About this Recording
100248 - PART, A.: St. John Passion (Hillier) (PAL)

Arvo Pîrt

St. John Passion
Concert, Performed in Durham Cathedral
The Hilliard Ensemble, The Western Wind Choir, The Evangelist Quartet
Conducted by Paul Hilliar

Running Time: 74 min
Recording Date: 1988
Menu languages: GB, D, F, SP
Subtitle languages: (passion) LAT, GB , F, D (intro) SP, F, D
Picture Format: 4:3
Sound Format: PCM Stereo
Region Code: 2,5
Sel. No. 100 248 PAL

Arvo Part's St. John Passion stands foremost among the large number of works which can be assigned to the liturgical period of the Passion, for he takes up the narrative tradition of the Christian liturgy yet dramatises the Passion story to reveal historical and even timeless aspects as well. What most clearly distinguishes his works from other liturgical compositions is the silence, the many pauses. The missing notes are in some ways more important than those which have been composed. 'Silence is always more perfect than music. One must just learn to hear this.' (Arvo Part)

Resounding through Durham Cathedral, Arvo Part's St. John Passion is performed by the world-renowned Hilliard Ensemble, the Western Wind Choir and numerous soloists (including John Potter as Pilate and Michael George as Christ) under the overall direction of Paul Hillier.

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