About this Recording
100218 - HORNE, Marilyn: Portrait (A) (PAL)

Marilyn Horne

A Portrait
Produced and Directed by Nigel Wattis
Accompanists to Marilyn Horne: Warren Jones, Martin Katz, James Levine
Film Editor: Tony Webb

Running Time: 52 min
Recording Date: 1994
Menu languages: GB, D, F, SP
Subtitle languages: D, F, SP
Picture Format: 1:1,78 (4:3)
Sound Format: Dolby Digital 2.0
Region Code: 2,5
Sel. No. 100 218 PAL

"It's simple. Marilyn Horne is just the greatest female singer in the world, in so far as we are talking about the singing in itself, i.e., about how to use all the rules of the grammar of bel canto. There can be no ifs and buts about her special position here. Only Joan Sutherland, with whom she has often sung, can hold a candle to her in this respect". Robert Jacobshagen wrote in these glowing terms about the exceptional singer Marilyn Horne, and these words are by no means just a testament to her musical technique. Agility and trilling technique, legato and dynamic variability, range and coloration are not superficial aspects of singing but its fundamental essence. This archive film material by Nigel Wattis follows the singer's life from her small-town birthplace in Pennsylvania to the great operatic stages of the world. Numerous musical clips from the singer's wide repertoire, extending well beyond bel canto to popular hits, jazz standards and folk songs, round off this portrait of an impressive and vibrant personality.

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