Discography
SAINT-GEORGES Violin Concertos Op 5 Nos 1-2 & Op 8
SAINT-GEORGES Violin Concertos Op 5 Nos 1-2 & Op 8
Takako Nishizaki, violin • Cologne Chamber Orchestra • Helmut Mühler-Brühl, conductor

Joseph Boulogne Chevalier de Saint-Georges Biography & Discography

The driving force behind this immensely important historical project is the music publishing house Artaria Editions, the brainchild of New Zealand musicologist Dr Allan Badley, and Klaus Heymann of Naxos. Named after Haydn's Viennese publisher, Artaria, the principal role of its contemporary incarnation is to select and edit works for recording by orchestras and chamber ensembles in the Naxos stable. The invaluable by-product of the process is a rapidly growing catalogue of fascinating eighteenth-century repertoire available for purchase from the publisher in good scholarly editions with performing parts.

Naxos 18th Century Classics Catalogue

Naxos Laureate Series Catalogue

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