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2002 Archive

Just a thank you for R.B.'s [Robert Barto's] superb CDs of Sylvius Leopold Weiss's Lute sonatas. Quite remarkably moving. Another pat on someone's back: your CD of Peter Phillips' 5-part sacred music is ravishingly good. More, please.

Newcastle under Lyme, UK
December 24, 2002

I just had to write to thank you and your staff for giving us the privilege to hear those fine artists from the past. As a teenager I grew up listening to the Met Opera each Saturday with such illustrious stars as Lily Pons, Grace Moore, Kirsten Flagstad, Lauritz Melchoir, Lawrence Tibbett, and the list goes on. It conjures up such fine memories of singers that we do not hear each Saturday today. Your reproductions are the greatest!

Evans City, PA
December 11, 2002

I just want to praise the Naxos label for your pioneer work for music of all categories, especially classical music. Recently I bought a Naxos Nostalgia CD with Marion Anderson. Recommended for all music lovers!

I am also an eager user of your very good website for classical music. I check your catalogue before I decide to buy a classical work, and I prefer the Naxos labels for 75% of my purchases. You have so many outstanding recordings of chamber music, baroque music, operas... Thank you, call me gladly a Naxos fan!

December 9, 2002

I just wanted to tell you how much I love Naxos CDs. Naxos is the label that got me interested in classical music. It is all I will listen to now. I am a clarinet player, and I love all of the clarinet CDs you have. My favourite clarinettist on your label is Kalman Berkes. He has such a wonderful tone.

My favourite CD you make is the Krommer Partitas played by the Budapest Wind Ensemble. Keep up the great work.

December 2, 2002

I have been buying Naxos recordings for sometime now, and the recent Bax Chamber music is excellent. Being a professional musician and teacher, I can appreciate the quality of the performances very much. The Moeran Symphony in G minor is one of the best I've heard; please do some other Moeran Orchestral works. Also, the American series of Edward Macdowell's music is also very well done; in fact, the choice of lesser recorded works seems to be growing all the time. I can fully recommend this wonderful array of great music to anyone; I can hardly find the words to describe the pleasure these recordings bring to both me and my wife. I do also buy recordings as gifts for other members of my family!

Penarth, South Wales
November 30, 2002

I have just listened to your new recording of West Side Story.

This is quite the best performance of the piece I've heard: streets ahead of the competition. It must stand as a particular high point in the many Naxos discs which I've purchased.

For sheer energy and prodigious musicality I'd recommend this release to even the most hardened cynic: a near-perfect cast, and quite exceptional playing from the Nashville Symphony Orchestra.

Now, how about 'On the Town' with the same forces......?

November 24, 2002

I've intended for some time to write you and thank you for the superb work you have done for the classical music buying fan. The Naxos catalogue is without precedent in its selection of quality and quantity. You are to be congratulated. Give yourselves a pat on the back. Your web site is the best.

I've been buying almost exclusively Naxos cd's since 1988. Back then, it was Naxos (Pacific Music Co. Ltd.) via Enigma Classics. I believe the disc that got me hooked was "The Enigma Classics/Naxos Sampler." I still pull it out every now and then to listen.

I recently purchased one of the "Listen Learn and Grow" series. This will be for my new grandson, and it will initiate a third generation of my family to enjoy your product.

Thank you for all you have done in the past and thank you for the future. My grandson will appreciate it too.

p.s. Are there plans to record any more of the Spohr Violin Concertos? These are such wonderful works. The Adagio from the 9th is a lovely masterpiece.

North Carolina
November 13, 2002

[Klaus Heymann: Eventually, we will do the Spohr concertos complete, but not any time soon.]

Naxos rules. This will sound a bit daft, but there it is. I actually wanted to rave about your website, as I came home from a concert a week ago with some fantastic Bruch ringing in my ears. Delved into your site, found it, and was able to listen to it. More than just music to my ears, it gave a real lift to my heart, o thank you, thank you, Naxos. And when I'm back in civilisation I'll buy it.

November 18, 2002

I'm now teaching "History of Music" in a Secondary School (16-18 years) near Barcelona. Your web is simply EXTRAORDINARY. I send you my congratulations.

El Masnou, Spain
November 15, 2002

My comment is simply that you have a class act. I don't know of any classical record company that even comes close to you in terms of quality, price, choice, and an incredibly helpful web site. I believe I own more Naxos recordings than of any other company, and you can be assured that that number will continue to increase steadily.

As you know, it is possible to listen to brief snippets of recordings on Amazon, with poor sound quality and too short to be of any help. I just listened to the entire MacDowell piano recording on your site with great sound quality. And that listening was not in lieu of purchasing the record. Quite the contrary - it made me anxious to buy a copy as soon as possible.

One thing that would be very helpful would be for you to try to get more of your CDs in the (ridiculously small) classical sections in the Borders and Barnes & Noble stores. It would be even more helpful if they could set aside a section for Naxos recordings.

I am a particular fan of 20th Century British and American music, and you are far in the lead in those areas. Please keep adding to them. You're doing a great job, and you have my enthusiastic support.

Ross Hardter
Reston, VA
November 10, 2002

Thanks to outstanding releases of both known and less known, or even unknown repertory, presented with great artistry and excellent sonics at a very fair price, Naxos has become the most relevant label in my ever growing collection of classical CD's. Please, keep up with your wonderful job!

November 07, 2002

I would like to know what kind of guitar Victor Villadangos used for the recording of "Guitar Music of Argentina" (ref: 8.555058). I think this recording is fantastic and the tone of his guitar is magnificent. I hope this question is not too difficult to answer. Thank you for your assistance.

Los Angeles, USA
November 5, 2002

[Victor Villadangos: In the Naxos recording I used my hand made classical guitar (1996) by the Argentine constructor Osvaldo Bragan, in the classical Spanish way (Enrique Garca model 1906).]

I just wanted to thank you for being enlightened enough to put audio samples online. Many media companies seem to think that if customers can get free samples, they won't bother buying the products. In my case, the samples have exposed me to lots of beautiful music that I didn't even know existed, and as a result, I've made many new Naxos CD purchases.

You are to be praised for your reasonable prices, your incredibly diverse selection, and your progressive attitude towards online audio samples. I'm really impressed!

Tigard, OR, USA
November 5, 2002

Thank you sincerely for your excellent guide, "How to Enjoy a Live Concert." It confirmed my understanding that one does not applaud until an entire work is complete. I found your website on AskJeeves after attending an orchestral concert last night. I hope we both encourage other people to enjoy music.

October 30, 2002

Dear Naxos,

I'm a 21 year old Kansan college student who has just in the past few months taken a serious interest in Classical music and I must say, I have been very pleased with your label, and I hope to be a lifetime customer. I have experimented with a number of labels, and while it goes without saying that your records are always the better bargains, I have actually found the quality of your recordings to generally be better as well! My purchases from other record labels, including big names, have been entirely unsatisfying, in fact, I'm almost considering giving them away simply to have the purity of an all-Naxos collection. I have bought a number of compilation discs from your "best of" series as well as few other odd recordings, such as a Brahms piano concerto and Beethoven's 2nd and 5th. All totaled, in the past few months I have purchased 11 of your records and they have all been truly top of the line. I plan on buying exclusively Naxos in the future as well. I thank you for nurturing my youthful interest in classical music and I look forward to a lifetime of wonderful music from you guys.

Kansas, USA
October 25, 2002

I have been an advocate for Naxos almost since its inception, and consider its project to be as important culturally as Allen Lane's Penguin paperbacks (much lamented - I remember the magical list of the '60s). To extend the comparison, the Naxos historical releases are as significant as the Penguin Classics. Naxos has given us Tolstoy in the form of Toscanini. My question is when will it give us the Dostoevsky of Furtwangler? There needs to be a balance, and Furtwangler's unforgettable live performances of Beethoven, Brahms, Bruckner and Wagner need a Ward Marston. There are other conductors out there waiting for Naxos's attention - Jochum, Schuricht, de Sabata, Celibedache, Mravinski. When will it happen?

May I also put in an appeal for Schorr's "Meistersinger" and Landowska's "48", and more Szigetti - the Bach sonatas and partitas, please.

Brisbane, Australia
October 21, 2002

[Editor: Thank you for being an ardent supporter of Naxos.
We are adding many new Historical releases to our catalogue every month, thanks to the hard work and ingenuity of our restoration engineers. You will continue to see the legacy of many great conductors documented with state of the art audio technology.]

[Klaus Heymann: Furtwaengler complete is planned but not the broadcasts. LANDOWSKA 48 and most SZIGETI. No plans for the other conductors.]

As for your requests, you'll be happy to know that in September Naxos released a Great Conductors CD of de Sabata, including Beethoven's Symphony No.6 (8.110859). Although the other conductors you mentioned will not be featured on releases before the end of the year, perhaps we will be seeing them soon. I'll pass your suggestions along.]

Hi, I must join the thousands of satisfied customers and congratulate you on giving so much at so reasonable a price. The stand out performers for me are Idil Biret with her complete Chopin series and anything by Konstantin Scherbakov. Idils' playing on the 1st and 2nd Chopin Concertos is breath-taking. Konstantins' interpretation of the preludes and fugues, op 87 by Shostakovich, is enthralling. The vision of your company is leading the way by ensuring the average person has access to the rich world of music. I just wish more stores would respond to the demand by stocking at least the current best sellers or those artists currently playing in various areas. It would be nice to be able to go out and buy an artists' work having just heard a concert, etc.--in other words, marketing to the demand. It would be good if, in each city, at least one retailer was able to stock an up to date range. Thank you once again for your dedication and insight.

Dunedin, New Zealand
October 19, 2002

Thanks so much for "American Classics." Every month new composers, stunning works, and great orchestras. Splendid! And by the way: Central and South America would also be worth being fully discovered.

Basel, Switzerland
October 13, 2002

It's a great pleasure for me to sent you this mail. I have been visiting your website (Naxos), and it's one of my favourite sites where I can get much information about classical music. In fact, I am new to music through the internet. Previously, my learning source was only through books.

Nagaland, INDIA
October 11, 2002

Are there plans for the Capella Istropolitana to record complete sets Handel's Opp. 32 and 6? They have done so well on the two CDs currently out that a comprehensive set seems to me a natural.

I want to mention how impressed I am by the Karl Muck performances of Parsifal, which I picked up recently: how you manage to do such impressive work so consistently, and at such excellent prices, does not cease to amaze me.

Many thanks to you. And best of luck to all at Naxos - at times, you seem to be almost single-handedly keeping classical music recordings alive. And doing an extraordinarily good job of it! May you all prosper, for you have certainly enriched my world.

San Francisco, CA
October 5, 2002

[Editor: Thank you for your kind words. The Handel Concerti Grossi Op. 6 will be recorded in 2003, but not by Capella Istropolitana.]

I enjoy the naxos new jazz really. But the last times I've visited your jazz-homepage there were no new releases. Do you plan to do new productions the next time?

Bremerhaven, Germany
October 5, 2002

[Editor: I am glad that you enjoy our Naxos Jazz releases. However, there are no new Jazz releases scheduled for the next six months.]

I have always wanted to know, what brand of pianos do your piano artists use to record?

Sydney, Australia
October 2, 2002

[Editor: I contacted a few of our Naxos pianists to find out what instruments they use. Here are some of their responses:

"I definitely prefer the German Steinway, model D. The Boesendorfer is better than the American Steinway, but "my" model D is the best.... At the end, the choice of the instrument isn't that important for pianists as, for example, for string-players - it always depends on the player, the instrument isn't responsible for poor results..."
--Wolf Harden

"It's always one (or two) Steinway(s) D!"
--Wolfgang Fahrenholtz, representing Piano Duo Matthies/Kohn

"I (artistic leader and accompanist of the "Deutsche Schubert Lied Edition) use Steinway for my recordings."
--Ulrich Eisenlohr]

Do whatever you must to persuade Beatrice Long to record more Scarlatti.

Her Naxos CD establishes her as one the greatest of all Scarlatti performers.

I cannot recall so many new revelations in the space of one recording, in sonata after sonata, since I first listened to the 1952 Kirkpatrick recordings forty years ago. Understand the significance of this comparison: Kirkpatrick was introducing me to Scarlatti; since then, I have heard thousands of performances of Scarlatti sonatas and was familiar with every sonata on Beatrice Long's CD when I sat down to listen to it.

That was four weeks ago and still I am out of my mind. Please, do whatever you must...

Delaware, OH
October 2, 2002

[Klaus Heymann: She will do more Scarlatti for us in future.]

Question: I have searched your website for Ivor Novello Music, which was popular in the 30s and 40s. Can you tell me if any of his recordings are available please?

Lymington, Hampshire, UK
October 1, 2002

[Editor: We have one recording of Ivor Novello:
8.120600 NOVELLO, Ivor: Shine Through My Dreams]

Keep up the good work. I especially enjoy going through your yearly catalog as you show what was rated by which magazine or other source so that gives me a good idea as to how good it will be. Overall I've found that Naxos sound has been excellent and performances always enjoyable.

September 30, 2002

Question: Is the Liszt/Beethoven Symphony Nos. 1 & 3 by Scherbakov released yet in the United States? Been looking forward to it for some time.

PS: I am up to 152 Naxos CDs and I would rate most of them 9 or 10 out of a scale of from 1-10. Sound on almost all of them is fantastic as are performances. Have particularly liked the Liszt cycle.

Chicago, IL
September 25, 2002

[Editor: The Liszt/Beethoven Symphony Nos. 1 & 3 (8.555354) was released in the US in July. However, this title currently is on backorder, so you may not see it in your favorite music stores for awhile. If you can't order the CDs you want from your local stores, you might want to check out They stock many Naxos titles.]


I just thought you'd like to know that saved my MUSIC APPRECIATION grade. All I did was look up a bunch of definitions and aced my test but I couldn't have done it without you. I just wanted to say your site is awesome and I'll be doing a lot of visiting in the next eight weeks. Thanks again.


Thank you very much for hosting the very informative website and music samples. I wonder if you have the titles and composers of compositions used in the movie From Mao to Mozart. It is about Isaac Stern going to China and teaching children there. Thanks.

September 23, 2002

[Editor: While I have never seen From Mao to Mozart, I think it sounds like a fantastic movie. I have done my best to find some of the pieces included in it:

MOZART: Violin Concerto in G major (Naxos 8.550418)
BEETHOVEN: Violin Sonata No. 5 in F major, Op. 25 "Spring" (Naxos 8.550283)
SIBELIUS: Violin Concerto in D minor (Naxos 8.553233)
BRAHMS: Violin Concerto in D major (Naxos 8.550195)]

I need to choose a composer of an orchestral music to research. I must write about the composer's personal life, musical pursuits, musical period in which he/her wrote, types of music composed, examples of work and any interesting information or important innovations. PLEASE HELP ME!!

Toronto, Ontario

[Editor: I believe that our "Life and Works" series would be of great help to you. Each 4-CD set contains a narrated biography of the composer plus several extended musical examples. For your project, I would recommend the Life and Works of Beethoven or Tchaikovsky. Additionally, you may want to check out our Learning Zone on There you can find biographies and discographies of many composers, plus lists of their works on Naxos albums. If you register with our website (a note to our visitors who are under 18--you should get permission from your parents first), you can even listen to full-length works by each composer.]

Dear friends from Naxos,

I'm a 19 year old student of music (composition and regency) and I live here in Brazil.
I'm so grateful with this label! Your policy of prices and good artists like Jando, Bruhl, and my favorite, Idil Biret, makes this label special. I'm not rich, really I'm a little poor guy who makes every kind of sacrifice to become a musician. The "focus" of my learning and future career is composition. I love and give all my forces to this "laboratory of sounds" like Thomas Mann says in "Dr. Faust." No, I'm not a kind of "Leverkunn." I'm only a music lover.
I always have many exercises to do, like music analysis. And here, Naxos enters into my musical learning.
I have no money to buy DG discs, or even Teldec, Harmonia mundi, etc. to study the music with the score. So, always I prefer to buy a Naxos disc, and then, I can continue my job. Yes, you offer quality and good prices, and, first of all, musical education to me, to everyone who wants to know more about the music, and for those who admire this blessed art

Now I'm buying the Schubert Deustche Lied Edition. And I have some questions that I couldn't find an answer to here in the site. How many volumes of this series are available to buy? I only have 4 volumes (1, 3, 4, 7). Will this collection record all of Schubert's lieder? Or only that which was "inspired" from a German poet? Will this wonderful project keep going on?

I hope I won't bother you with these questions. Please answer, if possible.

Thanks, Naxos, with all my heart.

Sao Paulo, Brazil
September 11, 2002

P.S. Sorry but my English is terrible!

[Editor: Thank you for your dedication to the Naxos label. We like loyal customers!
I believe we now have 9 volumes of the Deutsche Schubert Lied Edition available for purchase. We do plan on recording the complete catalogue of Schubert lieder with German vocalists and pianists.
P.S.-- Your English is much better than my Portuguese.]

I purchased this wonderful CD (8.553154) several days ago. The music is glorious but I was disappointed to find that there was no printing of the words to the songs in your enclosed booklet. Is there a way for one to procure these? I find that knowing the words makes listening to the music so much more meaningful. Keep up the good work! The music listening public owes you a great debit of gratitude for making such high quality recordings available - and at such an affordable price.

R. G.
Ann Arbor, Michigan
September 10, 2002

[Editor: At this time, we do not have a source for the lyrics on 8.553154. I am very sorry that you were disappointed with your purchase. My recommendations for finding the lyrics would be to search folk song sites on the internet. There are many of them, and at least a few of the Red Army songs are out there. Some sites I recommend include:
I hope you find this helpful!
Thank you for your inquiry.]


In which of the Faure CD's will I find Pavanne? I've only heard a tiny bit of it,but it was so beautiful.

Best regards
September 6, 2002

[Editor: You actually have several choices for Pavane recordings. There are two all-Faure CDs with the piece:

8.553741 FAURE: Piano Music Vol.6 (piano version)
8.556679 FAURE : The Best of Faure

There are several collections of music that have other versions:

8.550088 French Festival (Orchestral version)
8.550480 ROMANTIC FRENCH MUSIC FOR GUITAR AND ORCHESTRA (Orchestral version with guitar)]

I'd just like to thank Naxos for the exceptional job it is doing for classical music. You pride yourselves on delivering great music from the great and the lesser known composers -- and outstanding quality -- not just "making a buck." Your selection is truly wonderful! Not only my favorite composers that I know and love, but also ones who I will get to know, too. Today, I discovered you have remastered a very old Toscannini recording of the Dvorak Cello Concerto. This is now a "must have" for me. Thanks for making these wonderful audio gifts available, and at a reasonable price.

September 5, 2002

I can't take any more! Every month you throw 1, 2, 3, 4, 5+ "must have's" into the works. At this rate, life's vital goods (food, toilet tissue etc) will become life's 2nd most vital purchase!!! PLEASE, I want to live beyond 26!

September 5, 2002

[Editor: I strongly urge you to continue consumption of food and water. You must preserve yourself so that you can live for many years and spread your love of Naxos throughout the world. Surely our low price point will allow you to buy at least a small allotment of food for each day. Thank you for your fanaticism, and I hope to hear from you for many years to come.]

I have just received your news letter for September and just wanted to let you know that I think the new format is a triumph, beautifully laid out and a joy to read.

Thank you,
United Kingdom
September 4, 2002

[Editor: Thank you for your comment concerning our newsletter. We love to receive customer feedback, especially when it is as generous as yours. We hope you will continue to read our newsletter and provide us with your valuable feedback for many years.]

Question: Several labels, like Philips and Decca, have artist series such as 'The art of Alfred Brendel' on Philips, 'Best of Wilhelm Backhaus' on Decca, etc.

I recently purchased the Naxos CD featuring pianist Michael Ponti playing 2 Liszt works as well as the Brahms variations (8.550408).

Ponti's playing is spectacular and the recording superb - I can't find much on Ponti in the Catalogues (except for several early Turnabout and Vox recordings). Have you other Cds available featuring this artist?

Sydney, Australia
September 1, 2002

[Editor: Thank you for your interest in our recordings. At this time, the Liszt and Brahms album is the only recording by Mr. Ponti in our catalogue. However, please feel free to check back with us from time to time, as we release about 30 new albums each month. Naxos is a repertoire-driven label, rather than being driven by artists. While we occasionally do have artists record a series of works for us, we do not feature artists in "Best of" compilations.]

First of all, thank you for your time. I have been a great fan of Naxos for several years now and am especially fond of your small, but lively collection of recordings of Johan Nepomuk Hummel's music. I would very much like to know if more music of Hummel's is in the works for Naxos release - possibly a rumored second volume of Piano Sonatas by Hae-won Chang. The most wonderful thing about Naxos, aside from the great recording sound and performances at reasonable price, has to be the label's efforts to expose the beautiful works of lesser known composers. Johan Nepomuk Hummel is a hidden gem of the classical period and I commend those responsible at Naxos for taking the initiative to reveal his skill (and the skill of the chosen performers). Any information on upcoming Hummel productions would be greatly appreciated. Once again, thank you for your time and keep up the fantastic work.

August 26, 2002

[Editor: Thank you for being a devoted Naxos customer. Right now we have no news concerning a second volume of Hummel piano sonatas, although other Hummel works are scheduled to be recorded in 2003. In the mean time, you can find a complete discography of Hummel's works that are available on Naxos by searching the catalogue at You might be interested in the Hummel Piano Concertos recorded by Hae-won Chang, catalog #8.223107 and #8.550837.]

I own a copy of your CD "Berceuse, Music of Peace and Calm" and am trying to obtain sheet music for cut #5 Wiegenlied by Bernhard Flies.

I hope that you might help accomplish this.

Thank you.

Fremont, CA
August 22, 2002

[Editor: I have found several options for you concerning Wiegenlied by Flies. The background of the work certainly could make it hard to find the score. Wiegenlied often is mis-attributed to Mozart , and I believe it actually was assigned a Kochel number. Additionally, it has an alternate title: "Schlafe, mein Prinzchen" ("Sleep, My Prince"). When looking for the sheet music, you may find it under several combinations of composers and titles! While I could not find the exact arrangement on the recording, here are several that I did find. You may be able to find more with this new information.

Flute Solo:

That recording of the Haydn quartets op. 3 nos. 3-6 by the celebrated Kodaly Quartet is magnificent! But, will NAXOS release a recording of Haydn op. 3 nos. 1 & 2 and op. 2 nos. 3 & 5? If so, when and will it be done by the wonderful Kodaly ensemble? I'm waiting.


Houston, TX
August 22, 2002

[Editor: The Kodaly Quartet already has recorded and released Haydn's complete string quartets for Naxos. However, I do not believe that op. 2, no.3 & 5 or Op.3, no.1 & 2 will be recorded. The selections from op. 2 are not considered true string quartets, while the selections from op. 3 are believed to have been written by another composer. Check out the Kodaly Quartet's page in our artist gallery for details on the existing recordings as well as catalogue numbers. If you cannot find the recordings in your local music store, they should be able to special order them for you. You also might want to check online CD retailers.]

Besides expressing appreciation for the recordings I've purchased for my own pleasure, I wanted to let you know that most of the patients at our health centre enjoy them as well. On any given day music from some 6 CDs is played in our treatment rooms and I can only remember one negative comment from someone. Typically we play piano works of Mozart, Beethoven and Mendelssohn. I am particularly enjoying collecting the complete cycle of piano concerti by Mozart performed by Mr. Jeno Jando.

I look forward to introducing our patients to more of your recordings in the near future.

Toronto, ON
August 20, 2002

First of all I am quite pleased that Naxos has decided to start making recordings with American Orchestras. It is high time a music company did so. The recording of Tchaikovsky's Fourth Symphony can stand with just about any other one in the catalog. I think it is better than some of the older recordings that other companies charge more than twice as much for these days. I hope that Naxos will continue this project and give American Orchestras the chance to be heard.

July 25, 2002

When I was writing another thanks giving letter about the Bach's transcriptions by Enno Voorhorst, which is really excellent, I have just found the Gallen recording of Giuliani, which is really a must. The sound, the selection of pieces, the strength of the interpretation, the appropriateness of the instrument, the rhythm really worth listening. Is the best Giuliani I have listened to.
Thank you for this new jewel.

Dr. A.B.
Barcelona, Spain
July 14, 2002

I just continue to love Naxos and all that it is doing for classical music! Now I probably purchase 4 Naxos discs for every full-price CD. And of course your wonderful website just keeps getting better. (Other companies sites are embarrassing.)

June 28, 2002

Dear folks at Naxos:

Please add my personal plaudits the many kudos you've
already received for your disc of the American
composer William Fry, including the "Santa Claus" Symphony.

Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.
June 7, 2002

Hi there at Naxos,

I'm a recent buyer of Naxos CDs and I want to congratulate you for your Brahms four-hand piano series. I must confess that previously I dismissed Naxos recordings as second best at the most until I read some reviews that enthused about some of your recordings. So, being a big fan of Brahms' symphonies, I bought Silke-Thora Matthies/Christian Kohn's rendition of Brahms' 1st symphony, which is marvelous! Then I bought the same duo's Serenades 1 and 2 -a sparkling delight!

By the way, your newsletters with audio samples are a winner.

Kind regards,
Santiago, Chile
May 27, 2002

As a collector of ballet music, I've been very impressed by the Naxos label, particularly by the work of conductor Andrew Mogrelia. I have his Giselle, Sleeping Beauty, Coppelia and Sylvia - they are uniformly excellent. I appreciate the fact that the Naxos CDs offer the complete score, not just highlights. The tempo is even and unhurried - I can visualize the dancers moving to the music (which is impossible with many "concert hall" versions of the music).

What I would love to see from Naxos is more of the Bournonville repertory, specifically Napoli and Flower Festival in Genzano. I am noticing Napoli in more and more of the repertories of American ballet companies - for instance, Ballet San Jose did the complete ballet last year, and the School for American Ballet did much of Act 3 for their Spring show. I would love to have this lively and colorful music on CD. And I know Naxos would do it well!

Los Angelese, California
June 5, 2002

Dear Naxos,

I've written to you at least several times before thanking you and praising you for your absolute genius. And recently, you've made me love you even more. Your new release, JAPANESE ORCHESTRAL FAVORITES, features my favorite composer, Akira Ifukube. I have an extensive collection of Ifukube's music mainly on expensive Japanese import CDs that are usually hard to find in the US. How excited I was, however, to learn that my favorite (by far) classical label was coming out with music from my favorite composer. I mean, how perfect is that?
I sincerely hope Naxos will continue to release more works of Ifukube on your incomparable label. I have always strongly contended Naxos is the most consistent classical label in terms of quality of recordings, talent of artists, repertoire, and of course, value. You folks are the best.
Thank you for the many years of superiority.

San Diego, California
June 3, 2002

"I have just purchased two more of your American Classics recordings. Outside of CRI and New World Records, I know of no other recording company that has devoted time and effort to bring American music to the listening public. For reasons that I do not fully understand, American music is neglected in its homeland. Most estimates that I have seen indicate that 85% of the music played by American symphony orchestras and American classical music radio stations is by European composers. The Naxos American Classics initiative is helping to offset this incredible and disgraceful imbalance.

Reading, PA, USA
February 21, 2002

Dear Naxos,

I would like to congratulate you on your Gramophone Award for the excellent Vaughan-Williams recording with the Maggini Quartet (8.555300). I also think the Elgar Piano Quintet, with Peter Donohoe, is a magnificent recording - one of my favourite CDs. May I suggest that the Maggini Quartet and Peter Donohoe would be the number one choice to perform the wonderful Piano Quintet of Frank Bridge? This would be a very attractive addition to your English chamber music series, and I would love to hear their rendering of this work. The one recording I have of it is frustratingly second-rate and I don't believe it has ever been recorded again.

I would also like to say that the Arthur Foote chamber music Volume 3 (Naxos American Classics 8.559039) is absolutely brilliant! I would recommend every lover of beautiful music to rush out and buy this as it is some of the best music I have ever heard - the more I listen to it the more I love it - very exciting to find an unknown composer who is so deserving of discovery. Are there any more of his works, chamber or otherwise, to be released? (I also have and enjoy vols. 1 and 2, but the third is the best - material, performance and recording.)

Thank you very much,

Yours sincerely,
(no address given)
May 4, 2002

About 20 yrs ago, I started to listen to classical music. In that period, LPs were very expensive for a student like me. The cheapest tape I could afford was published you - all packed in a silver background and blue text case. I remember the first music I listened to was Beethoven's Symphony no.6 which was performed by a Hungarian orchestra. It is one of my two favourite versions. I started with high grade but in low price music from that period and build up my own musical sense. I have full sets of those tapes. Of course I can now only buy CDs.

Thanks from your fan whom grow up with you.

(No name or address given) May 23, 2002

I discovered classical music late in life, but, I discovered the excellent quality, and superior performances of naxos recordings, early on. A special thank you, to Klaus Heymann, and the naxos family, for making such a superb selection of classical music available and affordable, to the pauper, as well as the pompous. I appreciate each and every one of you, very much. I wish naxos music continued growth and success in the years to come.

A "naxos only" classical music collector,
Marc Romero
North Carolina, USA
April 27, 2002

Great Website ! Webmaster, easily navigated, and well layed out. "Superb Job"

April 27, 2002

Thank you for the wonderful site NAXOS.COM, I have just recently acquired the naxos catalogue 2002. I was looking in the shops for a piece of music I heard on a film and the shop gave me a NAXOS catalogue which I have looked through to see if the piece of music was in there, and I found it, and others that I have been looking for as well, now being on the site itself I have the opportunity of listening to some tunes before I buy the c.d.

Yours faithfully,
Gosport Hampshire, UK
April 26, 2002

All your Beethoven/Jando Kodaly Beethoven and Haydn are truly remarkable. I never really appreciated Beethoven's late quartets until I heard the Kodaly. They are now my favorites. Stay as wonderful as you are, Naxos. Warm regards and affection.

Fred Busch
Brooklyn, NY, USA
April 9, 2002

This isn't really a question, but a release of yours really amazed me.

I recently acquired the Schubert Impromptus 8.550260, and was completely amazed the brilliance of the pianist.

It is the best recording, I think, that I've heard.

Are there any other releases of the pianist, Jeno Jando? My regards

Johannesburg, South Africa
April 7, 2002

[Jeno Jando is often described as our 'house pianist.' He plays an extremely wide repertoire at a consistently high level. His discography is found in our artists gallery. ed.]

Dear friends at Naxos:

The world would be a better place if everyone listened to Naxos. I visit your website daily to explore your vast library of classical music in search of new musical experiences. I am in the process of learning about Franz Schubert. I recently purchased the compact disc featuring the Piano Sonata D.664.

Wow! It is so beautiful. It is music therapy for me because I listen to it on my way to and from work. You can not overestimate classical music's value as a cure for road rage. It really helps take the edge off of erratic behavior by other motorists.

Thank you for making it possible to accumulate the world's most beautiful music at the world's most beautiful price.


(no address given)

April 5, 2002

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am sitting here listening to your recently released recording of Adolphe Adam's La Filleule des Fees for the hundredth time. I would like to thank your company for giving us the opportunity to hear such delightful work.


April 4, 2002

I have just purchased your CD of Adolphe Adam's La Filleule des Fees after a long wait. I would like to let you know that I am absolutely thrilled with it, its a fantastic work. I have waited all my life to hear it and know I have played it constantly over the past couple of days. If possible please convey my thanks to the conductor and the producers for giving us such a wonderful CD. Do you have plans to release any more of Adolphe Adam's work, or any more 19th century romantic ballet music? thank you for your time.


April 3, 2002

[There are no plans for any further Adam recordings in the medium term. Perhaps in late 2003 or in 2004 - ed.]

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your exceptional website. Your decision to provide full audio samples from your albums is much appreciated. At other labels the listener is lucky to get a 30 or 60 second sample. Your commitment to full audio samples shows that you take pride in the quality of your recordings, and that you trust your customers to recognize this quality. Personally, I've already bought several Naxos albums after listening to the online samples, and there are certain to be others added to my collection soon. Thanks again for your great work.

March 19, 2002

Dear Mr. Heymann,

I am an American music scholar and performer from Boston, MA. I just returned from a conference for American music in Lexington , KY. While there, the hosts were kind enough to pass along a copy of a sample CD of your American Classics series of discs as well as a full catalogue of your offerings. Being in the "business" of American music, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your devotion to an outstanding recording series devoted to such music.

All the best,
Boston, Massachusetts
March 12, 2002

I purchased 3 Naxos CD's from a local retailer this afternoon. Although I am by no means a classical music expert or critic, I know quality when I hear it. The Naxos recordings I have are wonderful (Mendelssohn/Tchaikovsky Violin Concertos, Mozart Eine kleine Nachtmusik, The Best of Wagner). Please accept my thanks for producing quality recordings of beautiful music and at such incredible prices too. I am amazed.

Kind regards,
L. Hudson
Great Britain
March 10, 2002

Not a question, merely sincere thanks for the superb series of English String Music which lead me to the discovery of the delights of the music of Gerald Finzi in the form of your excellent recordings of his Clarinet and Cello Concertos.

March 9, 2002

I have bought almost all the really good recordings you have on Classical Guitar. I have been immensely inspired by Norbert Kraft's playing and transcriptions (the Villa-Lobos record [8.553987] sets the standard by which all recordings be judged).

I am requesting that Norbert help transcribe and perform an album of Debussy's works: Danse profane and sacre for harp and strings, petite suite, girl with the flaxen hair, the cake walk etc. I feel these works will sound very nice on the guitar. I will be interested in the score for these transcription too.

I would also like to commend Antigoni Goni on her performance of the John Duarte [8.554554] and Barrios [8.554558] music very beautifully played...Because of you guys in Naxos I am seriously playing the classical guitar also and even bought a new guitar Made in Madrid by Manuel E Hijos.

Garland, Tx, USA
March 5, 2002

Naxos CDs have long been part of my collection of classical music. Having been a performing musician for many of my 71 years, I prefer to purchase recordings of superior performances. Recently, I have been purchasing DVD Audio recordings since I find the sound field to be much more authentic that stereo.
Your recent release of the Vivaldi Concerti is one of the best examples of this technology.
Several months back, you indicated another DVD Audio disc to be forthcoming, and I anxiously await the availability of that recording. It is my fervent wish that you continue to produce more recordings in 96/24 DVD Audio.
Many years ago, I purchased a CD of Schubert's Trout Quintet which had as an extra a few of the "Moments Musicaix" performed by Jeno Janos. Upon my first auditioning of this CD; after the Trout was finished, I was amazed by the excellent performance of pieces I had both played and taught. It required several repeats on the spot to this wonderful performance. It became apparent that a superior performance did not necessarily come with a 'major' label!
I have since purchased a large number of Naxos CDs for their quality of performance, contrary to the generally held belief that the major labels had the best artists. Notoriety does not mean quality in many cases.
Again, I was most impressed with your first DVD Audio disc and look forward to many more.
Finally, thank you for finding artists who are most excellent performers and bringing them to our attention.

San Francisco, CA, USA
February 20, 2002

Today I found two wonderful narrated classics for children produced by Naxos. The first is Peter and the Wolf, narrated by Dame Edna Everage, N0.8.554170 and the second Nutcracker, narrated by Prunella Scales, NO.8.555342. Is there any chance of you letting me know the names and catalogue numbers for any similar marvels......PLEASE!

Yours KM
February 19, 2002

[I suggest you take a look at our Educational series. Just go to the upper part of the left menu on, find series, and click on Naxos Educational. The Life and Works series is excellent. -Ed.]

Just wanted you to know what a pleasure the Flagstad/Melchior TRISTAN [8.110068-70] and the 1939 Serafin VERDI REQUIEM [8.110159] are. It's obviously no coincidence that both were restored by Ward Marston. These two are among the finest restorations I've ever heard -- and Mr. Marston is to be congratulated. Naxos does serious music lovers a real service with these.

By the way, are you aware of the 1939 or 1940 Gigli/dalMonte BUTTERFLY which was available in the early 1960's on EMI's Great Recordings of the Century. It's a brilliant recording and would make a great addition to the Naxos catalog.

St. Louis, MO, USA
February 14, 2002

A year or two ago, I read on Naxos' website that there were plans for a series of recordings devoted to 20th century Japanese composers.

Whatever happened to this project? Will there in fact be recordings issued?

Thank you.

Columbus, Ohio, USA
February 8, 2002

[Seven orchestral recordings already in the can plus Takemitsu chamber music. Japanese Orchestral Favourites has already been released in Japan and will be released Internationally in April. Next will be Orchestral Works by Yashiro. We will announce this next month on the website. -ed.]

Dear Webmaster,

I arrived here about half an hour ago and I just wanted to let you know that I think your site is FANTASTIC - I was pleased to see that sound clips were available but can hardly believe that you just let me listen to the whole of the last movement from Beethoven's 9th. I'll buy it.


Dorset, UK
February 2, 2002

[Our feeling is that people do appreciate being able to hear an entire movement (or work, if necessary) to decide if our recording is the one that they want to own.]

Dear Naxos,

I have a few questions. I was wondering if there were any plans for you to commission a full version of I Puritani perhaps with Luba Orgonasova? She appears singing an excerpt on your opera A-Z CD which I have and I know she stars in your recording of La Sonnambula which I plan to get.

One other question, would it be possible for you to include more details of when the Historical recordings were made? Sometimes there's no mention of it.

Actually that's about it as most of my other questions are answered in your FAQ section. I would like to say however, how much I have enjoyed your Historical series so far - I have mostly listened to them on the website, but I plan to buy loads soon - I think what you have done is really incredible, the sound quality on some of the recordings sounds brilliant.

Well done for using Media Player and not RealPlayer - it seems to work much better in my experience. Keep up the good work.

Daniel Hamza
Weston-super-Mare, England
January 12, 2002

[Thank you for your comments. At present there no plans for a full version of I Puritani. As for the years of the recordings on Historical CDs, they are normally given on the cover with full details found in the restorer's notes. - Klaus Heymann]

What can I say of this marvellous orchestra which has given me moments of pure pleasure hearing C.M. Ziehrer recordings other than: exceptional performances!


H. Santos (Portugal)
January 21, 2002


I'm enjoying your 21st century classics series, including the rather unusual operas. But I'm a little curious as to what your inclusion mechanism is. For example, Macmillan's Veni Veni Emmanuel (8.554167) is an excellent recent work by a young composer- why not move it into the new category and get some exposure to a superb but hard-to-find disc? Disc 7 of your Lutoslawski series was wonderful- having all 3 postludes together was a good move. Are you going to bundle them into a white box collection soon?

Thanks, best regards,

V. Spicer
Winnipeg, Canada

[The inclusion mechanism is that a composer should not have been recorded much before and be relatively unknown out side his home country. Macmillan already had a lot of exposure. But we'll give your suggestion some thought. As for the Lutoslawski, there will be 9 volumes altogether ... I am not sure we'll give them the White Box treatment but we'll do some sort of box. Klaus Heymann]

Naxos....I would love a new catalog. I must own over 500 of your wonderful CD's and tell everyone I know how great your recordings are. I really think you may ultimately be the ones that save Classical music; for it is definitely on the endangered species list here in the USA.

Thank You!

M.A. Stevenson
California, USA
January 17, 2002


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