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100210 -

Orlando furioso

Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)

Music drama in 3 acts, Libretto by Grazio Braccioli
San Francisco Opera Chorus, Chorus Director: Ian Robertson
San Francisco Opera Orchestra, Conducted by Randall Behr
Cast: Marilyn Horne, Susan Patterson, Kathleen Kuhlmann, Sandra Walker, Jeffrey Gall
Stage Manager: Jamie Call

Running Time: 147 min
Recording Date: 1989
Menu languages: GB, D, F, SP
Subtitle languages: It,GB, D, F, SP
Picture Format: 4:3
Sound Format: PCM Stereo
Region Code: 2,5
Sel. No. 100 210 PAL

Certainly more than just the composer of the Four Seasons, Vivaldi also wrote hundreds of largely famous instrumental works, and his glorious church music is well known; but it wasn't until recent decades that his operas - of which he is said to have written more than fifty - were resurrected. Orlando furioso occupies a central and very significant place among Vivaldi's works. Not only does the whole score of this opera demonstrate its composer's full, creative maturity, but its outstanding features are also an extraordinary musical beauty, an attractive recitative line, and a balance thus created between the various parts of the dramatic and musical whole. This exceptional musical achievement was no doubt partly due to the famous theme of the original story, as well as the literary and dramatic qualities of a first-rate libretto. Pier Luigi Pizzi's 1979 production of Orlando furioso in Verona marked the beginning of contemporary international interest in Antonio Vivaldi's operas. Ten years later the same director once more produced this work at the San Francisco Opera. A Californian public greeted the baroque magnificence of this production with great enthusiasm, and both the daily and specialist press outdid each other in eulogies of praise for the director, his new staging, the vocal casting of all the roles and the musical quality of the whole opera.

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