About this Recording
8.225108 - HERBERT, V.: Kiss Me Again - Beloved Songs and Classic Miniatures

Born in Ireland, educated in Germany, and an American citizen, Victor Herbert, was an outstanding cellist and conductor. He began life as a 'serious' composer, working in Europe, but sacrificed that part of his career when he became better known as one of the leading American operetta composers of his day. He eventually wrote over 40, of which Babes in Toyland and Naughty Marietta are the most popular. The disc contains some of their most famous numbers, including the vivacious I want to be a Prima Donna from The Enchantress, and the sorrowful When you are Away from The Only Girl. The discs also contains Herbert's orchestral miniatures, the effervescent galop, Royal Sec, in praise of champagne, showing that he could rival anything the Strauss family had to offer.

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