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8.225830 - HUANG, An-Lun: Piano Concerto in G Minor (Banowetz, China National Opera House Symphony, Xiaoying Zheng)
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Huang Anlun
Piano Concerto in G Minor, Op. 25b (1982)


Huang Anlun’s Piano Concerto in G minor makes up the second part of his Op. 25, which also includes an Overture and a Symphony, to constitute what he calls a Symphonic Concerto. The concerto was completed in 1982 and dedicated to the American pianist, Huang’s close friend Joseph Banowetz. It was first performed in Guangzhou in 1984, with Banowetz as the soloist, under conductor Lai Tang.

The first movement is written in sonata form, with an introduction and a cadenza of some technical difficulty. There follows a meditative Adagio, and a third movement Allegro that leads to a brilliant conclusion.

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