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8.225815 - WHEN WILL YOU RETURN - Chinese and Other Asian Evergreens (Singapore Symphony, Choo Hoey)
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Chinese and other Asian Evergreens
When Will You Return • The Nightingale • The Maidens of Alisan • Peach Blossom Crosses the River • Midnight Fragrance


The Nightingale arranged by Y. Suzuki

The Nightingale is a popular Shanghai song, in a version that allows the bird of the title to be represented by the flute.

Dreaming by the Riverside in Spring arranged by T. Suzuki

Dreaming by the Riverside in Spring is a characteristic Chinese popular song, its attraction depending on the simplicity of the melodic material, as it re-appears in different orchestral guise.

Song of the Fishermen arranged by A. Yasuraoka

Song of the Fishermen is taken from a famous film that describes the life of fishermen in China in the 1930s. The song was composed by Ren Guang and depicts both the sea itself and the sadness of the fishermen.

Midnight Fragrance arranged by K. Ogikubo

The serenade Midnight Fragrance sings of life at night in Shanghai in the 1930s, celebrated here in remarkably occidental terms.

The Maidens of Alisan arranged by Y. Suzuki

The Maidens of Alisan, a song in origin, comes from a Taiwanese film of the 1950s. The Alisan of the title is a famous mountain in Taiwan.

Bengawan Solo arranged by A. Yasuraoka

Bengawan Solo is of Indonesian origin, but has enjoyed considerable popularity in China.

Happiness arranged by Y. Suzuki

Happiness is a popular song originating in Shanghai, in characteristically lively mood.

Dahil Sa Iyo arranged by A. Yasuraoka

Dahil Sa Iyo is a popular melody from the Philippines.

Dark Clouds in the Sky arranged by T. Suzuki

Dark Clouds in the Sky is a well-known children’s Song from Northern Taiwan and Southern Fujian: It will rain, and grandfather wants the fish he has caught cooked with salt, while grandmother wants it without salt. The couple quarrel, and the pot is broken.

I Wish I Were a Swallow arranged by A. Yasuraoka

I Wish I Were a Swallow speaks for itself, again in popular Chinese terms, a romantic melody making use of the traditional scale.

Mending an Old Net

Mending an Old Net is a fisherman’s song, expressing joy at the thought of the sea.

Flower in the Rainy Night arranged by T. Suzuki

Flower in the Rainy Night enjoys wide popularity in Asia, its melody as typical as its title.

Peach Blossom Crosses the River arranged by T. Suzuki

A maid, Peach Blossom, carrying a message from her young mistress to her lover, is forced to sing a song as a fee to the ferryman for crossing the river. When the man learns of the nature of her errand, he leans to on the cars.

When Will You Return arranged by Y. Suzuki

When Will You Return was written in the 1930s by Liu Xie-ang, a sentimental song of lovers’ parting.

Without You arranged by K. Ogikubo

Without You is a popular Chinese song, its significance proclaimed in its title.

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