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2005 Archive

Dear Naxos,

I really want to praise the latest release in the Lutoslawski series: Twenty Polish Christmas Carols. The music and sound quality is wonderful. Antoni Wit is really the best conductor for Lutoslawski's music. Congratulations to Naxos for another magnificent release!

Hong Kong
December 17, 2005

I stumbled upon Naxos recently and purchased more than a dozen recordings that are simply amazing. Your ancient music collection is phenomenal and the quality of the performances in addition to the recordings is top-notch. Thank you so much for sharing your passion.

December 15, 2005

Hi Naxos,

I Love your CD's. I love to collect chamber music. Naxos is my favorite label because you have the courage to explore a range of music that would not otherwise be recorded.

M. Griffith
December 15, 2005

I have really enjoyed listening to the podcasts ( They are of very high quality. Keep them coming.

D. Bates
December 14, 2005

Your podcasts ( are an excellent marketing tool. I would not have thought to look around for an album collection of Bolcom's piano four hand music. I'm off to listen to the new podcast about Villa-Lobos.

Yours truly,
November 29, 2005

For at least thirty years I've been trying to find a recording up in here in Canada of Marion Bauer's music. You've done it again and happily fulfilled my search and wishes. Her music is much much better than I conceived it would be after all that I'd read about it over forty years. Her music is absolutely wonderful. The Ambache artists are truly top-notch as well as their performances. The sound is exciting...honest and very live. This is a very convincing collection of a Wonderful American composer. Thank You Naxos for sharing her with us. Marion Bauer is as excellent as I hoped she would be after all these years. Enjoyable, nay, wonderfully creative music, played with dedication and excellent sound on your recording. Thanks Naxos.

November 14, 2005

I came across Naxos Web Radio ( in a review of a CD at, and immediately checked it out and signed up. It is fantastic!! Where have you been all my life?

N. Eckardt
November 11, 2005

I am a subscriber to Naxos Web Radio ( and I can't thank you enough for offering this service. I have been stimulated to purchase several of the CD's that you feature. The Historical section is an absolute revelation.

J. Hall
September 28, 2005

I thoroughly enjoy listening to the music at Thank you for making such a great service available to the general public. Best wishes to everyone there and keep up the great work.

P. Copeland
September 28, 2005

I have just purchased a copy of the Moroi 3rd symphony (8.557162) which I enjoyed very much. I hope this means that NAXOS will be recording more of his large orchestral works. The symphony no. 2 is especially wonderful and I hope you might record that on CD along with the first symphony and some of his concerti. It would be wonderful to have more of Saburo Moroi's works on CD.

Thank you again for recording such interesting music and at such an affordable price. It keeps CD collectors like myself waiting to see what each month will bring. Now that I am retired, and on a fixed income, it is even more meaningful to be able to add new music to my collection. Thank you.

Sincerely and gratefully,

M. Parker
Tucson, Arizona, USA
September 7, 2005

I have been a subscriber of for several months, and would like to say thank you to all the Naxos personnel who bring this wonderful music to the internet. I like your service so much that I also subscribed to and There is hardly a day that goes by without my listening to the numerous great channels of music you provide. I will recommend Naxos Radio to all my acquaintances.

R. Reynolds
September 6, 2005

Thank you for all the wonderful recordings Naxos has produced. I am always pleased with each CD I buy, and at such a good price!

One CD in particular has some fine violin playing; 'The Lark Ascending' - 'Violin Showpieces' (8.553509). My favourite track is track 4 - 'Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso' by Saint-Saens. Dong-Suk Kang's wonderful performance has prompted me to buy other Naxos recordings with him playing.

G. Pike

September 5, 2005

Thank you, Naxos, for a lot of things! For instance, for a number of years now Naxos Historical has been the most interesting of historical labels.

H. Petersen
August 29, 2005

I am writing to express my gratitude to Naxos Radio ( for providing a treasury of music as wonderful as it is diverse.

Today I discovered the Jazz and Blues Legends channel. I felt like a little kid on Christmas - one Wow after another. It has been there all this time and I only spotted it today. I am glad that I did. I don't know where I would be able to find a library as comprehensive as yours.

Wishing you continued success.
T. Sackett
August 26, 2005

Leave it to Naxos to show the majors how to conduct business - or are you not in fact the major player now? As a classical music collector I have been won over by the SACD format, both because of its potential in terms of getting closer to the music, but also because of its ergonomic simplicity and lack of gimmicks. I therefore encourage you to continue to issue SACDs, while realizing that not all releases can realistically be hi-def, as you have also committed to DVD-Audio. I am most likely to purchase interpretations that have garnered critical acclaim, especially if they also fill holes in my SACD repertoire. I am hoping that you will one day be able to record in true DSD, but appreciate any increase in resolution.

Best regards,

P. Eriksson
August 22, 2005

I want to thank you for the immense please you've given me over the years acquiring loads of rare music for a more than reasonable price. I wish Naxos all success in the future.

I. Maxwell
August 15, 2005

I wish to congratulate you on the exceptional website, undoubtedly the best classical music website.

M. del Vaglio
July 28, 2005

I have been an enthusiastic collector of Naxos releases for some time and probably now hold in my library of about 5,000 CDs more items on your label than on any other single label including the major ones like Decca, Philips, DG and EMI.

This has come about because your label releases much repertoire, including rarities, which is not readily available on any other label, constantly attracting positive responses from the critics, and all available at a good retail price which your competitors seem unable to match. Your monthly newsletters play a valuable role in informing me about your new releases.

So, thanks to Naxos for its good work. I hope this will continue for a long time.

With best wishes,

S. Baggaley
July 18, 2005

Bravo for a terrific release. Schumann fans must be very happy. I certainly am. It's great to have the Seattle Symphony back on side with this fresh new release. There is great build in the Fourth Symphony and it does come out well in this recording. The C Major conclusion is definitive Schumann. Love it. The Ninth Symphony, for me, is one of Schumann’s toughest to get inside. Repeated hearings are required. Seattle plays it well with plenty of controlled raw edge where necessary and do their best to bring it off. I think they do. There are some quite intimate (not necessarily quiet or soft) late Schumann moments in this symphony. Naxos gets a medal for tackling this very granite uncompromising composition in the first of your projected new Schumann series. However, it's the super exciting "Circus Overture" that steals the show. Eight minutes of sheer delight. It just flies! and at the conclusion you just want to stand up and start cheering!....Schumann at his 1940's best!!!! Keep going on the Schumann cycle, you are doing a great service to American music by making superb music available to all from a truly first rate, yet needlessly neglected composer. Bravo again.

B. Zsadanyi
Milton, Ontario, Canada

Absolutely first rate music service! Thanks for making it available. I love it and have told many of my friends!

Bill Moffett
May 31, 2005


I just want to tell you how pleased I am with Naxos. In the early 1990's I was a curious young man, searching for "alternative" music. I remember Bach's Easter Oratorio was the first classical CD I bought (not on Naxos). After a couple of playings I was thrilled. What lively, energetic music! A few more classical CD's became a part of my CD-collection (which until then mainly consisted of rock and pop music). My curiosity for classical music then faded away. But a few years ago I rediscovered this wonderful music, thanks to Naxos' huge assortment of CDs to affordable prices. I started to explore unknown landscapes of music. Almost every time I came home and put my new CDs in the player I was pleased.

Now I've built up a small collection of 350 classical CD's (most of them on Naxos), and it grows every month. Classical music has become an important part of my life. I have also made a database, consisting of over 1100 composers that have been released on Naxos. If it hasn't been for Naxos I probably wouldn't be interested in classical music at all today. My parents didn't listen to it. My friends didn't either. So thank you again, Naxos!

I hope we will get to know more works from the renaissance- and baroque composers. The "Early Music"-collection is just great! The Carmina Burana CD by Ensemble Unicorn was a fantastic experience. I also hope that "unfamiliar" works of the great masters will be recorded in the near future.

Trond Ludvigsen
May 26, 2005

May I congratulate the Naxos label for giving me hours of pleasure listening to good classical music.

Iain Borthwick
May 26, 2005

I am a (very happy!) customer of your online subscription service, which is extraordinary. Probably the best bargain there is in the realm of music; I've spent many happy hours exploring the wide, wonderful world of Romantic music and making schoolwork more enjoyable with background music.

Thank you,
Brian Reinhart
May 23, 2005

I'm a new customer and thought you might like to hear how I came across Naxos. I was searching for clothes on the Web and found a few fabrics I was unfamiliar with that said they were by a company named Naxos. I did a google search to learn more about the fabric and was led to I was impressed by your site, did a search for Schubert, found the "Life and Works" set, and ordered the same night from Amazon.

The site looks great and I look forward to ordering more. If they were ever made available, I'd gladly buy any DVD performances of Schubert's string and/or piano music. Your collection seems promising.

Michael Jarosik
May 19, 2005

Dear wonderful Naxos-planners!

Today I received the June issue of The Gramophone. Always a very exciting event - to read about the new releases and the reviews.

But the most exciting moment was to read page 22, the Naxos advertisement. My wife almost went into shock when I jumped up in an enormous shout of joy: William Schuman's symphonies are coming! All and every one!

I have been collecting Schuman's works on LP and CD since 1970. But still many of his works need a "brush up" as many recordings are more than 40 years old. Even his masterpiece - Symphony No. 8 - has only been recorded once. And many of his symphonic works are "out of print". Luckily we can enjoy your recording of his Violin Concerto!

So your enterprise is a unique one for everybody loving this fabulous versatile composer. And of course I have immediately contacted my old music friend about the news, and his first remark was: "I shall buy every single Naxos Schuman release - even if I have some of the symphonies beforehand". And of course I'll do the same - dizzy of joy.

Now I'll go and celebrate this greatest of all news of this century and send you my full homage!!!

With thanks, Preben Albrechtsen
May 17, 2005


I am Félix and I listen to the music on your page all the time from México. It's really fantastic!

Féilx Obregón
May 9, 2005

Dear Naxos,

I am very much impressed with your efficiency and with your cordial attitude towards your customers. Thank you very much.

Rina Skutelsky
The Open University, Israel
May 9, 2005

Dear Naxos,

I’d like to thank you for introducing me to the massive world of classical music. One day I was at a bookstore and I wanted to try some J.S. Bach music. I was fortunate to find the St. Matthew’s Passion (highlights) CD and the 2 ‘Organ Chorales from the Leipzig Manuscript’ CD’s. I was so pleased with the music quality and booklet information that I have been back to the same store to buy almost all of their Naxos CD’s (about 30!) over the course of the last 4-5 months. It’s unfortunate that the store (Houston – Copperfield branch) won’t purchase any more Naxos CD’s unless I place special orders (and they even have a rather large classical music section). Same thing with another store – they won’t buy more (even though I’m consistently depleting their stock as well). I’ve now started to buy them from the Amazon and Archiv websites. Thankfully, Archiv seems to keep an extensive stock. I’d much rather buy them personally, and I wish the retailers were interested in keeping their stock full! (or at least, not depleted!)

I love the booklet information and the budget prices (however the quality is not compromised!). I thought I’d let you know that the recent recording of Grieg’s Piano Concerto is wonderful. My next goal is to purchase the entire set of Grieg’s Piano music.

Your website provides a wealth of information. It’s also a great way to preview music before I buy.

It’s also good to see that you continue to develop your product offerings to the latest technologies (DVD audio, SACD, etc).

I hope that you continue to produce classical music CD’s for years to come. I will support you as long as possible, and I’ll share what I’ve discovered with whoever will listen. I hope you have success for many years to come.

N. Cooper
Houston, TX USA
April 6, 2005

Dear Naxos,

I was just sitting at my desk in work (I normally come in about an hour or so to surf the web, check out / etc), surfing your website and something really thought-provoking hit my mind.

Naxos IS, quite simply, the most important development the classical music industry has seen for 15 years.

The quality of your product and your continuous repertoire output does not correlate at all with your consisently low prices and your excellent value for money, not to mention the extremely high quality of your recordings.

My most recent Naxos purchases have included
Marin Alsop's Glass No. 2 & 3;
her brilliant portrayal of the great Brahms' Symphony No. 1;
Vol 5 and Vol 7 in your recent Scarlatti Keyboard Sonata series
Rodrigo Piano Music Vol. 1 - all of which have been highly recommended on, a website I read daily religiously.

My classical cd collection spans approx. 1,000 discs and I would consider myself an experienced listener. Of those 1,000 cd's, I would have to say that 500 or 600 belong to your brilliant label.

Highlights from my Naxos collection include:
Liszt Complete Series, of which I have up to and including Vol. 21 and I eagerly await Vol. 22, which I recently pre-ordered on Amazon.
Mozart White Box - wonderful renditions at excellent value for money
Brucker White Box - what can I say that the critics have not already said
Arnold White Box
Shostakovich White Box
Bax complete symphonies
Complete John Field Piano Music
Complete Rachmaninov Piano Music
Complete Chopin Piano Music - where did you guys find Idel Biret?
All of the wonderful Grieg name but a few of my Naxos cd's...

And of course, I am purchasing with continued and increasing satisfaction your American Classics series.....Rochberg / Glass / Bernstein / Beach / Barber to name but a few..

And I cannot forget your unforgetable Historical Series.......incredible re-mastering of unmissable performances....

Particular favourites would include the Rachmaninov 4 Piano Concertos..

I also own the RCA Red Seal Complete Rubenstein edition (92 cd's), of which I am up to about Vol. 55, which is an investment I decided to make and I am glad I did, but I have to say, the earlier editions are really not up to the level at which your brilliant engineers have re-mastered.

I am from Ireland and I of course support your recordings with the National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland and also recordings made in our magnificant Dublin Concert Hall.

Please pass on this EMail to the highest management levels within your organization.

I am one very very very happy customer, and I will continue to support your enterprising label until the day I die.

Thank you so much for allowing me into the unforgettable world of classical music by providing me with an affordable and top notch recording label that is Naxos.

Sincerely, Alan
April 5, 2005

Dear Naxos,

I'm a medical student from Hong Kong and I must say I'm terribly happy about what Naxos offers to the musical world. I listen to Naxos CD's everyday on my computer, and Naxos has led to discover many amazing and highyl original contemporary composers like Balada, Rautavaara, Tveitt.

I must also praise the Lutoslawski and Penderecki Series (I've got all the whole set). I instantaneously fell in love with Polish contemporary music!!

I'm looking forward to the completion of these two series and also the new Robert Craft Stravinsky Series!!

Naxos isn't a moneymaker, it's a genuine music educator!!

Thanks so much for all the fine music!!

YC Wong
Hong Kong
March 31, 2005


Last week, I needed a copy of Bach's St. Matthew's Passion, and I ended up with getting the Naxos Hungarian State Orchestra's version from iTunes. It's the type of performance that always sends me to the the Naxos bin in any store ... Thanks ! (How does one say thanks to a whole company ! :)

Today, I went to the Naxos website to see if I could get something like liner notes :) ... and discovered the other online services. Wow ...

You guys are about to reinvent Music 1 (and a whole lot more !) Mind boggling !

Steve Cavrak
March 29, 2005

Dear Naxos,

I just signed up for web access for your recorded catalog. I love it. I am a profession classical musician and I know that I will use your recordings for reference in preparation for my work. I will also use for my everyday listening enjoyment. I love all the Opera and Jazz recording that you offer, which are lacking in my personnel collection. If this is something you continue to offer I'll always subscribe. I am also going to try to get all my students to subscribe as it will be invaluable tool to get them turned on to classical, world, and jazz music.

Scott Christian
March 27, 2005

Thank you. It worked. Lovely music!!!

Vincent Pinto
February 22, 2005


I purchased your new recording of Penderecki's Polish Requiem five days.

I have listened to it almost every waking second since then. On my computer, on my stereo, in the car, on the subway, etc. I have every one of the discs in your ongoing Penderecki/Antoni Wit series, and it just keeps getting better and better. I would not have expected Wit to surpass his Lutoslawski series, but I think he has. I hope there are many, many more Penderecki discs to come!

Rick Cavalla
New Jersey, USA
February 21, 2005


I visit your site Campion,Thomas, Thomas very often - it's really cool! ……

Best regards,
February 01, 2005

Please send me a copy of your 2005 catalog whenever it is available. Thank you for providing excellent music at a reasonable price……

Paul Brunner
California, USA
January 30, 2005

Thanks for the prompt reply. This is the second time I have received such a timely reply from you folks. Impressive work, for which thanks. I ought also, in my last message, to have thanked you for Naxosradio. It is a tremendous idea and a tremendous bargain.


Richard Lanham
January 27, 2005

To whom it may concern,

I'd just like to say how I enjoyed the 4 star Penguin recommended Naxos CD of English String Miniatures Vol. 4, especially the Suite by Peter Hope. Looking in your catalogue I could not find any other entries for this undervalued English composer and wonder if you have any plans to issue other works by him. Because of your excellent pricing policies it is possible and affordable to try out works by little known writers. Please continue to support the lesser known

Many thanks
Yours sincerely

W.D. Fergusson
January 22, 2005

Dear Webmaster,

I swear I am in heaven! Thank you SO much . I have signed up for the year……

Brenda Miller
January 6, 2005


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