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100199 - BRITTEN: Turn of the Screw (The) (Schwetzinger Festspiele, 1990) (NTSC)

Benjamin BRITTEN (1913-1976)

The Turn of the Screw

Opera in two acts

Music Director: Steuart Bedford
Stage Director: Michael Hampe

Radio Symphony Orchestra Stuttgart

Cast: Helen Field, Menai Davies, Richard Greager, Machiko Obata

NTSC 100 199

Running Time: 108 minutes
Picture Format: 1:33:1 (4:3)
Sound: PCM Stereo,
Region Code: 1, 3-8 (all exc. Japan)
Menu Languages: GB, F, SP
Subtitles: GB, F, SP
Recording Date: 1990

Henry James' short story The Turn of the Screw is certainly more than just a beautifully spine-chilling gothic story. In his musical rendering, Britten succeeds in masterfully portraying the fateful relationships of the characters involved.

This recording is of the Schwetzinger music festival in a co-production with the Royal Opera House Covent Garden, London, and the Opera of Cologne in 1990.

"The difficult demands of this work were met by Michael Hampe with the support of John Gunter's atmospheric sketches in yellowed, black and white imagery. The casting of the main characters was first class in every respect. The production team and the ensemble have every right to celebrate a great success." (J.M. Wienecke, Das Opernglas)

As an extra the DVD includes a spoken introduction to the opera with still images.

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