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100172 - BRITTEN, B.: Death in Venice (Glyndebourne, 1990) (PAL)

Benjamin Britten, Death in Venice opus 88 (1973)

An opera in 2 acts (Libretto: Piper based on Thomas Mann)

Running Time : 138 min
Recording Date: 1990
Menu languages: D,GB,F,SP
Subtitle languages: D, F, SP
Region Code: 2,5
Picture Format: 4:3
Sound Format: PCM Stereo
Sel. No. 100 172 PAL

Perhaps it was Luchino Visconti's inspired cinematic version of Thomas Mann's stories which finally prompted the most distinguished English composer of the 20th century to adapt Death In Venice for the musical stage too. Indeed, it appears to be something which he had been considering for several years. Three years after the premiere of the film - and equally three years prior to his death - Britten succeeded with his last music drama in making a connection between opera and dance which was as innovative as it was unconventional, but which was also an outstanding success in every way. The accompanying production by the Glyndebourne Touring Opera, here for the first time on DVD, dates back to October 1989. The world's press praised the quality of the production (Stephen Lawless) and its choreography (Martha Clarke) as it did the exceptional performances by the musicians and vocalists, in particular Robert Tear as Gustav von Aschenbach.

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