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8.225837 - CHINESE MELODIES FOR VIOLIN AND GUITAR (Takako Nishizaki, G. Garcia)
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Chinese Melodies for Violin and Guitar
(Arranged by Gerald Garcia)


The use of the guitar with the violin is nothing new. Paganini, the great technical innovator of virtuoso violin-playing was also a guitarist, and his own favourite compositions were not so much the bravura concertos that he had written for the violin but the more intimate works for violin and guitar, the music he wanted to hear as he lay dying.

The combination of a plucked instrument and a melodic instrument is an older one, its origin in musical antiquity. The present recording offers a series of contemporary arrangements of traditional Chinese melodies and more recent compositions in national style.

Plum Blossoms in the Snow

Plum Blossoms in the Snow is a transcription of a very popular Chinese song by Huang Zi in which the pleasures of searching for the early plum blossom in the snow on a cold, sunny day are described.

Green Island

Green Island is an arrangement of a popular Taiwan song, a lyrical serenade.

Working Song

Working Song is an arrangement of a song by the scholar Chao Yuenren, prolific as a composer, in addition to his other academic activities.


Chow Shusan based his song Moonlight on a poem of nostalgia by Li Bai, in which the moon suggests a mood of sadness.


Xia ZhiQiu was deeply impressed by the work of an artist in Macau, when he was there in 1938, and wrote music inspired by this work, to which words were later added. The song Nostalgia is one of the sad reflection.

Cattle in the Meadow

The characteristic folk-tune Cattle in the Meadow suggests an amorous exchange between a cow-herd and a country girl.

Spring Breeze

Spring Breeze is a simple enough song, here including a more exciting technical element in a violin cadenza.


Xiao Youmei wrote the song Questions in the 1920s, the words raising a number of philosophical problems, here raised and answered by the violin.


Mother is a song about maternal love, compared to a sunbeam in a cold winter.


Wong Wing Hee, who spent many years in Hong Kong, wrote the song Memories, a sad look to the past.

Life is Short

The notion of the short span of life and the necessity for making the most of the time allowed is a universal one. Life is Short advises us to take advantage of the present.

Embroidered Purse

There are a number of songs on the theme of the Embroidered Purse, a present by a girl, to her beloved, from whom she has been separated by circumstances. This song is from Shanxi.

A La Mu Han

The Tu Fan folk-song A La Mu Han is a compliment to the beauty of A La Mu Han, and is characteristic of the music of the Far West, of Xinjiang and the Silk Road.

Plum Blossom

The plum is of symbolic significance in Chinese tradition. The tree is the emblem of winter and of longevity, while the plum-blossom petals represent the five races that have dominated the country in history.

Dark Sky

Dark Sky, a popular song from Taiwan and North Fukien, tells the story of a couple who catch a fish before the rain and proceed to quarrel about how to cook it.

Peach Blossom

Peach Blossom is taken from a Chinese opera. A maid takes a boat to deliver a love letter for her mistress. She meets an old boatman, who jokes with her about her errand.

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