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The new Naxos World label was launched in late 2019 and the catalogue is growing rapidly. Reflecting Shakespeare’s declaration that ‘all the world’s a stage’, the Naxos World recordings stretch across the length and breadth of the globe representing both distinct cultures and adventures in fusion.

New releases in February 2020
CELTIC Fiona Mackenzie / Brian Ó hEadhra: TUATH - Songs of the Northlands
Brian Ó hEadhra & Fiona Mackenzie
TUATH: Songs of the Northlands

TUATH is a musical and cultural exploration of the connections between the Gaels and their nearest neighbours. This includes new Gaelic songs written especially for the album, as well as traditional tunes recorded in Danish, Norwegian, Irish Gaelic and Galician. Featuring ancient and modern texts, the songs speak to our past, present and future with music ranging from the simple voice to expansive arrangements and exquisite sound design. Brian & Fiona’s debut album, TÌR: Highland Life & Lore, was nominated for Album of the Year at the 2018 International Folk Music Awards. Brian was also nominated for Gaelic Singer of the Year at the Scots Trad Music Awards 2019.

Listen to a preview track: Iseabail
CHINA Folk Music of China, Vol. 4: Folk Songs of Guangxi
Folk Music of China, Vol. 4
Folk Songs of Guangxi

The series continues in February with the fourth volume, exploring the folk songs of Guangxi.

This series explores China’s rich and diverse musical heritage. The songs featured in this recording are folk songs of four of the minority ethnic groups of Guangxi province – Zhuang, Bouyei, Mulao, Maonan. As with Chinese traditional visual arts, the song titles explain their mood and origin.

Listen to a preview track: A Five-Word Joy Tune: We Are Both Old
Upcoming releases in March 2020
CHINA Folk Music of China, Vol. 5: Aboriginal Folk Songs of Taiwan
Folk Music of China, Vol. 5
Aboriginal Folk Songs of Taiwan

This album features folk songs from the Austronesian aboriginal ethnic minority groups living in Taiwan: Amis, Atayal, Saisiyat, Tsou, Paiwan, Rukai, Bunnun, Seediq and Truku. These groups are distributed across the island – from mountainous areas and high plateaus to flat plains and coastlines – adhering to various beliefs, lifestyles and musical cultures. Listening to this album in its entirety feels like flying across the island with a kite camera, overlooking all of the people living with their traditions. One minute you are put into the scene of a sacred ceremony, the next into a hunting trip or a wedding. The aborigines of Taiwan have many different songs to accompany daily activities: people sing when they are seeding, when they are weaving, and when they are putting a child to sleep. These songs are therefore not remnants of the past, the people singing these songs are still living in their tribes and following traditional lifestyles.

The original melody from Old Men’s Drinking Song, the preview track featured here, was used in the track Return to Innocence by the German pop group Enigma. The track was subsequently used to promote the XXVI summer Olympics in Atlanta in 1996.

Listen to a preview track: Old Men’s Drinking Song
MAURITIUS Noukilla: Soley

Noukilla are five friends from the island of Mauritius who moved to Shanghai in 2005. Whilst working as session musicians and playing cover songs with various bands in the city, they regularly came together to play tunes from their far-away home. Their unconditional love for music led to the creation of Noukilla (‘Here we are’ in Mauritian Creole). They perform original songs in the uniquely Mauritian styles of Sega and Seggae music, with a touch of jazz. Originally sung by Creole slaves, Sega music was publicly shunned in Mauritius until the 1960s, but is now embraced nationally and considered the definitive national music genre. In the 1990s, a Mauritian Rastafari known as Kaya infused it with reggae, creating Seggae. Countless contemporary Mauritian musicians, including Noukilla, are influenced by his legacy. Noukilla make sunny, warm, happy, energetic, feel-good music. The album cover features the island’s most famous ex-resident, the dodo bird.

Listen to a preview track: Soley
Explore more great releases from Naxos World
KENYA Papillon: Moyo

A voice that will give you butterflies in your stomach... The overarching musical texture of this album consists of sensitively blended acoustic instruments including tabla, guitar and nyatiti (harp), MIDI string samples…and multiple vocal tracks. Papillon’s gentle and quietly confident songs are complemented with contrasting arrangements and timbral combinations… The sleeve notes contain invaluable lyric translations, which reveal absolute poetry.’ – Songlines

‘The soaring, haunting voice of East African/Kenyan artist Papillon heralds the spellbinding and utterly beautiful Moyo… The 14 tracks send a strong message of Mother Nature speaking; in ‘Heart Of Africa’, where Ayub Ogada, Papillon’s mentor and teacher, pinpoints the alarming and worrying swathes of deforestation of most of the people’s green land and the threatened Congo rainforest, from the tree’s point of view. FolkWales verdict: thumbs up!’ – FolkWales Online Magazine

Listen to a preview track: Wendo
ARMENIA Authentic Light Orchestra: The Sky is Cloudy
Authentic Light Orchestra
The Sky is Cloudy

‘The heady, swirling mix of Armenian folk songs and the Swiss-based jazz-classical Authentic Light Orchestra dips and dives in the very impressive album The Sky Is Cloudy. Swiss multi-instrumentalist Valeri Tolstov, a composer with Armenian roots, instigated the project and plays ethnic Armenian instruments, joined by the lovely voice of Veronika Stolder. FolkWales verdict: thumbs up!’ – FolkWales Online Magazine

Listen to a preview track: Kanchum Em Ari Ari
MALAWI Code Sangala: Mizu
Code Sangala

‘…A cheerful collection of radio-friendly tracks from Malawi.’
The Congleton Chronicle

Mizu means roots in Chichewa, the national vernacular language in Malawi. For Code Sangala it marks a musical journey back into the authentic sound of Malawi. The music is inspired by traditional Malawian dances, giving them a contemporary flair.

Listen to a preview track: Mukunama
BRAZIL Mãe da Lua: Kalibé
Mãe de Lua

‘Kalibé’s new album ‘Mãe da Lua’ featuring the wonderful India Mãe da Lua: a poet, singer, musician and activist from Brazil. With her deep and intense voice she sings about the need to preserve the environment, the meaning of existence and the importance of universal love… The result is an album of emotional, transcendentally beautiful music that brings together the traditions of many different cultures to create unique, spiritually uplifting sounds.’ –

Listen to a preview track: Agua
IRAN Jon Hemmersam / Asal Malekzadeh: In the Moment
Jon Hemmersam & Asal Malekzadeh
In The Moment

‘Hemmersam and Malekzadeh had never met prior to the recording of this album, and the music is entirely improvised, combining the acoustic guitar and the daf, a Kurdish frame drum. You can get solo guitar albums, though we never want to listen to them—and we suspect Kurdish drum solos are as unwanted as any other drum solo, anywhere—but the two together add up to something worth listening to.’
Review Corner

Listen to a preview track: Song for Asal
CHINA Folk Music of China, Vol. 1: Folk Songs of Qinghai and Gangsu
Folk Music of China, Vol. 1
Folk Songs of Qinghai and Gansu

‘Almost exclusively a capella, and largely for solo voice, many of the songs are pastoral in nature, evoking mountains and wild grasslands, and the deep connection with nature that arises from an agricultural lifestyle. Some serve as epic ancestral narratives, steeped in history and legend. Also present are hua’er love songs, wedding songs, as well as ruminations on old age and the passage of time. For the most part, the songs are melodically pentatonic and the narrative is conveyed through soaring melismas and stunning falsetto flips. The liner notes provide ample historical and anthropological context, as well as complete lyrics.’ – Songlines ★★★★

‘The Naxos World label comes through with music of regions not as familiar to non-local listeners… We hear unaccompanied vocal renditions of songs sung by ethnic minorities from the tribes of Tu, Bonan, Dongxiang, Yugur and the Salar. That fact alone makes this release notable... a valuable addition to one’s folk-ethnic library … Fascinating.’
Gapplegate Music Review

Listen to a preview track: An Zhao Dance
CHINA Folk Music of China, Vol. 2: Folk Songs of Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang
Folk Music of China, Vol. 2
Folk Songs of Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang

‘This … exciting new series from Naxos explores China’s rich and diverse musical heritage. … This second volume in the Naxos series features recordings of folk songs from five minority ethnic groups of Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang Mongol, Daur, Oroqen, Evenki and Hezhen. As with Chinese traditional visual arts, song titles such as the majestic ‘Vast Grasslands’, the plaintive ‘Fishing Song (Missing My Lover Boy)’, ‘My Dear Horse’ and the lovely ‘Green Oasis’ explain their mood and origin.’

‘This is …more interesting than some of the modern rock/pop releases we listen to… this is proper singing. It’s rather beautiful, and certainly distinctive.’ – Review Corner

Listen to a preview track: A Traditional Mongolian Song
CHINA Folk Music of China, Vol. 3: Folk Songs of Yunnan
Folk Music of China, Vol. 3
Folk Songs of Yunnan

The songs featured in this recording are folk songs of three of the minority ethnic groups of Yunnan province—Wa, Blang, and De’ang.

Listen to a preview track: Sha Ran
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