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8.220419 - KASILAG / BUENAVENTURA: Violin Concertos

Lucrecia Kasilag (1918–2008): Violin Concerto, LK 241
Alfredo Buenaventura (b. 1929): Violin Concerto in E minor


Lucrecia Kasilag
Violin Concerto, LK 241: Moderato, Adagio, Allegro

Lucrecia Kasilag’s Violin Concerto received its first performance abroad at the Moscow International Festival in 1984, when the soloist was Grigory Zhislin, with the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra directed by the Filipino conductor Francisco Feliciano. The work was played in Beijing in 1985, with Carmencita Lozada as soloist, as part of the cultural exchange agreed between the People’s Republic of China and the Philippines. On that occasion Lucrecia Kasilag was elected an honorary member of the Chinese Musicians’ Association, a unique honour for a foreigner.

The concerto exploits to the full the technical resources of the violin, using fragments of melodic material of national origin in a form and texture that shows an assured a command of Western techniques of composition. Throughout the work the soloist enjoys prominence in music that provides an exciting synthesis of Asian and Western elements, deftly combined.

Alfredo Buenaventura
Violin Concerto in E minor: Maestoso, Andate espressivo, Allegro marciale

The Violin Concerto in E minor, Lakambini, was written by Alfredo Buenaventura in 1983, and was preceded by three earlier piano concertos. The work is written in an approachable musical idiom, opening in rhapsodic style and continuing in a manner that may recall the concertos of violin composers of the nineteenth century. The romantic musical language of the concerto is well handled, while the solo violin is provided with music well suited to it, allowing a display of technical dexterity and fine melodic line.

Keith Anderson

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