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JOHN ADAMS (b. 1947)

American Classic ¡V A Portrait

A Concert of American Music

Reich: Eight Lines
Adams: Gnarly Buttons
Nancarrow: Studies/Player Piano
Adams: Chamber Symphony

100 322

Picture Format 16:9
Sound Format 5.1 Sound
Total Timing 101 Mins
Region Code 0
Menu Languages GB, D, F, SP
Subtitle Languages GB, D, F, SP
Recording Date 2002

John Adams is America's most frequently performed living composer who has managed the considerable feat of writing accessible music that still surprises and challenges his listeners. From minimalism to Mahler, rock to jazz, hymns to Liberace, but always winds up sounding like Adams.

'American Classic' is a profile of a man who led contemporary music out of the cul-de-sac of the avant-garde and revitalised modern opera.

There are contributions from stage director Peter Sellars (El Nino), librettist Alice Goodman and conductor Michael Tilson Thomas, and extensive performance extracts from Nixon in China, El Niño, and the film of Klinghoffer. His orchestral compositions, Shaker Loops, The Chamber Symphony and Gnarly Buttons are also featured.

"John Adams has become nothing less than a one-man composing phenomenon, turning out dazzling and unashamedly accessible scores that wow audiences from Texas to Tokyo" -The Times

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