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dorian Information The American label Sono Luminus boasts a wide variety of classical recordings spanning several centuries and many musical genres and styles. Titles include music by Bach, symphonies by Shostakovich, English Mad Songs and Ayres, Argentinian concert music, works for lute, masterpieces from the romantic repertoire, vocal recitals, and hundreds of other outstanding recordings. CDs not available in Australia through Naxos.


Sono Luminus

A Dorian Portrait featuring Selections from the Dorian Catalog DOR-90004
AMERICAN ANTHEM - The Music of Samuel Barber and Howard Hanson DSL-92166
ANTHEIL, G.: Violin Sonatina / Violin Concerto (version for violin and piano) / Spectre of the Rose Waltz (Specter) (Duo Odéon) DSL-92222
Archguitar Duo Recital: Blanchette, Peter / Michelini, Peter - BACH, J.S. / HANDEL, G.F. / SCARLATTI, D. (Archguitar Baroque) DOR-93241
ARENSKY, A.S.: String Quartets Nos. 1 and 2 / Piano Quintet (Ying Quartet, Neiman) DSL-92143
ARENSKY, A.S.: Variations on a Theme of Tchaikovsky / GLAZUNOV, A.K.: Suite for String Quartet (Slavonic Serenades) (Moscow Symphony, Stratton) DIS-80144
ASTAIRE, Fred: Top Hat (A Jazz Tribute to Fred Astaire) DOR-90319
AUSTRIA Schuler Folk Ensemble: The Sound of Austria (A Treasury of Alpine Folk Music) DIS-80116
AYREHEART: Barley Moon DSL-92203
BACH, C.P.E.: Sinfonia, Wq. 179 / BACH, J.S.: Suite (Overture) No. 5 / BACH, J.C.F.: Sinfonia, W. 1/3 (Music of Bach's Sons) (Labadie) DOR-90239
BACH, J.S.: Art of the Fugue (The) (arr. B. Labadie) (Les Violons du Roy, Labadie) XCD-90297
BACH, J.S.: Ascension Oratorio / Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen / O ewiges Feuer, o Ursprung der Liebe (Funfgeld) DOR-90306
BACH, J.S.: Cantatas - BWV 12, 172, 182 (3 Weimar Cantatas) (Rifkin) DOR-93231
BACH, J.S.: Cantatas - BWV 56, 140 / Ich lasse dich nicht, du segnest mich denn (Wachet Auf!) (Funfgeld) DOR-90127
BACH, J.S.: Cello Suites Nos. 1-6, BWV 1007-1012 (Narroway) SLE-70010
BACH, J.S.: Christen, atzet diesen Tag / Sie werden aus Saba alle kommen (Christmas in Leipzig - Choral Music for the Nativity) (Funfgel) DOR-90113
BACH, J.S.: Christmas Oratorio, BWV 248 (Funfgeld) DOR-93183
BACH, J.S.: Clavierubung, Part I - 6 Partitas, BWV 825-830 (Rangell) DOR-93242
BACH, J.S.: Clavierübung, Part I - 6 Partitas, BWV 825-830 (Vinikour) DSL-92209
BACH, J.S.: Goldberg Variations (arr. J. Guillou) (Guillou) DOR-90110
BACH, J.S.: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 (arr. B. Labadie) (Les Violons du Roy, Labadie) XCD-90281
BACH, J.S.: Lute-Harpsichord Music - BWV 996, 997, 998, 1000, 1006a (Heindel) DIS-80126
BACH, J.S.: Mass in B Minor, BWV 232 (Funfgeld) DOR-90253
BACH, J.S.: Motets, BWV 225-230 (The Bach Sinfonia, Abraham) DSL-92119
BACH, J.S.: Organ Music, Vol. 1 (Guillou) DOR-90111
BACH, J.S.: Organ Music, Vol. 2 (Guillou) DOR-90149
BACH, J.S.: Organ Music, Vol. 3 (Guillou) DOR-90150
BACH, J.S.: Organ Music, Vol. 4 (Guillou) DOR-90151
BACH, J.S.: Organ Music, Vol. 5 (Guillou) DOR-90152
BACH, J.S.: Secular Cantatas - BWV 173a, 211, 212 (Roschmann, Saint-Gelas, McMillan, Les Violons du Roy, Labadie) DOR-90199
BACH, J.S.: Secular Cantatas, Vol. 2 - BWV 204, 210 (Roschmann, Les Violons du Roy, Labadie) DOR-90207
BACH, J.S.: Sonatas for Violin and Harpsichord, Vol. 1 - BWV 1014, 1015, 1016 (Comberti, Tilney) DOR-93233
BACH, J.S.: Sonatas for Violin and Harpsichord, Vol. 2 - 1017, 1018, 1019 (Comberti, Tilney) DOR-93234
BACH, J.S.: Toccatas - BWV 910-916 (Tilney) DOR-90115
BACH, J.S.: Transcriptions and Arrangements (Visions of Bach) DOR-90016
BARBER, S.: Cello Sonata, Op. 6 / BERNSTEIN, L.: 3 Meditations from MASS / FOOTE, A.: Cello Sonata, Op. 78 (American Visions) (Diaz, Sanders) DOR-90241
Baroque Music - PURCELL, H. / TORELLI, G. / PERGOLESI, G.B. / VIVALDI, A. / BACH, J.S. (Encore) (Les Violons du Roy, Labadie) DOR-90012
Baroque Music - SZARZYNSKI, S.S. / MIELCZEWSKI, M. / SIEPRAWSKI, P. (Jewels of the Polish Baroque) (Jaskulska, Tutti e Solo) DIS-80136
Baroque Music (Latin American) - MATHIAS, J. / DURAN DE LA MOTTA, A. / CASTELLANOS, R.A. (Camerata Renacentista de Caracas) DOR-93199
Baroque Music (Latin American) - MURCIA, S. de / HIDALGO, J. / OREJON Y APARICIO, J. de / CASTELLANOS, R.A. (Sol y Sombra) (Chatham Baroque) DOR-90263
BAVOTA, B.: Piano Music (Out of the Blue) (Bavota) DSL-92206
BEETHOVEN, L. van: String Quartet No. 14 (The Jasper String Quartet) SL-D-97203
BEETHOVEN, L. van: String Quartet No. 9, "Rasumovsky" / KERNIS, A.J.: String Quartet No. 2 (The Kernis Project: Beethoven) (Jasper String Quartet) DSL-92142
BEETHOVEN, L. van: Variations / Cello Sonatas (Complete) (Hardy, Orkis) (Past and Present) DSL-90910
BERGERON, S.: Perceval la quete du Graal (The Quest for the Grail, Vol. 1) (La Nef) DOR-90271
BERGERON, S.: Perceval la quete du Graal (The Quest for the Grail, Vol. 2) (La Nef) DOR-90294
BERLIOZ, H.: Nuits d'été (Les) / 9 Melodies, Op. 2 (excerpts) / La mort d'Opheli (Songs of Hector Berlioz) (Taylor, Greenhouse, Baldwin) DOR-90128
BERNSTEIN, L.: Fancy Free / DILORENZO, A.: Mostly Influential / PILLOW, C.: Suite from the West Side (Bernstein Tribute) (Proteus 7) XCD-90278
Between Two Hearts (Renaissance Dances for Lute) DOR-90225
BIBER, H.I.F. von: Mystery Sonatas (Wedman) DSL-92127
BJARNASON, D.: Qui tollis / CERRONE, C.: Memory Palace / MCINTOSH, A.: I Hold the Lion's Paw (Beyond) (Los Angeles Percussion Quartet) DSL-92214
BLAUTH, B.: Oboe Concertino / GINASTERA, A.: Pampeana No. 1 / Concerto per corde (Spiller, Hasaj) DOR-90249
BOISMORTIER, J.B. de: Flute Concertos, Op. 15, Nos. 1-6 (Schultz) DSL-90803
BONPORTI, F.A.: Concertos a 4, Op. 11 - Nos. 1, 3, 5, 6, 8 / Concerto e serenata, Op. 12 - Nos. 6, 8 (Ritchie, Bloomington Baroque) DIS-80160
BONPORTI, F.A.: Motets, Op. 3, Nos. 1-6 (Hargis, Ensemble Ouabache) DIS-80163
BORODIN, A.P.: String Quartet No. 2 / STRAVINSKY, I.: 3 Pieces for String Quartet / SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: String Quartet No. 3 (Lafayette String Quartet) DOR-90203
BORODIN, A.P.: String Quartets Nos. 1 and 2 (St. Petersburg String Quartet) DOR-90307
BRAHMS, J.: Cello Sonatas Nos. 1 and 2 / DVORAK, A.: Silent Woods (Diaz, Sanders) DOR-90165
BRAHMS, J.: Piano Music, Vol. 1 (Kubalek) DOR-90141
BRAHMS, J.: Piano Music, Vol. 2 (Kubalek) DOR-90159
BRAHMS, J.: Piano Quartets Nos. 2 and 3 (The Ames Piano Quartet) DOR-90217
BRAHMS, J.: Piano Trio No. 1 / DVORAK, A.: Piano Trio No. 4, "Dumky" (The Rembrandt Trio) DOR-90160
BRAHMS, J.: Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano, Op. 114 / Clarinet Sonatas Nos. 1 and 2 (The Kennedy Center Chamber Players) DSL-90902
BRIO: Sol y Luna DSL-92118
BRUBECK, D.: Choral Music (Brubeck and American Poets) (Pacific Mozart Ensemble) DSL-92160
BRUBECK, D.: Sacred Choral Music (Songs of Praise) (Pacific Mozart Ensemble, Grant, Morrow) DSL-92101
BUSNOYS, A.: Choral Music (In Hydraulis and Other Works) (Pomerium, Blachly) DOR-90184
CABANILLES, J.: Tientos and Passacalles (Jansen, Los Musicos de Su Alteza, Gonzalez) DOR-93185
CAIX, B. de: Sonatas for 2 Pardessus de viole, Op. 1 (Duo Guersan) DIS-80150
Cello and Guitar Recital: Boyd Meets Girl - ZENAMON, J. / FAURÉ, G. / BACH, J.S. / EDWARDS, R. / GNATTALI, R. / PIAZZOLLA, A. / FALLA, M. de DSL-92217
Cello and Organ Music (19th-20th Centuries) - JONGEN, J. / SAINT-SAENS, C. / HOLLER, K. / RHEINBERGER, J. (The Last Song of Summer) (Moline, Swanson) DIS-80148
Cello and Piano Recital: Metcalf, Laura / Varga, Matei - BRAGATO, J. / MARTINŮ, B. / BURHANS, C. / GINASTERA, A. / ENESCU, G. / MARAIS, M. (First Day) DSL-92201
Cello Recital: Diaz, Andres - TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I. / SCRIABIN, A. / RACHMANINOV, S. / CHOPIN, F. / LIADOV, A.K. (Russian Romantics for Cello and Piano) DOR-90188
Cello Recital: Nicolas, Michael - DAVIDOVSKY, M. / REICH, S. / FULMER, D. / GOSFIELD, A. / THORVALDSDÓTTIR, A. / OLIVER LA ROSA, J. (Transitions) DSL-92202
Cello Recital: Pantelyat, Julia - LISOGUB, I. / KOSSENKO, V.S. / SHTOGARENKO, A.Y. / ISHCHENKO, Y. (Ukrainian Cello) DIS-80122
Cello Recital: Stradner, Christoph - GOLDMARK, K. / SUK, J. / WEBERN, A. / STRAUSS, R. (Turn of the Century Cello) (Stradner, Owen) DIS-80145
CELTIC Carol Thompson: A Celtic Quest DOR-90240
CELTIC Carol Thompson: The Blossom and the Rain DOR-90273
CELTIC Carol Thompson: The Faerie Isles (Celtic Harp Music) DOR-90013
CELTIC DIALOGUE (Risk, Schwab) DOR-90264
CELTIC Greenfire DOR-90265
CELTIC Ken Kolodner: Walking Stones (A Celtic Sojourn) DOR-90248
CELTIC Ronn McFarlane: Celtic Lute (The) DSL-92225
Chamber and Orchestral Music (Baroque) – LULLY, J.B. / PURCELL, H. / PHILIDOR, A.D. / JENKINS, J. / HANDEL, G.F. (A Baroque Celebration) (Pederson) DOR-90189
Chamber and Vocal Music - CASTELLO, D. / ECCLES, J. / VERACINI, F.M. / HANDEL, G.F. / VIVALDI, A. / FINGER, G. / UCCELLINI, M. (Crazy) (I Furiosi) DSL-90802
Chamber and Vocal Music (16th-17th Centuries) – READE, R. / JOHNSON, J. RAVENSCROFT, T. / MORLEY, T. (The Ladyes Delight) (Baltimore Consort) DOR-90252
Chamber and Vocal Music (16th-18th Centuries, Scottish) - CADEAC, P. / BLACKHALL, A. / LAUDER, J. (On the Banks of Helicon) (Baltimore Consort) DOR-90139
Chamber and Vocal Music (Irish) – NEAL, W. / NEAL, J. / O'CATHAIN, R.D. / JOYCE, P.W. / SHEEDY, J. (The Mad Buckgoat) (Baltimore Consort) DOR-90279
Chamber and Vocal Music (Scottish) – FORBES, J. / BLACKHALL, A. / DU TERTRE, E. (Adew Dundee - Early Music of Scotland) (LaRue, Baltimore Consort) DOR-90314
Chamber Music - (Quiet City) COPLAND, A. / ORNSTEIN, L. / ALDRIDGE, R.L. / HARTLEY, W. / LUNDE, L. / BARAB, S. (Brellochs) DSL-92135
Chamber Music - BRAHMS, J. / SCHUMANN, R. / DVORAK, A. / SUK, J. / KREISLER, F. / GRIEG, E. / LISZT, F. (Salon Classics) (The Rembrandt Trio) DOR-90222
Chamber Music - BURHANS, C. / SHAW, C. / ANDRES, T. / ADAMS, J.L. (Thrive on Routine) (American Contemporary Music Ensemble) DSL-92211
Chamber Music - CURRIER, S. / JALBERT, P. / MORAVEC, P. / LIEBERMANN, L. (Ying Quartet Plays Life Music, Vol. 3) (Ying Quartet) DSL-92114
Chamber Music - DONG, Kui / BATES, M. / DUDDELL, J. (Del Sol String Quartet, ZOFO Duet) SL-D-92701
Chamber Music - ELIAS, A. de / CAMPA, G.E. / LOBATO, D. / CARRASCO, A. (Mexican Romantic Quartets) (Cuarteto Latinoamericano) DSL-92130
Chamber Music - FRANK, G.L. / HARRISON, L. / EVANGELISTA, J. / VALI, R. / KATS-CHERNIN, E. (Zia) (Del Sol String Quartet) DSL-92164
Chamber Music - GRIEG, E. / HINDEMITH, P. / POULENC, F. / MARTINU, B. (The Beauty of Two) (Kennedy Center Chamber Players) DSL-90705
Chamber Music - KRAFT, W. / NAIDOO, S. / GRISWOLD, E. / PEREIRA, J. (The Year Before Yesterday) (Los Angeles Percussion Quartet) DSL-92180
Chamber Music - LINCOLN-DECUSATIS, N. / BAYOLO, A. / VISCONTI, D. / ADOLPHE, J. / HALLMAN, J. (American Aggregate) (Inscape) DSL-92179
Chamber Music - LINCOLN-DECUSATIS, N. / HALLMAN, J. / BOYER, J. (Sprung Rhythm) DSL-92170
Chamber Music - MACHAUT, G. de / CICONIA, J. / SENLECHES, J. de (Neo-Medieval - Medieval Improvisations for a Postmodern Age) (Hesperus) DIS-80155
Chamber Music - MACKLAY, S. / REMINICK, D. / HAYDN, J. / FISHER-LOCHHEAD, C. (Serious Business) (Spektral Quartet) DSL-92198
Chamber Music - MORLEY, T. / D'URFEY, T. / HOLMES, M. / PURCELL, H. / AKEROYDE, S. (The Best of the Baltimore Consort) (Baltimore Consort) DOR-90023
Chamber Music - PICCARD, G. / MARAIS, M. / REID, J. / MORAN, J. / MELL, D. / RICHARDS, S. (From Whence We Came) (Ensemble Galilei) DSL-92194
Chamber Music – PLAYFORD, J. / MCFARLANE, R. / PRAETORIUS, M. / NEGRI, C. / JOHNSON, J. (Gut Wind and Wire) (Baltimore Consort) DSL-90601
Chamber Music – SCHUMANN, R. / BEETHOVEN, L. van (Re: Imagined) (Bailey, Ying Quartet) DSL-92204
Chamber Music - SHAW, C. / MAZZOLI, M. / GOSFIELD, A. / GREENSTEIN, J. / LANG, D. / DENNEHY, D. / HEARNE, T. (Unbound) (The Jasper String Quartet) DSL-92212
Chamber Music - SIGFÚSDÓTTIR, M.H.M. / GUÐNADÓTTIR, H. / BJARNDÓTTIR, H. / JONSDÓTTIR, T. / THORVALDSDÓTTIR, A. (Clockworking) (Nordic Affect) SLE-70001
Chamber Music - SIGURÐSSON, V. / HANSSON, Ú. / VILMARSSON, H.A. (Raindamage) (Nordic Affect) SLE-70008
Chamber Music - UCCELLINI, M. / KAPSBERGER, G.G. / FERRARI, B. / FRESCOBALDI, G. (What Artemisia Heard) (El Mundo, Savino) DSL-92195
Chamber Music - WATRAS, M. / ARAD, A. / KNOX, G. / LIM, Jinsoo (26) (Watras, Arad, G. Knox, Michael Jinsoo Lim) SLE-70007
Chamber Music - WIDMANN, E. / DOWLAND, J. / KARPELES, N. (The Mystic and the Muse - Celebrating 600 Years of Women in Music) (Ensemble Galilei) DOR-90247
Chamber Music (Baroque) - CORELLI, A. / TELEMANN, G.P. (Corellisante - Sonatas for 2 Violins and Basso Continuo) (Rebel) DSL-90703
Chamber Music (Baroque) - FALCONIERI, A. / MERULA, T. / CABANILLES, J. / STORACE, B. / CASTELLO, D. / MARAIS, M. (Folias Festivals) (Belladonna) DOR-93228
Chamber Music (Baroque) - MANCINI, F. / SCARLATTI, A. / VALENTINI, R. (Concerti di Napoli) (Schwarz, Rebel) DOR-90286
Chamber Music (Baroque) - SANZ, G. / CASTRO, F.J. de / HUETE, D.F. de / ORTIZ, D. / FALCONIERI, A. (Espanoleta) (Chatham Baroque) DOR-90284
Chamber Music (Baroque) - SCHMELZER, J.H. / BERTALI, A. / POHLE, D. (Sweet Desire - Prothimia suavissima Sonatas) (Chatham Baroque) DSL-90706
Chamber Music (Baroque) - VIVALDI, A. / TARTINI, G. / SAMMARTINI, G. (Fire Beneath My Fingers) (Musica Pacifica) DSL-90704
Chamber Music (Baroque): OSWALD, J. / GEMINIANI / MCGIBBON, W. / O'CAROLAN, T. (Reel of Tulloch) (Norman, Chatham Baroque) DOR-90291
Chamber Music (Latin American) - AGUILA, M. del / MARQUEZ, A. / NANCARROW, C. (Conga-Line in Hell - Modern Classics from Latin America) (Sachs) DOR-93230
Chamber Music (Latin American) - GNATTALI, R. / SIERRA, R. / SCODANIBBIO, S. / SANCHEZ-GUTIERREZ, C. / GOLIJOV, O. / TORRES SAENZ, J. (Encores) DSL-92108
Chamber Music (Medieval) - GIRAUT DE BORNELH / BERNART DE VENTADORN / RAIMON DE MIRAVAL (Montsegur - La tragedie cathare) (La Nef) DOR-90243
Chamber Music (Renaissance) – D'ESTREE, J. / JOHNSON, J. / RAVENSCROFT, T. / ALLISON, R. / MORLEY, T. / BYRD, W. / DOWLAND, J. (Baltimore Consort) DOR-90142
Chamber Music (Renaissance) - PHILIDOR, P.D. / BUSNOYS, A. / LUZZASCHI, L. / MONTEVERDI, C. (A Renaissance Tour of Europe) (New York Kammermusiker) DOR-90133
Chamber Music (Renaissance) – PRAETORIUS, M. / GALILEI, V. / HAUSSMANN, V. / WIDMANN, E. / SCHEIN, J.H. (Folie Douce) (Doulce Memoire) DOR-90262
Chamber Music (Spanish) - PISADOR, D. / ORTIZ, D. / TORRE, F. de la / MUDARRA, A. / GUERRERO, P. / ENCINA, J. del (Adio España) (Baltimore Consort) DSL-90901
CHAMBERS, E.: Old Burying Ground (The), Books 1-2 (Eriksen, Phan, Bird, Premo, Michigan University Symphony, Kiesler) DSL-92113
CHAMINADE, C.: Piano Trio No. 1 / SAINT-SAENS, C.: Piano Trio No. 1 / RAVEL, M.: Piano Trio in A Minor (The Rembrandt) DOR-90187
CHANGE OF WORLDS (A) (Ensemble Galilei) DSL-92153
CHAPÍ, R.: String Quartets Nos. 1 and 2 (Cuarteto Latinoamericano) DSL-92185
CHAUSSON, E.: Symphony, Op. 20 / IBERT, J.: Escales / Divertissement (Dallas Symphony, Mata) DOR-90181
CHAVEZ, C.: Xochipilli / La hija de Colquide Suite / Tambuco / Energia / Toccata (La Camerata, Tambuco, Mata) DOR-90215
CHERISHED MOMENTS - Songs of the Jewish Spirit (Essential Voices USA, Clurman) DSL-92182
Choral Concert: Essential Voices USA - ADAM, A. / GRUBER, F.X. / HIGDON, J. / REGER, M. (Holiday Harmonies) SLE-70003
Choral Concert: Essential Voices USA - HOCHMAN, L. / LUDWIG, D. / PAULUS, S. / BERNSTEIN, L. / GILBERTSON, M. (Celebrating the American Spirit) DSL-92162
Choral Concert: Essential Voices USA - NARVERUD, J. / BUCCHINO, J. / LEONTOVYCH, M. / MOUTON, J. / SCHWARTZ, S. / BRITTEN, B. (Season of Light) SLE-70006
Choral Concert: Saint Clement's Choir - HOWELLS, H. / BAX, A. / HORSLEY, W. / HARRIS, W.H. / STANFORD, C.V. / FERGUSON, W. (Hymns of Heaven and Earth) DOR-90259
Choral Concert: Saint Clement's Choir - RHEINBERGER, J.G. / BRAHMS, J. (The Romantic Mass) DIS-80137
Choral Concert: Slavyanka Men's Russian Chorus (Song of the Volga Boatmen - Songs of Russia's Meadows, Rivers and Villages) DOR-93212
Choral Concert: Washington Children's Chorus - FOSTER, S. / REED, O.B. / WYATT, L. / BAYES, S.C. / AMIRAN, E. (The Great American Folksong) DSL-92124
Choral Music - ELDER, D. / TAVENER, J. / KEDROV, N. / LEIFS, J. / VUICHARD, R. / SCHUMAN, W. (Crossing Over) (Skylark Vocal Ensemble, Guard) DSL-92200
Choral Music - Hymns by Charles Wesley (sung in Spanish) (Alza tu voz) (Washington Choral Arts Society, J.R. Lewis, Tucker) DSL-92197
Choral Music - Hymns of Charles Wesley (Lift Up Your Voice) (Washington Choral Arts Society, J.R. Lewis, Tucker) DSL-92196
Choral Music (18th Century) - NEBRA, J. / COURCELLE, F. (Madrid 1752 - Sacred Music from the Royal Chapel) (Wilkins) DOR-93237
Choral Music (Sacred) - BILLINGS, W. / DISTLER, H. / POULENC, F. / SHEPPARD, J. (Seven Words from the Cross) (Skylark Vocal Ensemble) DSL-92219
Choral Recital: Boston Trinity Church Choir - BIEBL, F.X. / TAVENER, J. / PART, A. / DIRKSEN, R.W. (Radiant Light - Songs for the Millennium) DOR-93191
CHRISTMAS CHORAL MUSIC (Boston Trinity Church Choir, Jones) DOR-93240
CHRISTMAS GIFT - A Dorian Holiday Celebration DOR-90008
CHRISTMAS MUSIC - Mittens for Christmas (Kirkmount) DOR-93236
CHRISTMAS MUSIC (Bright Day Star - Music for the Yuletide Season) (Baltimore Consort) DOR-90198
CHRISTMAS SYMPHONIES - A Treasury of Baroque Christmas Concerti (Les Violons du Roy, Labadie) DOR-90180
Clarinet Recital: Eley, Marcus - MOORE, D.R. / BATISTE, A. / WHITE, C.C. / AKPABOT, S. / HILLIARD, Q. (But Not Forgotten) DSL-92156
Classical Music (18th Century Russian) - LICOSCHIN, C. de / KOURAKINE, N. / GOLOVINA, V.N. (Music of Russian Princesses) (Talisman) DOR-93244
CLEMENTI, M.: Keyboard Sonatas - Opp. 12, 25, 40 (Hecher, fortepiano) DIS-80134
COPLAND, A.: Billy the Kid Suite / BERNSTEIN, L.: On the Waterfront / HARRIS, R.: Symphony No. 3 (An American Panorama) (Dallas Symphony, Mata) DOR-90170
COURCELLE, F.: Missa Ave maris stella / Missa Exultabunt sancti in gloria (Wilkins) DSL-90903
DEBUSSY, C.: Piano Music (Lewin) DSL-92175
DEBUSSY, C.: Préludes, Book 1 / Estampes / Arabesque / Golliwogg's Cake-Walk / Nuit d'etoiles (Starry Night) (Lewin) DSL-92190
DESENNE, P.: Chamber Music (Tocatas Galeonicas) (Paul Desenne Ensemble) DIS-80129
DI LORENZO, A.: Dracula [Ballet] (Proteus 7) XCD-90283
DOLLE, C.: Pieces de viole, Op. 2 (Ogg) DOR-93246
DORIAN RECORDINGS, 1989-2000 (COMPLETE) (The Ames Piano Quartet) DSL-90908
Dorian Sampler, Vol. 2 DOR-90002
Dorian Sampler, Vol. 3 DOR-90003
Dorian Sampler, Vol. 5 DOR-90005
Dorian Sampler, Vol. 6 (A Dorian Banquet) DOR-90006
DOULCE MEMOIRE: Renaissance Winds (Regal and Popular 16th Century Music for Wind Band) DOR-90261
DOWLAND, J.: Lute Music (McFarlane) DOR-90148
DRIVE TIME A.M. (Commuter Classics) DOR-90018
DUPHLY, J.: Pieces de clavecin (Perl) DOR-93169
DURON, S.: Salir el amor del mundo (Savino) DSL-92107
DUSSEK, J.L.: Piano Music, Vol. 1 (Marvin) DIS-80110
DUSSEK, J.L.: Piano Music, Vol. 2 (Marvin) DIS-80125
DUSSEK, J.L.: Piano Music, Vol. 3 (Marvin) DIS-80138
DVORAK, A.: 4 Romantic Pieces, Op. 75 / Violin Sonata, Op. 57 / Violin Sonatina, Op. 100 / Ballade, Op. 51 / Mazurek, Op. 49 (Zenaty, Kubalek) DOR-90171
DVORAK, A.: Piano Quartets - Opp. 23, 87 (The Ames Piano Quartet) DOR-90125
ESTEVEZ, A.: Cantata criolla, "Florentino, el que canto con el Diablo" / VILLA-LOBOS, H.: Choros No. 10, "Rasga o Coracao" (Mata) DIS-80101
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FALLA, M. de: Vida breve (La) [Opera] (Mata) DOR-90192
FAURE, G.: Piano Quartets Nos. 1 and 2 (The Ames Piano Quartet) DOR-90144
FOOD OF LOVE (THE) - Early Instrumental Music of the British Isles (Hesperus) DOR-90290
FRANCE Claire Gignac: Les Chants d'Eros (9 Centuries of French Love Songs) DOR-90280
FRANCK, C.: Organ Music (Guillou) DOR-90135
FRESCOBALDI, G.: Harpsichord Music (Tilney) DOR-90124
GAVILAN, Aldo: Soundbites DSL-92145
GERSHWIN, G.: Porgy and Bess (arr. A. Litton) DOR-90223
GIULIANI, M.: Grand Duos, Opp. 52 and 85 / Serenades, Opp. 82 and 127 (An Italian in Vienna) (L. Schulman, Zito) DSL-92138
GLASS, P.: Dreaming Awake / Etudes, Books 1 and 2 (excerpts) / The Illusionist Suite / Metamorphosis II (Levingston, Hawke) DSL-92205
GLORIA! - Songs of Exaltation DSL-90906
GNATTALI, R.: Guitar Music (Regnier, Sartor, Edwards, Khoma) DSL-92116
GREENFIRE: Roof for the Rain (A) DOR-90295
GREGSON, Peter: Touch DSL-92191
GRIEG, E.: Violin Sonats Nos. 1-3 (Zenaty, Kubalek) DOR-90234
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GUILLOU, J.: Organ Music (The Art of Improvisation) (Guillou) DOR-90101
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HANDEL, G.F.: Acis and Galatea [Opera] (Amps, Davidson, Doveton, Asch) DOR-93227
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HANDEL, G.F.: Apollo e Dafne [Opera] / Silete venti (Gauvin, Braun, Les Violons du Roy, Labadie) XCD-90288
HANDEL, G.F.: Vocal Music (The Italian Years) (Baird, Philomel Baroque Orchestra) DOR-90147
Harp Music (Renaissance) - TROMBONCINO, B. / MODERNE, J. / CABEZON, A. de / VALDERRABANO, E. de (Baxter) DOR-93193
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Harpsichord Recital: Rotaru, Alina - BYRD, W. / BULL, J. / GIBBONS. A. (Parthenia) DSL-92208
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HASSE, J.A.: Antonio e Cleopatra [Opera] (Dirst) DSL-92115
HAYDN, J.: Baryton Trios - Nos. 50, 52, 57, 59, 67, 107 (The Haydn Baryton Trio) DOR-90233
HAYDN, J.: Keyboard Trios Nos. 12, 25, 27, 28 (Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Trio) DOR-90164
HAYDN, J.: String Quartets - Nos. 11, 21, 22 (Smithson String Quartet) DSL-90905
HAYDN, J.: Symphonies - Nos. 12, 64, 44 (The Hidden Haydn) (Apollo Ensemble, Hsu) DOR-90226
HAYDN, J.: Symphonies - Nos. 23, 35, 42 (Apollo Ensemble, Hsu) DOR-90191
HAYDN, J.: Symphonies - Nos. 38, 82, 104 (Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Perick) DOR-90168
HEIM, S.: Rupa-khandha / GUINIVAN, E.: Ritual Dances / PEREIRA, J.: Repousse / HOLMES, J.: Occasus (Los Angeles Percussion Quartet) DSL-92150
HELICON: Horizons (Traditional Music from Around the World) DIS-80103
HELICON: Titan (The) (Traditional Music from Around the World) DIS-80115
HELICON: Winter Solstice (A) DOR-90276
HESPERUS: Unicorn (Medieval, Appalachian and World Musics in Fusion) DIS-80157
HILDEGARD OF BINGEN: Vocal Ensemble Music (Wings of Wisdom - Sacred Chants of Hildegard of Bingen and Medieval Scotland) (Taylor, Canty) DOR-93232
HILLS, C.: Drum Factory (Hills) DSL-92199
HINDEMITH, P.: Hérodiade [Ballet] (Inscape, Scerbo) SL-D-97202
HOVHANESS, A.: Celestial Fantasy / In Memory of an Artist / Processional and Fugue / Psalm and Fugue (Slovak Radio Symphony, Stratton) DOR-93166
IMAGINE CHRISTMAS (McFarlane, C. Bates, Goodyear, Levingston, Skylark Vocal Ensemble, Ensemble Galilei, American Contemporary Music Ensemble) DSL-92216
IRELAND Carol Thompson: Carolan's Welcome DOR-90176
IRELAND Ensemble Galilei: Following the Moon DIS-80139
IRELAND'S MUSICAL LEGACY (The Road from Erin) DOR-90021
JONES, E.: Harp Music (Taylor) DOR-90260
JONGEN, J.: Symphonie Concertante / SAINT-SAENS, C.: Symphony No. 3 (Guillou, Dallas Symphony, Mata) DOR-90200
JOSQUIN DES PREZ: Magnificat / Missa L'ami baudechon / Credo / OCKEGHEM, J.: Credo (The Early Josquin) (Capella Alamire, Urquhart) DIS-80131
JUON, P.: Piano Quartet No. 1, "Rhapsody" / TANEYEV, S.I.: Piano Quartet, Op. 20 (The Russian Piano Quartet) (The Ames Piano Quartet) DOR-93215
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Keyboard Recital: Tilney, Colin - MORLEY, T. / SWEELINCK, J.P. / GIBBONS, O. / BULL, J. / FARNABY, G. / BYRD, W. / SCHILDT, M. (Go From My Window) DOR-90195
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KORNGOLD, E.W.: Sinfonietta, Op. 5 / Violin Concerto, Op. 35 (Mathe) DOR-90216
LA NEF: Music for Joan the Mad (La Nef) DIS-80128
LARUE, Custer: Daemon Lover (The) (Traditional Ballads and Songs of England, Scotland and America) DOR-90174
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LEE, P.M.: Piano Music (P.M. Lee) DOR-90206
LISZT, F.: Violin and Piano Music (Barton, Labe) DOR-90251
LOCKE, M.: Consorts in 2 Parts (Masques) DOR-90300
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Lute Recital: McFarlane, Ronn - GRIEVE, D. / BECK / LESSLIE (Highland King - The Scottish Lute, Vol. 2) DOR-90257
Lute Recital: Timofeyev, Oleg - BRACK, G. / DALZA, J.A. / DOWLAND, J. / JOHNSON J. / ARCADELT, J. / BRUSINA, B. de / SANDRINI, P. (The Lviv Lute) DSL-92134
MACHT, R.: Suite for Javanese Gamelan and Synthesizer (Macht) DIS-80161
MAHLER, G.: Lied von der Erde (Das) (Slowik) DOR-90322
MAHLER, G.: Symphony No. 4 / Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen (Brandes, Platts, Santa Fe Pro Musica, The Smithsonian Chamber Players, Slowik) DOR-90315
MAHLER, G.: Symphony No. 5 (Dallas Symphony, Litton) DOR-90193
Mandolin Music - LLOBET SOLIS, M. / TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I. / FAURE, G. / VIVALDI, A. / DELIBES, L. (Nutcracker Suite) (Modern Mandolin Quartet) DSL-92121
Mandolin Quartets - COPLAND, A. / DVORAK, A. / BERNSTEIN, A. / GERSHWIN, G. / MARSHALL, M. (Americana) (Modern Mandolin Quartet) DSL-92157
MASSE, J.-B.: Sonatas for 2 Cellos, Book, 2 - Nos. 1-6 (Brandywine Baroque) DOR-93223
MCFARLANE, R.: Chamber Music (One Morning) (Ronn McFarlane and Ayreheart) DSL-92111
MCFARLANE, R.: Lute Music (Indigo Road) (McFarlane) DSL-90701
MCFARLANE, Ronn: Scottish Lute (The) DOR-90129
Medieval and Renaissance Music (Graysteil - Music from the Middle Ages and Renaissance in Scotland) (Rendall, Hunter, MacKillop, Taylor) DIS-80141
Medieval Music - BUSNOYS, A. / GESUALDO, C. / MONTEVERDI, C. / GIBBONS, O. / BULL, J. / PRAETORIUS, M. (Angels of Antiquity) DOR-90009
MENDELSSOHN, Felix: Cello Sonata No. 2 / BEN-HAIM, P.: Songs without Words (The Cantorial Voice of the Cello) (Bloemendal, Diaz, Mark, Tryon) DOR-90208
MENDELSSOHN, Felix: Piano Trio No. 1 / SCHUBERT, F.: Piano Trio No. 1 (The Rembrandt Trio) DOR-90130
MEXICO Cuarteto Latinoamericano: Valses (Mexicanos 1900) DOR-93224
MIGNONE, F.: String Quartets Nos. 1 and 2 / 3 Spanish Songs / 2 Essays (Brasileiro: Works of Francisco Mignone) (Cuarteto Latinoamericano) DSL-92147
MOLINO, F.: Nocturnes Nos. 1-3 / GIULIANI, M.: Grandi Variazioni e Polonese (Italian Nocturnes - Early Romantic Music) (Duo Firenze) DIS-80156
MORLEY, T.: Joyne Hands / AKEROYDE, S.: Jenny, My Blithest Maid / NICHOLSON, R.: The Jewes Dance (Tunes from the Attic) (Baltimore Consort) DOR-90235
MOZART, W.A.: Clarinet Quintet, K. 581 / BRAHMS, J.: Clarinet Quintet, Op. 115 (Nuccio - Opening Night) (Nuccio, Ziskel, Staples, Huang, Dyson) DSL-206102
MOZART, W.A.: Requiem, K. 626 (completed by R. Levin) (Labadie) DOR-90310
MOZART, W.A.: Vocal Music (Baird, Tilney) DOR-90173
MUSSORGSKY, M.P.: Pictures at an Exhibition / 3 Movements from Petrushka (Guillou) DOR-90117
NATRAJ: Goat Also Gallops DIS-80124
NATRAJ: Meet Me Anywhere DIS-80119
NEW COLUMBIAN BRASS BAND: Teddy Bears Picnic (The) - A Musical Menagerie from America's Golden Age DOR-93201
NEW COLUMBIAN BRASS BAND: Trip to Coney Island (A) - Descriptive Overtures from America's Golden Age DIS-80153
OCKEGHEM, J.: Missa sine nomine / Missa cuiusvis toni / Missa Fors seulement (Music of the Modes) (Capella Alamire, Urquhart) DIS-80152
Opera Highlights (arr. for brass and percussion) - WAGNER, R. / VERDI, G. / MOZART, W.A. / BIZET, G. / PURCELL, H. (Solid Brass) DOR-90108
ORBON, J.: 3 Versiones sinfonicas / VILLA-LOBOS, H.: Bachianas brasileiras No. 2 / ESTEVEZ, A.: Mediodia en el Llano (Simon Bolivar Symphony, Mata) DOR-90179
Orchestral Music - JÓNSDÓTTIR, T. / VILMARSSON, H.A. / THORVALDSDÓTTIR, A. (Recurrence - ISO Project, Vol. 1) (Iceland Symphony, Bjarnason) DSL-92213
Orchestral Music - VILLA-LOBOS, H. / CHAVEZ, C. / GINASTERA, A. (Latin American Ballets) (Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela, Mata) DOR-90211
Orchestral Music (18th century) - SMITH, J.C. / FISHER, J.A. (Syrens, Enchanters, Fairies - Overtures from the London Stage) (Terey-Smith) DOR-93251
Orchestral Music (American) - SCHUMAN, W. / TOMLINSON, C. / IVES, C. / HOVHANESS, A. / PISTON, W. (An American Tapestry) (Dallas Symphony, Litton) DOR-90224
Orchestral Music (Latin American) - GUARNIERI, C. / GINASTERA, A. / REVUELTAS, S. / CARRENO, I. / PLAZA, J.B. (Caramelos Latinos) (Valdes) DOR-90227
Organ Recital: Dake, Kenneth - BACH, J.S. / ROBINSON, M. / PARKER, H. / WHITE, L. / JONGEN, J. / HAMPTON, C. / WIDOR, C.-M. (Prayers and Alleluias) DSL-92123
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Organ Recital: Guillou, Jean Victor Arthur - BACH, J.S. / GUILLOU, J.V.A. (Vivaldi for Organ) (Guillou) DOR-90118
Organ Recital: Guillou, Jean Victor Arthur - BACH, J.S. / HANDEL, F. / HAYDN, G.F. / PURCELL, H. / SCHUMANN, R. / LISZT, F. (Organ Encores) DOR-90112
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ORTIZ, G.: Altar de Neon / ROLDAN, A.: Ritmica 5 / Ritmica 6 / TOUSSAINT, E.: La Chunga de la Jungla / OJEDA, S.: Zappaloapan (Diemecke) DOR-90245
OSWALD, J.: Airs for the Seasons (The Broadside Band) DIS-80164
PACHELBEL, J.: Organ Music (Complete), Vol. 3 (Bouchard) DOR-93180
PACHELBEL, J.: Organ Music (Complete), Vol. 1 (Bouchard) DOR-93173
PACHELBEL, J.: Organ Music (Complete), Vol. 10 (Bouchard) DOR-93216
PACHELBEL, J.: Organ Music (Complete), Vol. 11 (Bouchard) DOR-93221
PACHELBEL, J.: Organ Music (Complete), Vol. 2 (Bouchard) DOR-93174
PACHELBEL, J.: Organ Music (Complete), Vol. 4 (Bouchard) DOR-93181
PACHELBEL, J.: Organ Music (Complete), Vol. 5 (Bouchard) DOR-93188
PACHELBEL, J.: Organ Music (Complete), Vol. 6 (Bouchard) DOR-93189
PACHELBEL, J.: Organ Music (Complete), Vol. 7 (Bouchard) DOR-93196
PACHELBEL, J.: Organ Music (Complete), Vol. 8 (Bouchard) DOR-93197
PACHELBEL, J.: Organ Music (Complete), Vol. 9 (Bouchard) DOR-93206
PAGANINI, N.: Guitar Quartet No. 15 / Sonata concertata, Op. 61 / Terzetto concertante, Op. 68 / Cantabile, Op. 17 (Diaz Trio) DOR-90237
PALESTRINA, G.P. da: Choral Music (O Magnum Mysterium) (Vienna Vocal Consort, Upadhyaya) DOR-93255
PERGOLESI, G.B.: Stabat Mater / VIVALDI, A.: In furore iustissimae irae / Stabat Mater (Roschmann, Robbin, Les Violons du Roy, Labadie) DOR-90196
Piano Duo Recital: ZOFO Duet - BERNSTEIN, L. / SHAPERO, H. / DEBUSSY, C. / STRAVINSKY, I. (Mind Meld) DSL-92151
Piano Duo Recital: ZOFO Duet - GERSHWIN, G. / NANCARROW, C. / BARBER, S. / CORIGLIANO, J. / SHAWN, A. (Mosh Pit) DSL-92167
Piano Duo Recital: ZOFO Duet - SISASK, U. / HOLST, G. / LANG, D. / CRUMB, G. (Zoforbit: A Space Odyssey) DSL-92178
Piano Quartets - MOZART, W.A. / HUMMEL, J.N. / BEETHOVEN, L. van (Ames Piano Quartet) DSL-92120
Piano Recital: Besalyan, Raffi - RACHMANINOV, S. / BABADJANIAN, A.H. (The Return) DSL-92187
Piano Recital: Downes, Lara - GOULD, M. / HARRISON, L. / BEACH, A. / BLOCH, E. / GERSHWIN, G. / BERNSTEIN, L. / BERLIN, I. (America Again) DSL-92207
Piano Recital: Frank, Claude - BEETHOVEN, L. van / SCHUMANN, R. / MOZART, W.A. / SCHUBERT, F. (85th Birthday Celebration) DSL-92122
Piano Recital: Goodyear, Stewart - GIBBONS, O. / SWEELINCK, J.P. / BACH, J.S. / BRAHMS, J. / BERG, A. (For Glenn Gould) DSL-92220
Piano Recital: Kubalek, Antonin - BEETHOVEN, L. van / CHOPIN, F. / LISZT, F. / DEBUSSY, C. (My Gift to You - A Treasury of Favorite Piano Encores) DOR-90218
Piano Recital: Kubalek, Antonin - SUK, J. / DUSSEK, F.X. / MYSLIVECEK, J. / VANHAL, J.B. / SMETANA, B. / DUSSKE, J.L. (Czech Miniature Masterpieces) DOR-90121
Piano Recital: Kubalek, Antonin - SUK, J. / JANACEK, L. / SMETANA, B. / NOVAK, V. (Memories of Bohemia) DOR-90185
Piano Recital: Labe, Thomas - BACH, J.S. / GODOWSKY, L. (Transcendental Bach) DIS-80117
Piano Recital: Landrum, Michael - FIELD, J. / CHOPIN, F. / RESPIGHI, O. / SCRIABIN, A. / FAURE, G. / FRANCAIX, J. (Nocturnes) DSL-92158
Piano Recital: Levingston, Bruce - ANDRES, T. / BACH, J.S. / FAIROUZ, M. (Heavy Sleep) DSL-92183
Piano Recital: Levingston, Bruce - BRUCE, D. / SCHUMANN, R. / MATHESON, J. (Windows) DSL-92218
Piano Recital: Levingston, Bruce - LISZT, F. / BRAHMS, J. / RIHM, W. / GLASS, P. (Night Break) DSL-92144
Piano Recital: Levingston, Bruce - PART, A. / SATIE, E. / GROSS, A. / SCHUBERT, F. / CHOPIN, F. / BOLCOM, W. / GROSS, A. (Still Sound) DSL-92148
Piano Recital: Levingston, Bruce - SCHUMANN, R. / BIELAWA, L. / WUORINEN, C. (Heart Shadow) DSL-92137
Piano Recital: Lewin, Michael - NIEMANN, W.R. / LYAPUNOV, S.M. / GRIEG, E. / TAUSIG, C. / MEDTNER, N. / DVORAK, A. (Piano Phantoms) DSL-92168
Piano Recital: Lewin, Michael - RAMEAU, J.-P. / HOFMANN, J. / GRIFFES, C. / MACDOWELL, E. / MESSIAEN, O. / GRIEG, E. / GRANADOS, E. (If I Were a Bird) DSL-92103
Piano Recital: Onay, Gülsin - LISZT, F. / HAYDN, J. / SCHUBERT, F. DSL-92140
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Piano Recital: Schwab, Jacqueline - MOLLOY, J.L. / TUCKER, H. / FOSTER, S. / KITTREDGE, W. (Mark Twain's America - A Portrait in Music) DOR-90299
Piano Recital: Varga, Matei - DUMITRESCU, T. / LIPATTI, D. / JANÁČEK, L. / BACH, J.S. (Early Departures) DSL-92223
Piano Recital: Weber, Janice - ASCHER, J. / KASKI, H. / NIEMANN, W. / JENSEN, A. / POLDINI, E. / NEVIN, E. (Cascade of Roses: A Piano Bouquet) DSL-92102
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Piano Recital: Wiedner-Zajac, Elzbieta - LUTOSLAWSKI, W. / SZYMANOWSKI, K. / ZAREBSKI, J. (Masques - Polish Piano Works) DIS-80121
PIAZZOLLA, A.: Suite Punta del Este / BRAGATO, J.: Graciela y Buenos Aires / ARIZAGA, R.: Passacaglia (Camerata Bariloche) DOR-90201
PLAYFORD, J.: Tunes and their Ballads (A Trip to Killburn) (Baltimore Consort) DOR-90238
PORTER, Q.: Viola Music (Complete) (Nelson) DSL-90911
PROKOFIEV, S.: Alexander Nevsky / SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: Symphony No. 9 (Paunova, Dallas Symphony Chorus, Dallas Symphony, Mata) DOR-90169
PROKOFIEV, S.: Scythian Suite / STRAVINSKY, I.: The Rite of Spring (Dallas Symphony, Mata) DOR-90156
PROTEUS 7: For Your Ears Only XCD-90258
PURCELL, H.: Distress'd Innocence / The Virtuous Wife / Sonata a 3 - Nos. 1, 3, 6, 8 / Sonata a 4 No. 6 (Chatham Baroque) DOR-90309
RAMEAU, J.-P.: Harpsichord Works (Complete) (Vinikour) DSL-92154
REGER, M.: 4 Sonatas for Unaccompanied Violin, Vol. 2 - Nos. 1, 3, 5, 6 (Mathe) DOR-90212
REGER, M.: Violin Sonatas - Nos. 2, 4, 7 (Mathe) DOR-90175
Renaissance Music - BYRD, W. / HOLMES, M. / FARNABY, G. / CAMPION, T. / DOWLAND, J. / MORLEY, T. (Elizabeth's Music) (Fallis) DOR-90015
Renaissance Music - BYRD, W. / WILSON, J. / JOHNSON, R. / DOWLAND, J. / HOLMES, M. / PLAYFORD, J. / RAVENSCROFT, T. (Shakespeare's Music) (Fallis) DOR-90017
Renaissance Music - DOWLAND, J. / PLAYFORD, J. / PRAETORIUS, M. / WEBSTER, M. (Fortune My Foe - Music of Shakespeare's Time) (Les Witches) DOR-93182
Renaissance Music - ISAAC, H. / AGRICOLA, A. / ARCADELT, J. / CARPENTRAS, E.G. (Florentine Music for a Medici Procession) (Piffaro) DOR-90312
Renaissance Music (Instrumental and Vocal) - LE ROY, A. / PRAETORIUS, M. / BASSANO, G. / PHALESE, P. (La Rocque' n' Roll) (Baltimore Consort) DOR-90177
RESPIGHI, O.: Roman Festivals / Brazilian Impressions / Pines of Rome (Dallas Symphony, Mata) DOR-90182
REUBKE, J.: Organ Sonata, "Psalm 94" / Piano Sonata in B-Flat Minor (Guillou) DOR-90106
REVUELTAS, S.: Redes / ORBON, J.: Concerto grosso / GINASTERA, A.: Pampeana No. 3 (Cuarteto Latinoamericano, Simon Bolivar Symphony, Mata) DOR-90178
REVUELTAS, S.: Sensemaya / Troka / Cuauhnahuac / 5 Songs / 4 Pequenos trozos (The Unknown Silvestre Revueltas) (Camerata de las Americas, Diemecke) DOR-90244
RILEY, T.: Dark Queen Mantra / The Wheel and Mythic Birds Waltz / SCODANIBBIO, S.: Mas Lugares (G. Riley, Del Sol String Quartet) DSL-92215
RILEY, T.: Heaven Ladder, Book 5 (The) / Half-Wolf Dances Mad In Moonlight / G Song (ZOFO Duet) DSL-92189
RISK, Laura: Merry Making (The) DOR-90282
RONCALLI, L.: Baroque Guitar Sonatas (Savino) DSL-90804
ROSSI, S.: Chamber Music (Rossi and his Circle) (Schwarz, Rebel) DOR-93184
ROSSI, S.: Songs of Solomon (The) (Salamone Rossi, Vol. 2 - Holiday and Festival Music) (Milnes) DOR-93220
SARASATE, P.: Spanish Dances / Serenade andalouse / Miramar / Introduction and Tarantella / Muiniera (Homage to Pablo de Sarasate) (Barton, Sanders) DOR-90183
SCARLATTI, A.: Recorder Sonatas / Sinfonie di concerto grosso No. 12 (Concerti da Camera) (Musica Pacifica) DOR-93192
SCARLATTI, D.: Dirindina (La) [Opera] / Pur nel sonno almen tal'ora (Ars Lyrica Houston) DSL-92159
SCARLATTI, D.: Harpsichord Sonatas (Tilney) DOR-90103
SCARLATTI, D.: Keyboard Sonatas (arr. for 2 guitars) (Pearl, Gray) DOR-93226
SCARLATTI, D.: Keyboard Sonatas (Ladders to Heaven - 16 Late Sonatas) (Tilney) DOR-93253
SCHOENBERG, A.: Verklarte Nacht / Chamber Symphony No. 1 (Smithsonian Chamber Players, Slowik) DSL-90909
SCHUBERT, F.: Schöne Müllerin (Die) (Elwes, Slowik) DSL-90702
SCHUBERT, F.: Schöne Müllerin (Die) (McMillan, Jones) DOR-90162
SCHUBERT, F.: String Quartet No. 14 / KERNIS, A.J.: String Quartet No. 1 (The Kernis Project: Schubert) (The Jasper String Quartet) DSL-92152
SCHUBERT, F.: Winterreise (Braun, Kubalek) DOR-90145
SCHUMANN, R.: Carnaval / Kinderszenen / 3 Fantasiestücke / 5 Gesänge der Fruhe (Kubalek) DOR-90116
SCHUMANN, R.: Piano Concerto, Op. 54 / BRAHMS, J.: Piano Concerto No. 1 (Moravec) DOR-90172
SCHUMANN, R.: Piano Quartets - Opp. 25, 47 (The Ames Piano Quartet) DOR-90194
SCHUMANN, R.: String Quartets Nos. 1-3 (Ying Quartet) DSL-92184
SCULTHORPE, P.: String Quartets with Didjeridu (Complete) (Kent, Del Sol String Quartet) DSL-92181
SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: Symphony No. 7, "Leningrad" (Dallas Symphony, Mata) DOR-90161
SHVEDOV, K.N.: Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom (Slavyanka Men's Russian Chorus, Shipovalnikov) DOR-93187
SMETANA, B.: Czech Dances, Books 1 and 2 (Kubalek) DOR-90122
SOLID BRASS: Christmas with Solid Brass DOR-90114
SPAIN Brio: Romance (Sephardic Jewish Culture of Early Spain) DSL-90708
SPAIN Rondinella (La): Sephardic Journey (Spain and the Spanish Jews) DOR-93171
SPAIN Rondinella (La): Songs of the Sephardim (Traditional Music of the Spanish Jews) DIS-80105
STEFÁNSDOTTIR, Halla Steinunn: H e (a) r (Nordic Affect) DSL-92224
STRAUSS II, J.: Paraphrases and Arrangements of Favorite Strauss Melodies by Rosenthal, Tausig, Godowsky and Schulz-Evler (Virtuoso Strauss) (Labe) DIS-80102
STRAUSS, R.: Piano Quartet, Op. 13 / WIDOR, C.-M.: Piano Quartet, Op. 66 (The Ames Piano Quartet) DOR-90167
STRAVINSKY, I.: Petrushka (arr. D. Plylar for chamber orchestra) (Inscape, Scerbo) SLD-97204
String Quartet Recital: Del Sol String Quartet - BATES, M. / UENO, Ken / FAIROUZ, M. (Scrapyard Exotica) DSL-92193
SUESSE, D.: Concerto for 2 Pianos / McDONALD, H.: Concerto for 2 Pianos / VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, R.: Concerto (Long Duo, Souillot) DSL-92129
SUK, J.: Piano Quartet, Op. 1 / NOVAK, V.: Piano Quartet, Op. 7 / MARTINU, B.: Piano Quartet No. 1 (Czech Piano Quartets) (The Ames Piano Quartet) DOR-93261
SURROUNDED BY ANGELS - A Christmas Celebration with Ensemble Galilei DSL-92173
SURROUNDED BY ANGELS - A Christmas Celebration with Ensemble Galilei DSL-92210
TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: Piano Trio, Op. 50 / ARENSKY, A.S.: Piano Trio No. 1 (The Rembrandt Trio) DOR-90146
TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: Seasons (The) / CHOPIN, F.: Ballade No. 3 / KYMLICKA, M.: 4 Valses (Kubalek) DOR-90102
TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: String Quartet No. 1 / SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: String Quartet No. 8 (Lafayette String Quartet) DOR-90163
TELEMANN, G.P.: Chamber Cantatas / Trio Sonatas (Brandes, Lane, Musica Pacifica) DOR-93239
TELEMANN, G.P.: Chamber Music (American Baroque) DOR-93205
TELEMANN, G.P.: Concertos / Suites (Rebel) DOR-90302
TELEMANN, G.P.: Trumpet Music (Telemann for Trumpet) (Burns) DIS-80132
The Eternal Harp DOR-90019
THORVALDSDOTTIR, A.: In the Light of Air / Transitions (International Contemporary Ensemble) DSL-92192
UNITED KINGDOM Carol Thompson: Enchanted Isles (The) DOR-90120
UNITED STATES LaRue, Custer: Amazing Grace (Spiritual Folk Songs of Early America) XCD-90296
VENEZUELA Bandolas de Venezuela DIS-80114
VENEZUELA Maroa: Asimetrix DIS-80118
VICTORIA, T.L. de: Choral Music (Saint Clement's Choir, Conte) DIS-80146
VICTORIA, T.L. de: Vocal Music (Tenebrae Responsories) (Ensemble Corund, S. Smith) DOR-93256
VILLA-LOBOS, H.: String Quartets (Complete) (Cuarteto Latinoamericano) DSL-90904
VILLA-LOBOS, H.: String Quartets, Vol. 1 - Nos. 1, 6, 17 (Cuarteto Latinoamericano) DOR-90205
VILLA-LOBOS, H.: String Quartets, Vol. 2 - Nos. 3, 8, 14 (Quarteto Latinoamericano) DOR-90220
VILLA-LOBOS, H.: String Quartets, Vol. 4 - Nos. 2, 12, 16 (Cuarteto Latinoamericano) DOR-93179
VILLA-LOBOS, H.: String Quartets, Vol. 5 - Nos. 5, 10, 13 (Cuarteto Latinoamericano) DOR-93211
VILLA-LOBOS, H.: String Quartets, Vol. 6 - Nos. 4, 9, 11 (Cuarteto Latinoamericano) DOR-93229
VILLA-LOBOS, H.: Symphony No. 4, "Victoria" / Cello Concerto No. 2 / Amazonas (Diaz, Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela, Diemecke) DOR-90228
Viola Recital: Nelson, Eliesha - GAIGEROVA, V.A. / WINKLER, A.A. / JUON, P. (Russian Viola Sonatas) DSL-92136
Viola Recital: Nelson, Eliesha - KAPUSTIN, N. / WILLIAMS, J.M. / FINNEY, R.L. / MUMFORD, J. / WALKER, G. (Permutations) DSL-92186
Viola Recital: Watras, Melia - ROCHBERG, G. / ARAD, A. / BERIO, L. / RAN, S. (ispirare) SLE-70002
Violin and Cello Recital: duoW - KODALY, Z. / HALVORSEN, J. / LEONARD, H. / SERVAIS, A.F. / RAVEL, M. / SOUSA, J.P. (Entendre) DSL-92171
Violin Recital: Koljonen, Elissa Lee - CHOPIN, F. / ELGAR, E. / RACHMANINOV, S. / KREISLER, F. / LISZT, F. (Heartbreak - Romantic Encores for Violin) DOR-90268
Violin Recital: Laredo, Jaime - KREISLER, F. / FAURE, G. / MASSENET, J. / DVORAK, A. / SARASATE, P. (Virtuoso - A Treasury of Favorite Violin Encores) DOR-90153
Violin Recital: Mathe, Ulrike-Anima - KREISLER, F. / HEUBERGER, R. / FALL, M. de / SCOTT, C. / ALBENIZ, I. (Ulrike-Anima Mathe Plays Kreisler) DOR-90231
Violin Recital: McDuffie, Robert - Violin Recital: McDuffie, Robert - (Kaleidoscope)GERSHWIN, G. / TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I. / NOVACEK, O. / MAR(Kaleidoscope) DSL-92126
Violin Recital: Muresanu, Irina - ENESCU, G. / FLYNN, D. / PAGANINI, N. / KREISLER, F. / BACH, J.S. (Four Strings Around the World) DSL-92221
Violin Recital: Pronin, Stanislav - MILSTEIN, N. / BACH, J.S. / SCHNITTKE, A. / YSAYE, E. / PROKOFIEV, S. (Violin for One) DSL-92139
VIOLINJAZZ: Music of Eddie South (The) DSL-92110
VIOLONS DU ROY (LES) - Celebration DOR-90024
VIVALDI, A.: Concerti for Strings (Trotier, Les Violons du Roy, Labadie) XCD-90255
VIVALDI, A.: Concertos - RV 94, 100, 101, 104, 107 (Musica Pacifica) DOR-93252
VIVALDI, A.: Concertos, RV 93, 540 / Trio Sonatas, RV 82, 85 / In turbato mare irato (McFarlane, The Bach Sinfonia, Abraham) DSL-92132
Vocal and Chamber Music – FORBES, J. / OSWALD, J. / PLAYFORD, J. / AMBROSIO, J. / PHALESE, P. / MILANO, F. da / GASTOLDI, G.G. (Live in Concert) DSL-90801
Vocal and Chamber Music - PURCELL, H. / ALDRICH, H. / D'URFEY, T. / JONES, R. (The Art of the Bawdy Song) (Baltimore Consort, The Merry Companions) DOR-90155
Vocal and Chamber Music (17th Century) - SCARLATTI, D. / HANDEL, G.F. / ZIPOLI, D. / FALCONIERI, A. / MARIN, J. (The Kingdoms of Castille) (Savino) DSL-92131
Vocal and Instrumental Music (English) - JONES, R. / DOWLAND, J. / CAMPION, T. (Lie Down, Poor Heart - English Lute Songs and Folk Ballads) (Taylor) DOR-90287
Vocal and Lute Music (English) - MORLEY, T. / CAMPION, T. / DOWLAND, J. / FERRABOSCO II, A. / HOLBORNE, A. (Greensleeves) (Baird, McFarlane) DOR-90126
Vocal Ensemble Music - TAKEMITSU, Toru / GILBERT, P. / DUFAY, G. (Impermanence) (Lorelei Ensemble) DSL-92226
Vocal Music - BACH, J.S. / CRUGER, J. / PRAETORIUS, M. / GRIEG, E. / CHARPENTIER, M.-A. / SCHEDIT, S. (The Vanishing Nordic Chorale) (Musik Ekklesia) DSL-92128
Vocal Music - JAGODA, F. / ORTIZ, D. / VASQUEZ, J. / NARVAEZ, L. de (Music of the Sephardim and Renaissance Spain ) (La Rondinella) DIS-80130
Vocal Music - MACHAUT, GUILLAUME de / AGRICOLA, A. / HAYNE (The Garden of Earthly Delights) (La Nef) DIS-80135
Vocal Music (American) - ROOT, G.F. / SMITH, J.S. / HUTCHINSON, J. / ASCHER, J. (Union and Liberty!) (D.C. Hall's New Concert and Quadrille Band) DOR-90197
Vocal Music (Baroque) - SCHUTZ, H. / SCHEIN, J.H. / SCHEIDT, S. / TUNDER, F. (The Muses of Zion - German Sacred Music) (Cambridge Bach Ensemble) DOR-93168
Vocal Music (Cantigas de Amigo - 13th Century Galician-Portuguese Songs and Dances of Love, Longing and Devotion) (Ensemble Alcatraz) DOR-90285
Vocal Music (Medieval) - HILDEGARD OF BINGEN (Sacred Women - Women as Composers and Performers of Medieval Chant) (Sarband) DOR-93235
Vocal Music (Renaissance) - GESUALDO, C. / MONTEVERDI, C. / WERT, G. de / MARENZIO, L. (The Mannerist Revolution) (Pomerium, Blachy) DOR-90154
Vocal Recital: Baird, Julianne - CACCINI, G. / SANCES, G.F. (Songs of Love and War - Italian Dramatic Songs of the 17th and 18th Centuries) DOR-90104
Vocal Recital: Baird, Julianne - JOHNSON, R. / MORLEY, T. / LANIER, N. / WILSON, J. / CAMPION, T. (The English Lute Song) DOR-90109
Vocal Recital: Baird, Julianne - PURCELL, H. / ARNE, T.A. / BLOW, J. (English Mad Songs and Ayres) (Baird) DOR-90105
Vocal Recital: LaRue, Custer - RAVENSCROFT, T. / CAMPBELL, A. / AKEROYDE, S. / LE ROY, A. (Ballads) DOR-90014
Vocal Recital: LaRue, Custer (The Lover's Farewell - Appalachian Foilk Ballads) DOR-90213
Vocal Recital: Lemos, Jose - MERULA, T. / DA GAGLIANO, M. / STORACE, B. / MONTEVERDI, C. (Io vidi in Terra) DSL-92172
Vocal Recital: Ricci, Celine - SAUGUET, H. / MILHAUD, D. / SATIE, E. / POULENC, F. / AURIC, G. (Cirque) DSL-92125
Vocal Recital: Ricci, Celine - SAUGUET, H. / SEVERAC, D. de / IBERT, J. / CAPLET, A. / GROVLEZ, G. / HERSCHER-CLEMENT, J. (Le Bestiaire) DSL-92149
Vocal Recital: Urrey, Frederick - DOWLAND, J. / CAMPION, T. / HOLBORNE, A. / ROSSETER, P. (O Mistress Mine - A Collection of English Lute Songs) DOR-90136
WEILL, K.: Violin Concerto, Op. 12 / IBERT, J.: Cello Concerto / BERG, A.: Chamber Concerto (Gilbert, Schteinberg, Work) DSL-92161
WOLF, H.: Songs (Shrut) DOR-90131
ZELENKA, J.D.: Capriccios (The Bach Sinfonia, Abraham) DSL-92163


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