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Gregorian chants, lute songs by Campion and Dowland, and sacred music by Gesualdo, Josquin and Palestrina are among the musical treasures in Naxos’ Early Music Collection. Presented in the collection are works from the Medieval and Renaissance periods, performed by internationally renowned ensembles and soloists on authentic and modern instruments.

Explore and enjoy this rich collection of early music repertoire, including the new release 8.557896-97DE LA RUE: Complete Magnificats with Antiphons.

"This is another stunning release by Naxos, which should appeal to absolutely everyone. It is a journey of the soul to the origins, and we all need such a journey. Urgently recommended."
-- Classical Express (USA) 8.550711 - Adorate Deum / Gregorian Chant from the Proper of the Mass

8.557896-97 DE LA RUE: Complete Magnificats with Antiphons
8.550574 BYRD: Masses for Four and Five Voices
8.554837 Carmina Burana
8.553381 DOWLAND: Flow My Tears and Other Lute Songs
8.550880 French Chansons
8.553609 GABRIELI: Music for Brass, Vol. 1
8.553130 GIBBONS: Choral and Organ Music
8.553428 JOSQUIN: Missa L'homme arme / Ave Maria / Absalon, fili mi
8.550842 LASSUS: Masses for Five Voices / Infelix ego
8.554257 Music of the Troubadours
8.550711 Adorate Deum / Gregorian Chant from the Proper of the Mass
8.553380 CAMPION: Lute Songs
8.554453 CHARPENTIER: Motets / Litanies a la Vierge
8.553087 DUFAY: Missa L' homme arme
8.553547-48 FRESCOBALDI: Fantasie, Book 1 / Ricercari / Canzoni Francesi
8.550742 GESUALDO: Sacred Music for Five Voices (Complete)
8.550998 HILDEGARD VON BINGEN: Heavenly Revelations
8.553318 Lamenti Barocchi, Vol. 1
8.554094-95 MONTEVERDI: Orfeo (L')
8.550573 PALESTRINA: Missa Papae Marcelli
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