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naxos world Information Naxos Music Group is pleased to announce the re-launch of the Naxos World label. It will release two or three albums every month that represent a wide range of regions and cultures from around the world. The label will focus on two recording series—one that features the folk music of distinct cultures, and one that focuses on adventures in fusion. Although the upcoming albums will no doubt appeal to those already familiar with the world music genre, they will also suit the casual listener. Music lovers from around the world can join in sharing the experience of contrasting sounds from unique cultures, aided by detailed introductory booklets that will inform both newcomers and aficionados alike.

The Naxos World label aims to create an inspiring space where artists and audiences find each other, make different parts of the world and other cultures more accessible, and bring opportunities to artists that don’t yet have access to the global markets. Few things unite people in the way music does; it’s a special force that disregards social barriers and discrimination in all its forms. And world music is the biggest celebration of cultures and diversity that goes beyond languages and borders in today’s world.

The first iteration of the Naxos World label assembled a varied catalogue of over 40 titles, winning a GRAMMY award for Best Traditional World Music album for Sacred Tibetan Chant (76044-2) by Sherab Ling Monks in 2004.

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Naxos World CD Catalogue

ARMENIA - A.G.A. Trio: Meeting NXW76153-2
ARMENIA - Authentic Light Orchestra: The Sky is Cloudy NXW76112-2
ARMENIA - Douduk - The Sound of Armenia 76042-2
BAHAMAS - Andre Toussaint: Bahamian Ballads 76029-2
BRAZIL - Mãe da Lua: Kalibé NXW76113-2
CAMEROON - So' Forest: Bikutsi Pop 76032-2
CELTIC - Brian Ó hEadhra / Fiona Mackenzie: TÌR - Highland Life and Lore NXW76115-2
CELTIC - Fiona Mackenzie / Brian Ó hEadhra: TUATH - Songs of the Northlands NXW76116-2
CHINA - Chen Jun: Erhu Classics 76011-2
CHINA - Folk Music of China, Vol. 1: Folk Songs of Qinghai and Gansu NXW76088-2
CHINA - Folk Music of China, Vol. 2: Folk Songs of Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang NXW76089-2
CHINA - Folk Music of China, Vol. 3: Folk Songs of Yunnan NXW76090-2
CHINA - Folk Music of China, Vol. 4: Folk Songs of Guangxi NXW76091-2
CHINA - Folk Music of China, Vol. 5: Aboriginal Folk Songs of Taiwan NXW76092-2
CHINA - Folk Music of China, Vol. 6: Folk Songs of China's Tajik and Russian Minorities NXW76093-2
CHINA - Folk Music of China, Vol. 7 - Folk Songs of the Yi and Qiang tribes in Sichuan and Yunnan NXW76094-2
CHINA - Folk Music of China, Vol. 8 - Folk Songs of the Kazakh and Kyrgyz Tribes NXW76095-2
CHINA - Hok-Man Yim: Poems of Thunder - Percussion 76002-2
CHINA - Man Wu: From a Distance - Pipa Music 76037-2
CHINA - Si-Zhu: Jiangnan Classics 76008-2
COLOMBIA - Diego Marulanda and Pacande: La Verraquera! 76003-2
CUBA - Alfredo Rodriguez y Los Acereko: Cuban Jazz 76046-2
GEORGIA - Kavkasia Trio: Traditional Songs from Georgia 76014-2
GHANA - Electric Highlife: Sessions from the Bokoor Studios 76030-2
ICELAND - Steindor Andersen: Rimur (Icelandic Epic Song) 76031-2
INDIA - Irshad Khan: The Magic of Twilight 76001-2
INDONESIA / CANADA - Evergreen Club: Sunda Song 76061-2
IRAN - Jon Hemmersam / Asal Malekzadeh: In the Moment NXW76147-2
ITALY - Alessandra Belloni: Tarantelle e Canti d'Amore 76049-2
KENYA - Fadhilee Itulya: Kwetu NXW76125-2
KENYA - Golden Sounds: SWAHILI (Rumba) 76055-2
KENYA - Papillon: Moyo NXW76114-2
MALAWI - Code Sangala: Mizu NXW76109-2
MALI - Les Escrocs - Mandinka Rap from Mali 76060-2
MAURITIUS - Noukilla: Soley NXW76151-2
MOROCCO - Rabita Andalusa: Diwan 76047-2
MOZAMBIQUE - Eduardo Durao Timbila Ensemble: Timbila 76015-2
MOZAMBIQUE - Various: Afro-Pop 76019-2
MOZAMBIQUE - Venancio Mbande Orchestra: Timbila Ta Venancio 76016-2
NEW ZEALAND - Jade Eru: Maori Love Songs 76020-2
RAVIKIRAN, Chitravina N.: Rays and Forays 76017-2
RHYTHM 4 KINDS - Sing-A-Long 76051-2
RUSSIA - A Tribute to Stesha: Early Music of Russia n Gypsies 76065-2
RUSSIA - Boris Grebenshikov: Russia n Songwriter 76039-2
SLOVENIA - Various: Winter Kolednica (Carols) 76053-2
SOUTH AFRICA - Alexandra Youth Choir: South-African Choral 76025-2
SOUTH-AMERICA - Takillacta: Andean Songs 76036-2
THAILAND - Fong Naam: The Piphat Siamese Classics 76010-2
TIBET - Sherab Ling Monks: Sacred Tibetan Chant 76044-2
UGANDA - Milégé: Afwoyo NXW76108-2
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - Harmonious Wail: Gypsy Swing 76056-2
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - Klezperanto: Klezperanto 76004-2
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - Little Grasscals (The): Bluegrass 76034-2
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - Yale Strom: Garden of Yidn 76005-2
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - Yale Strom: Klezmer (Cafe Jew Zoo) 76026-2
WEST AFRICA - Good People: Rainbow Dream 76007-2
WORLD Naxos World 2001 Sampler 76022-2
WORLD Naxos World 2004 Sampler 76100-2


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