About this Recording
11008-2 - BLAKE, Peter: Private Dawn

Music has been the moving force in Peter Blake's life since he was very young.

"I guess it all started with me jumping on pianos when I was a kid, and not getting off them!" is how Peter describes the beginnings of a life-long passion for music. Fortunately this early interest was interpreted as potential talent and his family encouraged him by providing piano lessons. It seems that was all he needed to fire his creative abilities.

Peter Blake has had a significant influence on the New Zealand music scene both by his own musical contribution and by his encouragement of other musicians. As a producer and musical director for television and radio, he has been a driving force behind contemporary music in New Zealand. Through his programmes, Peter has provided opportunities for New Zealand bands to play their own music, rather than the repetition of other bands' hits. His television shows, Radio With Pictures, Ready to Roll and RTR Video have become the popular standard for New Zealand music broadcasting.

As a performing musician, Peter Blake's creative talents have contributed to many bands in both the rock and jazz arenas. He toured Australia with his 1860 band, and the United States and Europe, playing at the Montreux Jazz Festival with the Roger Fox Big Band. Now, like many modern multi-instrumentalists, he mostly composes his music in a solitary digital environment. But Peter does not miss any opportunity to play live jazz with old friends when the opportunity arises.

As he is an instrumental soloist rather than a vocalist, Peter has developed a style of contemporary jazz which he says offers him the most freedom of creative expression. The combination of his experience from live jazz work, and the influence of his earlier rock experiments has resulted in Peter's sophisticated and dynamic style.

Peter Blake works from his studio that overlooks New Zealand's harbour capital, Wellington, and creates music in styles that are far-ranging, from blazing virtuoso guitar solos to expressive ambient piano pieces.

This is an album of finely crafted soft contemporary jazz that sparkles with originality. Peter Blake's virtuoso keyboards play excellent themes and lyrical solos. His very personal style creates a refreshing atmosphere that surrounds the listener as he leads them through an impressive musical journey.

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