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100176 -

Tony Palmer
The strange case of Delfina Potocka - the mystery of Chopin
Valentina Igoshina plays Chopin
Feature film plus concert

Running Time : 167 min (concert 58 min / film 109 min)
Recording Date: 1999 (both, film and concert
Menu languages: D,GB,F,SP
Subtitle languages: D, F, SP
Language versions: GB, D (feature film)
Picture Format: 16:9
Sound Format: PCM Stereo (concert); Dolby Digital 5.1 (film)
Region Code: 2,5
Sel. No. 100 176 PAL

What is the truth about Frédéric Chopin and Delfina Potocka?
The cinematic analysis which Tony Palmer conducted 150 years after Chopin's death and 50 years after the 'suicide' of the Polish grandchild of his passing loved one is much more than just a pictorial representation of quotes from letters. It develops into the mysterious tying together of parallels from the final years of the great composer's life with the events which took place in Poland a good 50 years ago. In the course of the film, which he shot in the Ukraine, England, Spain and France, Tony Palmer also plays around with color: the scenes set in Paris during the 19th century are shot in color, while those of the post-war years are filmed in dreary black and white. The main roles in the film are played by famous actors such as Paul Rhys (Chopin) and Penelope Wilton (Paulina). After watching this film Chopin's music will certainly never sound the same.

The beautiful young Russian pianist Valentina Igoshina is a rapidly rising star on the international concert platform. She was seventeen when she won First Prize in the International Rachmaninov Competition in Moscow in 1997 and, since then, she has given several recitals and concerts in Europe, Australia, Japan and America.

In this recording, she plays a selection of Chopin's most famous compositions in a style that is heart-breaking and utterly fresh.
She also appears in Tony Palmer's film The Strange Case of Delfina Potocka where she is seen wearing some of the elegant costumes from the film. These, combined with the atmospheric lighting and Valentina's considerable grace and beauty, ensure that the programme is a visuel as well as a musical delight.

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