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11001-2 - PRITCHARD, Peter: Studies for the New Zealand Harmonic Piano

Peter Pritchard is known in New Zealand for his contemplative style of piano music. He has developed a special method of meditation with music which he calls the Sound Mist Technique, and performs his music for seminars and workshops.

Peter began learning music at an early age, mainly studying classical piano and woodwinds, although he experimented with many other forms, including sitar and percussion. His style has been influenced by composers such as Steve Reich, Terry Riley and Brian Eno. In the 'seventies, when he toured Europe with jazz rock fusion bands, he became very drawn to European classical music, and began to develop his interest in the more gentle, pacific effect of compositions that is so apparent in his music today.

The rich chordal voicings and the pacific qualities in Peter Pritchard's music called for a special technique. A multilayered effect was achieved by using a series of complex spacial fields to create a multitude of constantly interacting sonic colours. Peter has called this effect the New Zealand Harmonic Piano.

Peter Pritchard's STUDIES FOR THE NEW ZEALAND HARMONIC PIANO is a collection of original compositions for piano, reflecting gentle, pacific images of New Zealand in sound. The uncluttered simplicity of this music offers a wonderful opportunity to unwind from the everyday stresses of life.

Peter lives with his family in New Zealand where he combines his deep interest in music with his work for the New Zealand Refugee and Migrant Service.

Peter says, "I am deeply moved by the beauty of New Zealand, and have tried to reflect in my music some of the clarity and freshness of the land I feel so privileged to live in."

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