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11034-2 - STANFORD, John: Deep Space

As the title suggests, Deep Space is an album of compelling and expansive trance rhythms that take listener out to the farthest reaches of the universe. Created by twenty-five year old New Zealand sensation John Stanford, his stellar debut on White Cloud Records (11034) is a striking fusion of hypnotic beats and textured layers of music reflecting the great eternal dance of space.

It's an exploration of the outer and inner worlds; a journey of the mind out to the farthest reaches of the infinite, and deep into the space of imagination.

Despite its astronomic aims, Stanford modestly credits modern pop culture for inspiring his rhythmic digital music. First, it was the melodic earthiness of the Beatles; and later the urgent drive of hard rock. But soon, his discovery of the world of house and dance music changed his perspective completely. Stanford cites hearing Robert Miles' music as a milestone in his own personal musical journey. Stanford may draw from Euro-club sounds but his vision is more visual-based.

"I wanted to make music with a more spatial, melodic and visual content, like music for films."

Growing up, Stanford's initial musical education was quite traditional. He learned the piano and guitar, and bought his first keyboard when he studied music at Victoria University, New Zealand.

With Deep Space, John Stanford demonstrates a depth of maturity and musical ability in his debut release. Driving hypnotic hi-tech grooves and digital melodies transport the listener to ambient universes on tracks like 'Sea of Tranquillity' and 'Far Centaurus.' It's a whole new universe Stanford is boldly taking us into, full of uncharted and mysterious territories beyond the boundaries of the known world.

All music composed, engineered, produced and digitally mastered by John Stanford.

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