Plans for the future

Major projects to be completed over the next few years include the complete piano music of Franz Liszt on more than 75 CD's; the complete piano sonatas of Scarlatti on more than 25 CD's; the orchestral works of Lutoslawski, Stravinsky and Bartók; the complete organ and keyboard works of J.S. Bach; the complete piano music of Schumann and Schubert; the complete madrigals of Monteverdi; the complete piano trios of Haydn (following the success of the Haydn String Quartets); the symphonic compositions and piano solo works of Scriabin and others.

Increasingly works by composers that would have been considered unsuitable for Naxos, because they were not by mainstream classical composers, are being scheduled for recording... Liapunov, Dohnanyi, Schnittke, Gubaidulina, to name just a few. Also, at the other end of the musical spectrum, Naxos has embarked on a programme to record a great deal of early music and music from the Baroque.

Also, to establish Naxos as a true "World" label, Naxos is increasingly working with artists and orchestras in its main markets such as the UK, France, Canada, Australia, Germany and the United States.

It is anticipated that the catalogue will grow at the rate of about 150 new releases per year and that, before too long, the classical music lover will find practically all the repertoire he may be interested in on Naxos, in technical and artistic quality comparable to that of full price labels at one third or one quarter the price of these labels.

Unlike many of its competitors, Naxos has recognised the importance of educating the public and either introducing it to classical music or expanding the knowledge of the beginning collector.

As a result, Naxos has produced a number of brochures and booklets to assist both the complete beginner and the more advanced collector.

Its "How to Build a Classical CD Collection" introduces the beginner to 120 different CD's, representative of classical music and ranked in order of accessibility. The recommended collection starts with Vivaldi's Four Seasons and Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and ends with Albinoni Oboe Concerti and the Vivaldi Flute Concerti. Naxos also produces a two-CD set with a sixty-page booklet entitled "Discover Classical Music". The booklet gives an overview of classical music, with a short history, information about the various instruments used in the performance of classical music, short biographies of the most important composers and their works and recommended listening. There is also an almost 300-page CD-box-sized book entitled "The A to Z of Classical Music" which gives information on all the most important composers and their works, again with recommended listening, as well as easy-to-understand explanations of musical terms and a listing of classical music used in films.

With these brochures and booklets, the superb artistic and technical quality of its CD's and its low price, Naxos aims at making music accessible to everybody, especially young people and beginners. Through its policy of recording complete work cycles and marginal classical repertoire, Naxos also enables the serious collector to enlarge his collection at a modest cost and to try out works which he would not have purchased at full price.

Naxos is also working with experts in the field of music education to produce a series of music lessons, each consisting of a CD of musical examples, a text book for the teachers and work sheets for the students, to enable music teachers in primary and secondary schools to teach classical music more effectively.