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8.201002 - NATIONAL ANTHEMS OF THE WORLD (COMPLETE) (2019 Edition) (10-CD set)



When I started arranging and recording national anthems some 18 years ago, nobody expected the project would become so big and popular. In the meantime, it has been an important part of two Summer Olympics and numerous other sporting, cultural and social events. It’s hard to imagine the amount of time and work that has been invested into this endeavour, and it could not have been done without the incredible efforts and expertise of several anthem experts, all the musicians, but mainly without the extraordinary recording team that has been involved in this project from its beginning—sound engineers Otto Nopp and Ladislav Krajčovič.

This is an extraordinary project and any other existing anthem collection does not come close, in completeness, quality of the research or the size of the orchestral forces used. Every time this album is updated and released, the reactions are always overwhelming—from uncountable press articles and radio/TV shows all the way to special archbishops’ blessings. I hope this latest version, with its unprecedented number of anthems, will be no less appreciated.

Peter Breiner

National anthems tell the story of the country, its hopes, its dreams, its goals, its struggles and its history. To learn a country’s national anthem is to get a deeper knowledge of the country, and knowledge of other nations is the first step towards cooperation and understanding between peoples.

National anthems, as we know them today, started in Europe as praises to the ruler. In time, with European exploration and colonialism, this concept spread around the world to the point that every nation on earth now has a national anthem, despite there being absolutely no requirement to create one. National anthems are used to greet foreign dignitaries, to celebrate victory and achievements, and to rally citizens. In times of foreign occupation, national anthems have been used as a source of comfort and hope that their land will once again be free.

I first started studying national anthems in the early 1990s. The sources available for the study of national anthems (a study I have termed ‘anthematology’) were sparse at the time; writing to embassies and connecting with other anthematologists led me to delve deeper into this field, until I eventually created what is now www.nationalanthems.info to share what I have learned with the world. I would like to thank other anthematologists like Erwin Hoheisel and Zach Harden, as well as every single person who has contributed information for national anthems information to aid in the learning of other cultures. As well, I would like to thank Peter Breiner for his passion for the music of the nations, and Jules Hammond and Klaus Heymann at Naxos Music Group for their supervision of this project.

I encourage the listeners of this disc set to visit www.nationalanthems.info to learn more about these short, but informational, windows into the countries of the world.

David Kendall

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