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8.225835 - HONG KONG TV AND MOVIE CLASSICS (Takako Nishizaki, Hong Kong Philharmonic, Henry Shek, Kojian, Kenneth Jean)
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Theme Songs of Hong Kong TV Dramas and Chinese Movies


Prior to the Chinese language becoming an official language in 1974, Chinese operas, later Mandarin pop songs and English pop songs dominated the music market in Hong Kong.

In the 70s, with the rise of television, TV drama series became very popular. After the huge success of the first Cantonese TV theme song The Wedding with Cries and Laughs sung by Sandra Lang written by Joseph Koo with lyrics by Yip Siu Dak, it became a trend to attach each of them with a theme song sung in Cantonese. Most of them ended up topping the local charts. This trend also extended to Chinese movies.

This recording features the theme songs of the most popular TV dramas and Chinese movies in Hong Kong in the 70s and early 80s.

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