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100290 - BOULEZ, Pierre: In Rehearsal - BERG, A.: 3 Orchestral Pieces, Op. 6 / BOULEZ, P.: Notations I-IV (PAL)

Boulez: In Rehearsal

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Berg: Three Pieces for Orchestra op. 6
Boulez: Notations I ¡V IV (1945)

PAL 100 290

Running Time: 57 minutes

Picture Format: 1:33:1 (4:3)
Sound: PCM Stereo,
Region Code: 2, 5
Languages: GB, D
Menu Languages: GB, D, F, SP
Subtitles: GB, D, F, SP
Recording Date: 1998

"I like the type of danger you experience when conducting...you have no time, you must do nothing but concentrate." Pierre Boulez

This DVD offers a unique insight into the rehearsal techniques of one of the leading composer-conductors of the 20th Century.

In an extensive interview, Boulez discusses two of the key questions faced by all conductors. Firstly, to what extent does a conductor bear responsibility for the overall sound and balance of an orchestra. Secondly, how is it possible to influence the performance of a truly great orchestra ¡V such as the Vienna Philharmonic?

In a separate interview held in Alban Berg's former apartment in Vienna, the conductor speaks of this master of the "New Viennese School" whose work he values so highly and the origins of his own personal work "Notations," created in 1945.

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