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otherminds Information Other Minds Records, a project of Other Minds in San Francisco, produces a select catalogue of contemporary music exploring the new, the unusual, and the often underrepresented geniuses of new music.


Other Minds

AMIRKHANIAN, C.: Mugic / Seatbelt Seatbelt / Dutiful Ducks / Muchrooms / Mahogany Ballpark (Lexical Music) (Amirkhanian) OM1023-2
ANTHEIL PLAYS ANTHEIL (1942-1952) OM1003-04-2
ANTHEIL, G.: String Quartets (Complete) (Del Sol String Quartet) OM1008-2
BIMSTEIN, P.: Angels, Cats and Shackles (Bimstein, Fiala, Pintner) OM2021
BISCHOFF, J.: Next Tone, Please / Between Two Buildings / Artificial Horizon / Audio Wave / Space Detail (Bischoff) OM2015
BLITZSTEIN, M.: Solo Piano Music / Complete String Quartets (First Life) (Cahill, Del Sol String Quartet) OM1017-2
BOOTH, S.: Is There Anybody Out There? / Joshua Tree / The Wheel / Recondo (Booth, G. Gibson) OM2016
CAGE, J.: One13 (M. Bach) OM2010
CAGE, J.: Solo for Voice 58 (18 Microtonal Ragas) (Cuni) OM1010-2
Chamber Music - SMITH, R. / HAUER, J.M. / COWELL, H. / AMIRKHANIAN, C. / SEEGER, R.C. (Scenes from a New Music Seance) (Stenberg, Zimmer) OM1019-2
Chamber Music (Contemporary) - DONG, Kui / UNG, Chinary / BODY, J. / FRANK, G.L. / NA, Hyo-Shin (Ring of Fire) (Del Sol String Quartet) OM1016-2
Contemporary Music - AMIRKHANIAN, C. / COOLIDGE, C. / CAGE, J. / GIORNO, J. / GNAZZO, A. (10 + 2: 12 American Text Sound Pieces) OM1006-2
CURRAN, A.: Inner Cities 8 (Egoyan) OM2003
DJLL, T.: TOMBO / schitzo-analysis / popcorn music / FAT / Pair Time / Francine / Seattle 1988 (Serge Works) (Djll, R. Rabin) OM2019
DONG, Kui: Differences Within Oneness (Arditti Quartet) OM2018
DONG, Kui: Improvisations for Prepared Piano (Hands Like Waves Unfold) (Kui Dong) OM1011-2
DONG, Kui: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter / Miniatures / Shui Diao Ge Tou and Song (Since when has the Bright Moon existed?) OM1018-2
FRITH, F. / TEWARI, S.: new works (Frith, Tewari) OM2007
GANN, K.: Hyperchromatica (K. Gann) OM1025-2
GNAZZO, A.: First Things First / Hymn / People Said / The Population Explosion (Cunningham, Tillotson, Law, Gnazzo) OM2014
GREY, M.: Sands of Time (Grey) OM2002
HUNT, J.: From "Ground" (J. Hunt) OM2020
JEANRENAUD, J.: Hommage (Jeanrenaud) OM2001
JENKS, A.: Drones (Jenks) OM2022
LAMB, C.: Dilations (Boe, Costerisan, Abondolo, Moore, Anderle, Russell) OM2008
NANCARROW, C.: Lost Works, Last Works (Nancarrow) OM1002-2
NANCARROW, C.: Studies for Player Piano (The Original 1750 Arch Recordings) OM1012-15-2
NEUBURG, A.: Residue (Neuberg) OM1007-2
Piano Recital: Cahill, Sarah - RILEY, T. / MONK, M. / RZEWSKI, F. / GANN, K. / STONE, C. (A Sweeter Music) OM1022-2
Pianola Music - STRAVINSKY, I. / LUTOSLAWSKI, W. / RACHMANINOV, S. / HANDEL, G.F. / WIDOR, C.-M. (The Virtuoso Pianolist) (Lawson) OM1001-2
POUND, E.: Testament de Villon (Le) (excerpts) / Cavalcanti (excerpts) / Fiddle Music First Suite (Ego Scriptor Cantilenae) (Hughes) OM1005-2
PUSINA, J.: Clouds in an Emerald Sky (Pusina) OM2012
RASKIN, J.: Hear and Now (The) (Robair) OM2011
ROREM, N.: Songs (Bressler, Curtin, D'Angelo, Gramm, Sarfaty, Rorem) OM1009-2
RUGGLES, C.: Works (Complete) (Buffalo Philharmonic, Tilson Thomas) OM2020-21-2
SCHOLZ, C.: Lexicon Plus (Scholz) OM2013
SENDER, R.: Gallivants and Garnishes (Sender) OM2017
SMITH, R.B.: String Quartet No. 2 (Del Sol String Quartet) OM2006
SMITH, W.L.: Taif: Prayer in the Garden of Hijaz (W.L. Smith, A. Brown, Del Sol String Quartet) OM2005
Vocal and Chamber Music - BOWLES, P. / HARRISON, L. / CAGE, J. (Composer-Critics of the New York Herald Tribune) (Barab, L. Lawrence, C. Bussotti) OM1024-2
VREBALOV, A.: String Quartet No. 2 (Left Coast Ensemble) OM2009
WOLFF, C.: Melody (C. Wolff) OM2004


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