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11042-2 - ASTRAL JAZZ: Touch

There are many facets to the multi-talented Radha Sahar. At home, in her native New Zealand, she is well known for her award winning positive educational music for young people and for her seminars to professional educators, helping them to develop communication skills through music.

Internationally, she's known for recordings made under her name, as well as being the creative force behind the alias, Astral Jazz. With her newest White Cloud release, Touch, she will no doubt continue her positive effort world wide for music appreciation.

Touch is an album of jazz-tinged, sensual mood music that synthesizes the organic warmth of folk music with ambient melodies. For this release, Sahar plays electric keyboards, with contribution from Colin Hemmingsen's breathy saxophone and clarinet, and the subtle touch of Manny Abraham's electric guitar. Together they create the unique musical atmosphere of Astral Jazz's Touch.

As a musician, Sahar has developed the concept of expressing her music in a simple essence, rather than complicated and elaborate musical statements. Her previous Astral Jazz White Cloud album of sonic dreamscapes, Dreams of Flying, and her solo Joan Of Arc clearly demonstrate the success of this approach. With her latest Touch, Sahar has refined the concept with even greater success.

So far, her strong commitment to making music with positive therapeutic influence has led her on travels as far as Northern India to study classical Indian music with the great maestro, Ali Akbar Khan. During that time, she developed a deep interest in healing and sacred music. Sahar says that she finds an unparalleled sense of emotional expression and melody in both classical Indian and folk melodies, which are sources of inspiration for her writing on Touch.

Indeed, Touch's sensual, byronic themes blended with the elegant melodic tones of keyboards, reed instruments and guitar, has resulted in an album that is perfect for use in healing relaxation and massage treatment. Discover Radha Sahar and get in Touch!

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