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11043-2 - SPINFIELD: The Message

In 1989, composer Steve McDonald created a new persona for himself called SPINFIELD and released his first ambient album under that name too. Produced by Jon Mark (now of White Cloud Records) and released on the Hearts Of Space label, SPINFIELD became a milestone in McDonald's career. Besides receiving enthusiastic receptions worldwide, it set a new standard for epic aural impressionism and this sound has become SPINFIELD's recognized musical trademark.

Since then, the prolific McDonald has released other recordings under his own name, but SPINFIELD remains a vital part of his creative outlet - one that fulfils his introspective and spiritual side. With the musical narrative of The Message, SPINFIELD once again takes listeners on a magical and mystical journey.

In The Message, SPINFIELD turns to an even more mystical side of his psyche, with a clearer sense of introspection and spirituality. Conjuring a panorama of subtle colors and timeless melodies, it hints at visions both ancient and futuristic. SPINFIELD's distinctive instrumentation, rhythmic signature and celestial vocals offers a fusion of acoustic, electronic and world music that carry listeners through dramatic soundscapes. From the richly stirring "Walking on Water" to the sombre ephemeral tones of "Master of Reality" and "Journey of the Longboat", The Message's majestic aura inspires. Whether warrior or mystic, there's no mistaking SPINFIELD's distinctive signature. He creates visionary journeys.

A third-generation New Zealander of Scottish descent, McDonald is a highly skilled composer/arranger who has received many awards for his appealing music. In 1986, he won the Best Songwriter Prize at the Asia Pacific Song contest. In over twenty years in the music industry, McDonald has toured and performed in Australia, Asia and Europe with numerous popular rock bands, and completed countless soundtracks for film and television.

He has brought the concept of SPINFIELD to life in performances. His dynamic show presented the biggest and best one man orchestra New Zealand ever saw; one that bridges the spectrum of rock and space music. McDonald also made a name for himself with his top selling releases, Sons of Sommerled and Stone of Destiny, on the Etherean Records label. These two top-selling musical tributes pay homage to the brave-hearted warriors of his Scottish ancestors, exploring the heritage of the McDonald Clan of Scotland and integrating the story of his family into a musical score.

Yet, with his new White Cloud release, The Message, Steve McDonald's SPINFIELD goes one step further into the new landscape of instrumental music.

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