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2003 Archive

I was listening to various Historical Recordings (online) and I noticed that all your ADD and AADs before 1950 sound very hissy and noisy although the website claims to have remastered them. Regardless, I have other pre-1950 recordings of other labels and they sound very clean and noise-free, as though they were DDDs. Care to clarify?


[Editor: Thank you for sending us your comments. Part of the reason that our historical transfers sound hissy may be due to the low quality of samples available on our website. The listening samples can give the visitor an idea of how the CD sounds, but they do not accurately portray the sound quality.

The other reason for the noise is slightly more complicated. Here is an explanation from Mark Obert-Thorn, one of our award-winning restoration engineers:
"The lower quality of the on-line samples is part of the reason; however, I think the main reason is that Naxos Historical transfers (which for the most part are done by Ward [Marston] and myself) reflect our philosophy of taking the clicks and pops out but not all the surface noise, in those cases where taking out surface noise also takes out realistic orchestral timbres.
I was just reading a review of one of my Horowitz reissues for Naxos in the latest issue of Fanfare. The writer was comparing what I did to what EMI did in their own (denoised) transfers, and said something like "There's a lot more hiss [on the Naxos], but the piano really sounds like a piano." That's what we're trying for. If your correspondent is listening to transfers from 78s that sound as quiet as DDD recordings, he is most certainly missing a lot of high frequency information."]

I purchase Naxos CDs from our local store on a regular basis. Recently I have started dipping my feet into chamber music besides the usual orchestral repertoire 'must haves'. I felt particularly astounded listening to the Brahms/Schumann Piano Quintets and the Brahms Violin Sonatas. Such glorious interpretations of these timeless classics! . . . . Thank you so much for providing classical music lovers with such a treasure trove, and may you continue with the good work.

Attar, Malta
December 31, 2003

I have bought over one hundred Naxos Classical CD's. They are all excellent. I prefer post Mozart music. As a youth I jumped from Stan Kenton to Stravinsky. The price is as excellent as the music . . . I can even find Naxos in the far reaches of notheastern Vermont. Thank you.

Vermont, USA
December 17, 2003

Your site is fantastic for discovering your collections . . .In this period of gifts for grand-children learning flute, piano, and cello, this is a goldmine . . . . Have a beautiful holiday time.

Tennessee, USA
December 10, 2003

I want to thank you for making all this music available. On your web site, I have just rediscovered Blomdahl's Adagio from "The Wakeful Night", a piece that has haunted me for a long time. Because of your website I was able to hear this beautiful music for the first time in several years.

The public library I work for purchases many Naxos compact discs, and our collection is popular with our clients.

December 2, 2003

I found your recordings when I visited Tower Records. It is so refreshing to find CD's at reasonable prices . . . . I plan to obtain many more items now that I have found your products. I am not a connoisseur. Just a lover of classical music who is moved by its power, grace and emotion.

November 24, 2003

Thank you for all your CDs - very fine performances of good music at an affordable price. This has enabled me to try some music I would never have bought had it not been for your low price.

November 16, 2003

Your site is one of the best on the web. It is truly a treasure for music lovers and learners everywhere. Thank you so much for your generosity. Long live Naxos.

October 18, 2003

I am enjoying your gradually expanding list of DVD-Audio releases. I particularly like the Elgar. I think the sound of these discs is excellent and I look forward to many more. Best wishes in helping to pioneer this superior new format.

November 5, 2003

Thank you very much for introducing me to so many different composers and their music. This has enabled me to become aware of so much more music - and to buy CDs which I definitely would not have done otherwise. Thanks for your wide vision, and bring on more of the same!

Staffordshire, UK
October 15, 2003

Thank you so, so much for your now completed Bax symphonic cycle. For years I have waited for a truly justified interpretation of these glorious works. Bax is such an elusive composer. Lloyd Jones and band are evidently focused on the fight to lift him from the no-man's land he currently abides in, to the 'name in lights' podium he so desperately deserves.
Terms such as "the best" and "greatest" are not always appropriate but, given the excellence of the above, no more higher praise can be given. Sample the final few minutes of Symphony No. 6 and revel in the glory that is Naxos Bax.
Thank you SO much.

G.M., United Kingdom
October 12, 2003

Dear Naxos: I am hoping that Naxos will record music by Wallingford Riegger (especially the Symphonies), and music by Carl Ruggles. Am looking forward to Theodore Kuchar's recordings of more Roy Harris Symphonies. When is the "Adventures of Robin Hood" Marco Polo due out in the States? I hope that in Marin Alsop's Barber series she will include the Capricorn Concerto and the Toccata Festiva for Organ and Orchestra. I have about 200 of your CDs and I do feel that your new releases are more exciting than DG, Decca, SONY, BMG and Phillips. You also have the best classical music website. I really appreciate being able to listen to your CD's online first, but I would rather own the CD's in my collection. They take pride of place.

Bloomington, MN
October 7, 2003

[Editor: No occurrences of Riegger or Ruggles on our release schedule quite yet, nor future recordings of Roy Harris. The classic film score for "The Adventures of Marco Polo" will be released in the United States in November. The Barber series will include the Toccata Festiva, although it will not be conducted by Marin Alsop. However, a recording of the Capricorn Concerto with Alsop is due for release in mid-2004. Glad you enjoy the website!]

I now have almost 300 Naxos CD's, most of which collected since I retired 3 years ago....please don't change a thing!

October 4, 2003

The Kuchar / Ukraine recordings of Prokofiev are outstanding . . . All the Kuchar are excellent, with no competition. Thank you very much for these truly great recordings.

New Orleans, LA
September 27, 2003

I think Naxos is doing an excellent job, especially in promoting an affordable product and nurturing brand loyalty. Thanks to both Naxos' affordable prices (and H&B's deals) and opportunities like the Saving Classical Music contest and your monthly classical music quiz, I rarely buy any music other than Naxos. Please keep up the good work.

September 26, 2003

I have just finished listening to the magnificent recording of English Choral Music by Lennox Berkeley which I bought on Saturday. This is the third CD of choral music by relatively neglected English composers I have bought from Naxos, the other two being the Rubbra and Finzi collections, both of which are also absolutely wonderful.

You are certainly to be congratulated on bringing these beautiful but criminally neglected pieces into the public consciousness.

Please keep up this wonderful work.

September 17, 2003

A huge thank you to Naxos for the new Frank Bridge string quartet issue! . . . . Also, may I congratulate you on the Arthur Foote Chamber Music volume 3 - some of the most beautiful and inspiring chamber music I have ever heard and brilliant playing/recording - wonderful! Would love to hear more of Foote (I have vols. 1&2 of course). Must thank you for Dvorak Trios, Iceland Orehestra recordings of Sibelius symphonies, Sibelius Piano Music, Field Piano Concertos/Solo Piano, Elgar Piano Quintet, Vaughan Williams String Quartets, Smetana/Suk/Novak Trios, Medtner Piano Concertos and Piano Quintet - all superb, fabulous! I would urge every lover of music to buy all these CDs as they are worth their weight in gold.

September 7, 2003

Thanks for the fantastic releases. Naxos is clearly providing the cream of all classical releases in 2003.

United States
September 4, 2003

Thanks for the fantastic releases. Naxos is clearly providing the cream of all classical releases in 2003.

United States
September 4, 2003

Much thanks for the recording of Roy Harris Symphony No. 7. As a young lad I used to check out the record from the library. Had not been able to find a recording of this anywhere till I was in Barnes and Noble in Kansas and found your collections on a special rack . . . thanks again.

August 22, 2003

I spend a lot of time listening to the wonderful performances of Bach by W. Rubsam and cannot have enough of it. Many thanks for allowing me (a retired music lover) to acquire such excellent performances of my favorite composer at such an affordable price.

August 19, 2003

First of all, let me thank you for many of my CD collector friends for such interesting and worthwhile releases. You keep us busy from month to month will all kinds of wonderful discoveries.

Naxos is the only label presently offering music of interest to the collector. We don't need more Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms and Tchaikovsky. We serious collectors are looking for unusual repertoire and I buy as many Naxos discs as I can put my hands on. I just got three . . . by Rorem, Balada and the excellent Hashimoto (and Rochberg and others before that.)

I hope you will continue recording such interesting discs . . . Thank you,

Santa Barbara, California
August 16, 2003

I recently purchased [Russian Songwriter - A Collection from Boris Grebenshikov] and would like to say that it is giving me a lot of pleasure listening to it. For the price it is a real bargain! Well done and please keep up the good work!

United Kingdom
August 5, 2003

The Naxos Sousa series is an evolving epic. To date no one label has ever attempted the massive task of recording all of his music. My hat goes off to Naxos for attempting this project. So much of Sousa's music deserves a wider following in the United States. He truly was one of our great composers who wrote or transcribed music in all different genres. Naxos has begun to show us how varied Sousa's music was. Each CD so far provides a fine balance of marches and other works, providing for a concert style program. The use of Keith Brion and the band of the Royal Regiment of Artillery are also inspired choices for presenting this music. Please continue developing this wonderful series of Sousa music.

July 18, 2003

Thank you for publishing the recordings of some of the rarer Sousa music: Music for Wind Band vols 1-3 and the three CDs featuring the Razumovsky Symphony Orchestra, all directed by Keith Brion. Price is reasonable, too. Keep 'em coming.


July 17, 2003

I wanted to let you know how well received the recordings of Naxos which we play in our clinic are by the patients. Not only do people ask for the specific catalog numbers but also I have requests that should I be going down to HMV to pick up certain ones for others, too.

July 14, 2003

Dear Naxos,

You are undoubledly the best classical music label around. Delivering the best, especially recording music of composers who are both difficult and impossible to obtain music of elsewhere . . . For what you have done for classical music, thank you, you are the best!

Norton, MA
July 14, 2003

Thanks to Naxos I can get the CD at the price I can afford. At 70, I do not have much money, but I love good music, and with Naxos I can afford it and get lovely music. Thank you, Naxos, for keeping an old man happy.

July 3, 2003

I want to congratulate NAXOS for producing such a wide range of quality recordings! I must say one can find virtually ANYTHING in the NAXOS catalog! Not only does NAXOS offer listeners high quality music, but the price makes collecting classical CDs much more joyous! I personally love the Stephen Gunzenhauser Dvorak symphonies, The Liszt Piano music played by Konstantin Scherbakov, and of course, Handel's Messiah by the Scholars Baroque Ensemble! I think all the NAXOS CD recordings are great! I am much surprised if the reviews are anything less than positive! Keep up the great work!

New York, USA
June 30, 2003

Thanks for such affordable and innovative CDs. It is wonderful to be able to buy 3 top quality CDs for the price of 1 'standard priced' CD. Then again, is Naxos now the standard in price and quality?

T. H.
Sydney, Australia
June 28, 2003

Just to say thank you. I would never have known such beautiful music as the Turangalila Symphony without Naxos. I also discovered Kraus, Pleyel, Salieri, Lumbye, etc.. The Majors are too expensive for me and their musical quality is often overestimated. Thanks to your politics of price and the quality of your artists and of your technical staff, I was able to discover more music. . . .

Many thanks, and long life to Naxos and Marco Polo

Lesquin, France
June 8, 2003

I want to congratulate you for the edition of operas by Siegfried Wagner. I always thought it would be impossible to find these works (like the symphonic poems of Dvorak and many other works!), but Naxos makes my wishes a reality every time. Thank you, Naxos!

June 7, 2003

Thank you SO MUCH for being so accessible and for maintaining your independence! Your website is simple and very user-friendly, and a true relief after having to deal with the mega-labels.

C. W.
San Fransisco, CA
June 4, 2003

I have been a Naxos customer for many years, and have been tremendously pleased by the consistent quality and adventurous repertoire of the recordings offered. I am especially impressed by the Historical series, to unfairly name but one. But now I have reason to commend Naxos on an issue often forgotten by companies that market a product, especially one marketed in part on it's affordability - customer service. Not only are Naxos' products exemplary, so is it's treatment of it's customers.

I have on several occasions requested information on recording availability or plans to record particular pieces, and have received very pleasant personal responses. This itself is outstanding service, in my experience. Recently, I made a request that I admitted to myself, as I wrote it, was probably asking too much: I requested an extended listing of performer's voice types for a recent Naxos release where this information wasn't available by conventional cataloging sources.

Not only wasn't my request treated as excessive by Naxos USA, they went beyond my request by compiling a hand-typed list of not only the twenty-some performer's vocal types, but also their other theatrical activities. And they apologized for the modest amount of time it took, and promised to update me if they discovered any of their information was in error.

I was astounded. Naxos has, if it was possible, made me an even more loyal customer.

A great catalog of recordings and great customer service: no wonder Naxos is such a phenomenon in the recording industry.

Brava! Bravi! Bravissimo!!!

Warmest regards and thanks.

Florissant, MO
June 3, 2003

I am a public school instrumental music teacher and just want to thank you for your website which I only discovered by accident. It is marvelous and an amazing resource for both me and my 200 elementary band and orchestra students. I have enjoyed hearing the lesser known artists and orchestras on your CD's and now have another reason to "toot your horn." Please keep it up!

United States
May 29, 2003

I cannot express how thrilled I was to discover the new J Strauss Sr Edition,Vol 1 on the new releases page. I am even more delighted after listening to the wonderful performances of the Camerata Cassovia on your web site. I will certainly collect them all, hopefully to be followed up with lots of Lanner!

Atlanta, GA
May 15, 2003

Please forward on my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the staff concerned for the quality of your newsletters and the fact that so much of your recorded material is so readily available for auditioning on-line. As I have received newsletters from No.52 onwards may I request that the previous numbers be forwarded to me? And if possible, please forward to the members of your historical sound restoration and publishing staff my warmest thanks for their work. It comes as no surprise that in all your classical departments Naxos leads the way in the CD world and may you long continue to delight us CD collectors the world over.

May 21, 2003

[Editor: We're glad you enjoy our website and newsletters! To view past editions of the newsletter, go to the "News and Reviews" section of the menu and click on " newsletter" on the drop-down menu.]

When will the Red River film score recording by The Moscow Symphony Orchestra be released in the U.S.? It is catalog number 8.225217 on Marco Polo according to your web site. I checked with several music sources and they have no firm release date.

Thank You. The Marco Polo film score series is one of my favorites. It is always first rate.

May 7, 2003

[Editor - We have had several questions about Red River this month! While the Red River film score has been released in many parts of the world, we have not yet received copyright clearance for certain territories, such as the United States. Please be patient while we work to make this release available to you.]

Naxos 8.555785-86, Beethoven Cello Sonatas, are a pleasure to hear. The artists, engineers, and producers are to be commended for pellucid sound - just lovely. I didn't think any performance could approach DuPre, but Kliegel and Tichman stand at the same level. THANK YOU all.

May 5, 2003

I wanted to express my appreciation that you make your discs available for listening through your web site. It is an excellent way to preview them before purchase. Listening to the Jeno Jando performances of the Brahms/Schumann Piano Quintets resulted in my purchase of that disc today.

Thanks for the site and for your excellent label.

Nashville, Tennessee
May 1, 2003

My email is in reference to the email sent by J.M. from Toronto, Ontario, Canada on January 11, 2003 . J.M. was inquiring about whether Naxos would record the complete Milhaud symphonies. The reply was that there was no plan for that. CPO has issued a 5 CD boxed set of the complete Milhaud symphonies. I thoroughly enjoy them. I don't feel badly recommending CPO to this Naxos buyer since Naxos distributes CPO.

I must say that I am a huge fan of Naxos. I have purchased over 340 Naxos CDs in the past 2 years. Your label enables me to explore with abandon. I especially like the Japanese and American Classics series, Guitar Laureate and anything French. I have also expanded my knowledge of opera and the 18th Century symphony. I began my Naxos love affair by collecting the complete 15 volume set of Chopin piano music by Idil Biret. I am also making Naxos converts out of my music-loving friends.

Keep up the terrific work. I intend to keep buying Naxos and Marco Polo until the day I die!

Austin, TX
April 10, 2003

I am hoping that you will consider recording, perhaps as part of your splendid American Music series, Samuel Barber's opera Antony and Cleopatra.

A friend just sent me a recent Times article about the work, and I just read several listener reviews of the one recording available through In a nutshell, it seems as if the original version is the better of the two, but the shorter, revised version has a great love duet missing in the original. Perhaps you could combine the two to come up with an operatic performance that does justice to Shakespeare's wonderful (and wonderfully long) original and also contains that duet.

By the way, I am a big Naxos fan and have been telling all my friends to sign up with H&B Direct and check out your catalog. Keep up the fine work, which is a music lover's dream!

April 11, 2003

[Editor: At this time, we have no plans to release Barber's Antony and Cleopatra. However, this fall we will be releasing his opera Vanessa. Thanks for recommending us to your friends!]

Thank you so very much for the Naxos label as it has helped me enormously in establishing a wonderful CD collection (or the beginnings of one). I now have over 950 classical CDs (as I only like classical music whether it be early or contemporary) and 80 per cent of them are Naxos CDs (all of which are excellent). Praise cannot be too high for your CDs, not just the wide range of music but the lovely artwork and informative notes on your CDs. Each month I await eagerly your new releases and each quarter your newsletter. The only problem is that I wish to buy all your new releases each month; they are that tempting! I usually just stick to about four or five, though! Seriously, your wide range of repertoire is so exciting that it just puts all other labels in the shade. I do not know what the majors are playing at, charging so much for their new releases (which normally number about 1 or 2 a month, if that). Their budget labels are so boring as well, just old stuff re-packaged for the umpteenth time with boring covers and usually no notes or very little, talk about short changing the customer! Please carry on with all the good work at Naxos, and I hope you will continue to serve the public for a good number of years to come, because if you don't we are all done for! Sincere wishes for the future and congratulations for achieving such an enterprising label.

D. L.
United Kingdom
April 04, 2003

Many thanks for your fix re: cookies/IE6/Windows XP. I've now been able to hear, for the first time in over 40 years, a bit of Bjorling et al in Il Trovatore. Brilliant, brilliant, and a wonderful trip down memory lane! I shall buy that set forthwith! Thanks again.

United Kingdom
April 5, 2003

Hello. I recently bought the Rutter Requiem. I honestly cannot believe the quality of the recording and the standard of musicianship. It truly is wonderful; thank you for a beautiful piece of work..........Why so cheap? Worth 3 times the price.

April 2, 2003

I just ran into one of your recordings of Kraus. I had never heard about him before. I do not know why. Now I can explore and enjoy very good music because of your four CDs. I am grateful for your contribution to the beauty of my world.

The sun is shining, the 'amoroso' part of the Symphony in F is playing. Life is good.

Continue your very good work. S.Y.C.
Kristianstad, Sweden
March 20, 2003

Just wanted to thank you so much because of the great albums you have in your huge archive. Thank you so much, because many of these albums don't exist in Egypt.

March 25, 2003

I have been buying Naxos recordings for ten years, but since discovering, I have bought dozens more I might not have purchased without your 'listen and buy' approach, e.g. the excellent McKay, Strong, and Carpenter issues.

Your site now serves as my homepage.

Cleveland, Ohio
March 20, 2003

Thank you so much for your website. I particularly like the option to hear complete recordings of historical series CDs - I own many of them, but it is great to sample the recording first. I can assign students to listen to recordings for their assignments - then many will purchase the recordings they listen to online.

Michigan, USA
March 19, 2003

Congrats. This is a fantastic web site... I will be coming back for MORE and MORE !!
A new enthusiastic subscriber . . .

Vermont, USA
March 09, 2003

I feel that I have to sit down here and write you a note about the "American Classics" series of recordings. I've always been attracted to this music, and have found that most recordings of it left me disappointed, both in terms of their scarcity, and their usual lackluster performances.

With some trepidation, I bought your CD of Walter Piston Violin Concertos, and was thoroughly delighted with it; it's extremely well-recorded, and performed with energy and conviction. Since then, I've bought a good two dozen titles in the series, and have gotten truly excited about the prospect of getting more of them. To me, you're not only releasing some exciting classical music, you're preserving a great part of the American heritage.

I sure hope there's more of Roy Harris' music in preparation. The disc you've already issued is perhaps the best anthology of his music I've ever heard. I'm sure you're already preparing a disc of Roger Sessions' music as well, but if you're not, please consider it.

March 9, 2003

The Naxos site is undoubtedly my favourite destination on the Internet, in fact I visit the site almost every day. There is always something to interest me. I like to dip into the composer and artist profiles and to look at the composer images, many of them were just names and music to me and it is good to put a face to them. I read the Norman Lebrecht articles with interest and like to take part in the mini-polls and the competitions. Probably the greatest thrill is being able to sample almost any of the tracks from the various collections and recording labels listed on the site; in general the whole thing is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in music and the people behind the music making.

It seems churlish to ask for more when so much is already so freely given, but I would like to see more news content particularly in regard of recordings in progress. For instance, I recall reading, some months ago, (in the BBC Music Magazine) about a new recording of Walton's Belshazzars's Feast, I think with Paul Daniel and the Leeds Festival Chorus, I've seen nothing since and I'm sure that apart from this project there must be many more that would whet the appetite of music addicts such as I.

Something else that I feel would be of interest would be a definitive list of Naxos et al best sellers world-wide, by this I don't mean that the listings should include anything released by other recording companies, just a taking into account of HNH products and the labels distributed by HNH.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all concerned with your company for the many hours of enjoyment and the resource for learning you have provided me with for a great number of years now.

United Kingdom
February 21, 2003

I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate the Naxos website. It is easy to use, and there is very copious information for me to peruse. I visit almost every week.

It was through the website that I first became really aware of Naxos. I was searching for biographical information on composers using a search engine, and was pointed to pages on Naxos' website several times. This prompted me to poke around a bit, and after I found out I was looking at a record company's website I noticed that I had already acquired some Naxos CDs, a fact had eluded me previously as I was focusing on composers, not record labels.

I highly appreciate that Naxos makes the complete contents of CDs available for online listening by registered users (only limited by copyright restrictions in a few rare cases). All other companies I know of only make snippets of various sizes available which doesn't let me fully judge the CD contents. Thanks to Naxos I don't have to buy a pig in a poke. The quality of the online recordings is above average, and the streaming works extremely well with my 56K dialup connection.

As a consequence, I am now systematically looking for Naxos recordings and have increased the proportion of Naxos CDs as a part of my total CD purchases. I am interested in 17th and 18th century composers, including some "esoteric" areas such as organ music. Naxos has recordings of lesser known composers such as the organ music of Johann Gottfried Walther that are hard to get elsewhere.

Keep up the good work.

-- N. J.
February 3, 2003

I am an avid Naxos buyer. I find that your catalogue is quite overwhelming with a wide selection of music. One composer that has been overlooked in most classical catalogues is Darius Milhaud. I would be overjoyed if you would record his complete symphonic cycle. Other composers that deserve attention are Eduard Tubin and George Lloyd. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

Toronto, Ontario
January 11, 2003

[Klaus Heymann: "We plan to record the most popular works of Milhaud this summer with the Orchestre National de Lille, but we have no plans to record the complete symphonies. No plans for Tubin and Lloyd.]

I bought your new release of Michael Torke's music (Rapture) yesterday, and I just wanted to thank you for supporting contemporary American composers like Michael. The music is excellent, and I still can't believe how you produce such great performances at such a low cost.

Nashville, TN
January 25, 2003

I currently give monthly talks on recorded classical music at the Alexandria Library, and recommend Naxos strongly to my group as they expand their knowledge of music. Your company provides a wonderful service for music lovers everywhere.

January 16, 2003


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