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11035-2 - IRELAND Mark, Jon and David Antony Clark: Leaving of Ireland (The)

Track list: Shanachie; Eirin; A hundred Shades of Green; Freeborn Man; Hills of Home; The Hunger; Celtic Cross; Kathleen; The Leaving of Ireland; Dreams of Freedom; A New and Blessed Land; New World

Total time: 51:12

"For hundreds of years the dream that became America was a dream that belonged to the people of Ireland. Leaving behind everything they knew, the Irish brought with them what it took to make America. Braving the vast Atlantic and untamed wilderness the Irish not only fought and died for their dream, they slowly but surely built it. Great adventure, sadness and triumph, this is their story." - 'Shanachie' from The Leaving Of Ireland

The Leaving Of Ireland is a tribute to the indomitable spirit of the Irish and a unique musical travelogue of the great Irish migration to North America in the mid-eighteenth century, driven by devastating famine and intense political and religious oppression. Two million Irish left their homeland during that time, taking with them their hopes, their talent and their enduring culture.

The Leaving Of Ireland features the sublime voice of Deidre Starr in three stunning vocal tracks, "Freeborn Man," "Kathleen" and "Dreams of Freedom." Each track expresses subtle beauty, tenderness and yearning. The album combines the plaintive voices of pipes and whistles with evocative music and emotional narratives. It is the first collaboration between Jon Mark and David Antony Clark. They have worked side by side before as producer and engineer on each other's projects since the inception of the White Cloud label in 1993. But this is their first project together by name.

David Antony Clark's three other White Cloud releases, Terra Inhabitata, Australia: Beyond the Dreamtime and Before Africa clearly demonstrate his engaging style and ethnomusicologist's ear for unique cultural detail. Jon Mark has become well known for his ability to evoke the mystical essence of Ireland's past on the albums The Standing Stones Of Callanish and White Cloud's A Celtic Story.

Both performers have backgrounds in Celtic and folk music; Clark through many years of performing with Irish band Phelim Brady, and Mark through all his early work on the British folk scene. The Leaving Of Ireland by Jon Mark and David Antony Clark is a strongly evocative tribute to the enduring Irish spirit and features Celtic melodies full of warm ambience with lilting sound of pipes, whistles and pure Irish voices.

About White Cloud
The White Cloud record label is based in New Zealand. White Cloud creates a wide soundscape of intelligent and melodic music that features ambient, soft jazz, Celtic, progressive, classical and world music combining both contemporary and traditional styles.

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