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Dear Naxos,

I can only add to the wealth of comments made by others, and featured on the feedback page of your excellent site, when I say ‘thank you’ for everything you’ve done - and continue to do - for classical music and those who appreciate it. My Naxos CD collection currently stands at 226 titles, with over 70 more earmarked for purchase!

I’ve been collecting works on your label for roughly 15 years, and I make it my policy to check first whether or not a particular recording is available from Naxos BEFORE looking at other labels (and, if a piece is available, buy it on Naxos). And I’d never have made so many fabulous discoveries were it not for your commitment to minimising duplicate recordings of repetoire. Thanks to your label, I have fallen in love with Borodin’s and Smetana’s String Quartets (both works changed my opinion of this classical form), and discovered composers from Lobo, Dussek and Spohr to Alkan, Moskowski, Kodaly and Glass.

Long may your label continue to champion works outside of the mainstream favourites.

Yours in gratitude

M A Owen
Hampshire, UK
April 10, 2006

8.557727  TCHAIKOVSKY, B.: Piano Concerto / Clarinet Concerto / Signs of the Zodiac

Thank you Naxos for this wonderful CD. Please continue this Boris Tchaikovsky series, he is a woefully under recorded master. With the loss of Olymipia Records I hope you will be adding to the modern and post WW II recordings of Russian composers. I have many Naxos in my collection and look forward to adding many more.

Miami, FL, USA
April 2, 2006

Dear Naxos,

I have just bought your recording of Tchaikovsky´s Swan Lake conducted by Yablonsky on SACD (6.110005-06) - it is absolutely FABULOUS!!!

I have always held allegiance to the Decca recording under Bonynge but, in my humble opinion, the Naxos just sweeps the board, I’ve never heard this marvelous score played so beautifully and so dramatically before.

Please, please, PLEASE go on to record The Sleeping Beauty and Nutcracker and more complete ballet scores with these artists. I’d love to hear Delibes ‘Sylvia’ performed by them.

Congratulations on the most wonderful Swan Lake ever put on disc!!

Best wishes

G. Fawcett
March 20, 2006

I wish to express my thanks to Naxos for offering a great service. I have already ordered 2 cd's only because I was able to listen to a portion of the music before ordering. I have always been reluctant to buy from the stores lately since I have purchased in the past several works that I was unfamiliar with, and was always disappointed after listening to the piece of music. Your offering of a sample free allows me to find what appeals to my senses and explore the world of classics in a manner hither to allusive.

R. Bennett
February 23, 2006

Naxos Web Radio ( is wonderful as are the records. I now make it my policy only to buy your products unless the item of music is not available on Naxos.

Please keep up the good work

K. Harcourt
February 1, 2006


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