About this Recording
11007-2 - CLARK, David Antony: Terra Inhabitata

"Evocative melodies and ancient Maori instruments weave through environmental sounds in a classic description of New Zealand before it was inhabited by Man."

New Zealand born David Antony Clark's fascination with the ancient history and music of indigenous cultures of the world is evident in his own musical style. He skilfully blends ancient Maori flutes and sounds of primal tribal instruments with his evocative synthesis into utterly beguiling musical environments.

His love of music is matched by his love to travel, and these interests drove him to roam the world for ten years in a quest for musical and cultural experience. He travelled throughout Europe, the Far East, and the Asian and American continents. He earned his living by teaching guitar and remedial English in Germany, picking fruit and tending bar in Britain and France, and playing in festival rock bands in Israel. He absorbed the diverse cultures of India, Asia and South America as well as Europe and Ireland on his travels.

When David returned to New Zealand in 1984, he founded Lotus Studios, located in Titahi Bay, a small coastal town north of Wellington. From there he works as chief sound engineer, and composes his own unique music. He is also a member of Phelim Brady, a very popular local Irish folk band.

David feels greatly drawn to the unique natural beauty of the land, and this has become the inspiration for his albums. He enjoys camping in the native forest and exploring the natural wilderness. He is strongly committed to environmental concerns for the future of the planet, and he continues to travel often to record the sounds of the vanishing environments and cultures for future generations.

David says that the greatest musical event for him was the advent of the sequencer and the digital sampler. "The first moment I saw them, I thought, right, this is for me. They place the entire musical experience at my fingertips."

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