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Marco Longhini | © Agnes Spaak

‘This release completes our monumental project of recording Claudio Monteverdi's complete madrigals. The ninth and final volume is a collection of musical gems that are considered ‘scattered sheets miraculously surviving the injury of time.'

The last works of the Eighth and Ninth Books, as well as the Musical Jokes, are united by madrigals that deepen the theme of war to conquer love – these have unfortunately been omitted from other recordings.

With a tinge of sadness, the album gives us the honour of having been able to complete this great project for Naxos, in the hope of leaving an experience of unforgettable fascination for our listeners.’

Marco Longhini, conductor

MONTEVERDI, C.: Madrigals, Book 9 (Il Nono Libro de Madrigali, 1651) / Scherzi musicali (1632)
Final Volume
Claudio MONTEVERDI (1567–1643)
Madrigals Book 9
Scherzi Musicali

Delitiæ Musicæ
Marco Longhini

Monteverdi’s Ninth Book of Madrigals, published posthumously, and the 1632 Scherzi musicali (‘Musical Jokes’) are thematically linked by the recurring theme of war for the sake of love. Prefaced with a Sinfonia by Biagio Marini and featuring one of Monteverdi’s towering masterpieces, Zefiro torna, the Ninth Book comprises the few remaining late madrigals, a number of canzonette, as well as works with the same titles and verses from the earlier Eighth Book (available on 8.573755-58), here performed in completely different musical settings. Recorded complete, and in historically informed fashion, this is the final volume in this series.

Listen to an extract from O mio bene, o mia vita
About the Artists
Marco Longhini | © Agnes Spaak
Marco Longhini studied conducting at the Conservatorio di Musica ‘Giuseppe Verdi’ di Milano and completed studies in composition, choral music and singing at the Conservatorio Pollini di Padova. In 1992, his explorations of 16th- and 17th-century Italian music led him to found Delitiæ Musicæ, with a view to reviving often unpublished masterpieces. He has an extensive discography, notably including the complete madrigals of Monteverdi and complete secular works of Gesualdo for Naxos.
Delitiæ Musicæ
The instrumental and vocal ensemble Delitiæ Musicæ is considered one of the most enterprising of Italian early music ensembles. The unconventional yet impassioned interpretations they achieve under their director Marco Longhini are widely regarded as an important regeneration of Italian Renaissance and Baroque music.
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Also available – The Complete Madrigals of Carlo Gesualdo
GESUALDO, C.: The Complete Madrigals (7-CD Box Set)
[7-CD Boxed Set]
Carlo GESUALDO (1561–1613)
The Complete Gesualdo Madrigals

Carlo Gesualdo, Prince of Venosa, became famous for two reasons: the bloody double murder of his first wife and her lover, and his passionate and erotic view of profane love. The Books of Madrigals chart the strong changes in his style, and contain some of the most inspired and anguished vocal works in the entire madrigal repertoire, on the themes of love, rejection, death, suffering, joy and sorrow. Brimming with often astonishing and sometimes unpredictable melodic and tonal contrasts to express the agonies and ecstasies of love, Gesualdo’s Madrigals show him to have been one of the most inventive and eccentric musical minds of his age.

‘The nuances of dynamics and phrasing show an ensemble… working at the highest artistic level.’ on Book 1

‘All the singers deserve high praise for their skill in staying on pitch and maintaining breath control.’
American Record Guide on Books 5 and 6

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