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2.110349 - ALL-STAR ORCHESTRA (THE): Program 3: The New World and Its Music / Program 4: Politics and Art (G. Schwarz) (NTSC)

The All-Star Orchestra gives you a front row seat to the world’s greatest music, performed by top players chosen from over 30 great American orchestras, and conducted by Gerard Schwarz. The programs feature complete performances of popular masterpieces and world premieres of new works by leading American composers. Filmed in High-Definition with 19 cameras during a once-a-year ‘summit’ in New York’s historic Grand Ballroom at Manhattan Center, the All-Star Orchestra celebrates the symphonic experience in the 21st century.

Program 3: The New World and its Music
Antonín Dvořák: Symphony No 9 ‘From the New World’
Ellen Taaffe Zwilich: Avanti!

Inspired by American dreams and legends, Dvořák created some of his greatest works while living in the United States, above all the ‘New World’ Symphony. This program illuminates the multiple stories and influences—Native American, African-American and Czech—that Dvořák transformed in his most beloved work. Ellen Taafe Zwilich’s Avanti! offers a contemporary interpretation of the American archetype of ‘moving on’.

Program 4: Politics and Art
Dmitry Shostakovich: Symphony No 5

Music has sometimes reflected, and at other times challenged repressive ideologies. Shostakovich abandoned the premiere of his challenging 4th symphony for fear of reprisals from the Stalinist government. His triumphant 5th Symphony was next, and the authorities were pleased. To this day the 5th is Shostakovich’s most popular symphony. What is its message? What does ‘political music’ mean today?

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