About this Recording
8.225089 - MOYZES, A.: Symphonies Nos. 3 and 4 (Slovak Radio Symphony, L. Slovák)

The son of the eminent Slovak composer, Mikuláš Moyzes, Alexander Moyzes graduated from Novák's master class at the Prague Conservatoire in 1930. As Professor of composition at the Bratislava Conservatory and chief musical advisor to the Bratislava Radio, Moyzes was responsible for teaching almost every important Slovak composer during the central part of the 20th century. Though he often explored avant garde compositional techniques, he used melody as the basis for his large symphonic output. The Third and Fourth symphonies, composed at the beginning and end of the Second World War, show the marked change that took place in his life. Whereas the Third is lightweight in texture and mood, the Fourth is often a dark and troubled score. Eventually that sombre atmosphere does change in an exhilarating finale that contains many references to national folk music.

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