About this Recording
8.225125 - WEBB: Cat People / The Body Snatcher

Born in New York City in 1888, Roy Webb became one of the most prolific composers in the Hollywood film industry, with over 300 feature films carrying his name. His work on Broadway - orchestrating musicals and conducting - brought him to the attention of the film industry in the 1920's, with RKO inviting him to join their music department. He moved to Hollywood in 1929, and after working for some years orchestrating scores, he was given his first full credit as composer for the 1933 film Professional Sweetheart. It was the beginning of a hectic career, much of his music linked with RKO's suspense films. Generally accepted as his masterpiece, Cat People is an example of his unique skill in the use of orchestral colours. He was equally a master of pastiche, and for the two horror films, Bedlam and The Body Snatchers, Webb convincingly created scenes in London and Scotland.

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